Review – Orly "Once Upon A Time" collection – Enchanted Forest, Prince Charming and Mirror&Mirror Swatches

When was the last time when you heard the magic words “Once Upon A Time” ? I think it has been a while since somebody had read you a wonderful story and even if some of you ladies read “Once Upon A Time” stories to you children, today let me tell my version of the story.


“Once Upon A Time”  was a “Prince Charming” who had a magical “Mirror&Mirror”. One day while he was looking in the magical mirror he saw a wonderful princess laying on the ground in an “Enchanted Forest”. The price hurry to see what was wrong with the princess and when he got next to her he saw a “Poisson Apple”. The prince suddenly realized that somebody gave the princess the Poisson Apple to put her into a deep sleep. She was so beautiful that he felt in love with her immediately  and tried to kiss her. While he was kissing the princess “Pixie Dust” fell on them making the princess to wake up. It was love at first sight for both of them and they decided to get married and have a big wedding at the palace. They lived “Happily Ever After” surrounded by many children.

This was my short side of the story for the new Orly collection “Once Upon A Time”. This collection consist of 6 beautiful nail polishes:

  • Prince Charming
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Mirror&Mirror
  • Poisson Apple
  • Pixie Dust
  • Happily Ever After

I know it’s missing the princess but this is the best part because you get to be the princess of this collection and make your own story.

I’m not such a fan of  “Poisson Apple” and I don’t believe in “Happily Ever After” and considering that I’ve never discovered any “Pixie Dust” I decided to try my luck with the other ones. 🙂

The Prince Charming fairy tale and the ugly truth


So, let’s start with the famous Prince Charming. I admit that he charmed me from the shop and I decided to buy it because it looked so good but once we got home and I put him to the test, he failed. 🙂 I was disappointed of him, because after seeing him on my white skin I realised that he is not so charming anymore and we don’t match. Continue Reading

Smoky eyes in seconds

Nothing is more glam than dark shadow, so don’t be scared of trying it in a hurry. Blending is the key – and hides any mistakes!

  1. Thickly line your upper and lower lash line with a creamy black kohl pencil – Wet’N’Wild night lights kohl, has a rubber tip, use this to soften the upper lash line, taking the kohl color up on to lids slightly.
  2. Using your index finger, blend a dark grey powder shadow, like Collection 2000 single shadow in Moonstone, over lids, taking the color up to just under your brow bone.
  3. Layer a black shadow like Me Me Me Shock Shadow in graphite, over your lid and along your lower lash line. Use a small shadow brush to blend this color lightly up into your brow bone, also blend ing it lightly out at the corners to create a cat’s eye effect.
  4. Line the upper and lower inner rims of your eyes with a black kohl pencil. This will block out any fleshy color between the whites of your eyes and the shadow for a more intense effect. Finish with Bourjois volume clubbing mascara in black. Try different colors for subtler smoky looks.

If you’re in a rush it’s easy to lose control of your mascara wand. Allow the mascara to dry (if you try to wipe it off straightaway you’ll just smudge it) then dip a piece of tissue in moisturiser and carefully dab over the mark to remove it.

If you like this makeup, you should also check out Cailin’s step-by-step guide on how to apply a smoky eye makeup. I find it quite helpful.

Quick nails

Get your nails up to scratch with my speedy, super easy guide.

Polish up

For the fastest nail polish removal, thoroughly soak a cotton ball with remover and press it on the nail before wiping.  The color will dissolve in one go.

Looking buff

Ditch the polish and just file and buff. The most fashionable shape for nails is a squoval -square the ends of nails then round the corners. Use a nail buffer to shine your nails.

Top heavy

Choose a whitening top coat to give nails instant sheen. The blue in some whiteners will counteract any yellow in the nail color. Continue Reading

Accent on your lips – lipstick colors for autumn

Redelicious A romantic look, inspired from Scarlett O’Hara style assures you visibility in any moment of the day. Inspire yourself from the collections Dsquared2, Zac Posen, Moschino, Vivienne, Westwood or Miu Miu. Use the brush to apply perfectly the lipstick.

Plum&Berry Too daring? Not at all…lips on dark purple colors, brown or shade or black berry point out your perfect face skin. Try the variant “spotted lips” ( point with lipstick in some parts, then press the lips against each other and …its done), ideal if you are not sure of the lip-liner.

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Glam apparitions

Pink Passion

The new collection of lipsticks Color Fever Roses from Lancome reveals 8 pink shades absolutely irresistible! Pick the one which attracts you and enjoy the texture which will leave your lips velvety and shiny. Once applied, the color remains faithful for about 5 hours!

Specially for you

Mat Bronze powder from Make Up For Ever beats all expectations! The special formula with emollient proprieties uniforms the surface of the skin, hides the imperfections and gives a summery look. Anti-ageing proprieties of vitamin E will definitely convince you.

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Top-models fashion

For a successful look, you need to have lot of confidence in yourself. I’ve checked lately some of the famous top-models of the world and saw what they were wearing. Some of them left me a good impression and I’ve decided to share with you their style.

Agyness Deyn – Masculine hat

The hat already became a personal note in Agyness Deyn’s fashion clothes. She is just simply playing with the accessories and, every time, amazes through very personal and original clothes.

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Maria Sharapova collaborates with Sony

The 21-year-old famous tennis player Maria Sharapova seems to have other preoccupations beside playing tennis. The beautiful Russian, who won the Australian Open this year has collaborated with Sony Erricsson in order to create mobile phone accessories.

She seems to have signed a four-year-contract, in January this year, with Sony Ericsson and she became their first international brand ambassador. The “Maria Sharapova Design Collection” includes four accessories: a Travel Wallet, a Courtside Case, an Exercise Case, and a Party Case. The brand plans more campaigns for now on but “Maria Sharapova Design Collection” will always represent the beginning.

The former World No. 1Russian professional tennis player was enjoying working with Sony:

Working on this collection was an opportunity that I could not turn down, Sony Ericsson helped me create a collection of mobile phone accessories that I know people will use.

Victoria Beckham – new dress collection

Victoria, the wife of the famous English football player David Beckham, is determined to enter the fashion industry and to show people that she got talent. Victoria is very busy these days with her Spice Girls career, three children and other business that she has to run, but also manages to find time to build her fashion empire.

First is her dVd brand, her perfume, denim collection, and now she will release a dress collection named “POSH Frocks”. I couldn’t find too much about this new famous collection, except she will be selling at an upscale department store.

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