Collistar Transparency Spring 2015 Collection

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Collistar Transparency Spring 2015 Collection was created in collaboration with industrial design brand Kartell which is known for its transparent designs, like the famous transparent plastic chair the model is holding in her hand in the promo ad. So the new Transparency collection includes beauty and makeup products with a special packaging design. Take a look after the jump and see what I’m talking about.


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Collistar Twist Ultra-Shiny Eyeshadow and Gloss for Spring 2014

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Collistar presents two new presents for spring, Twist Ultra-Shiny Eyeshadows and Glosses. The new Twist collection has been available in other countries since last year but it only hit the counters in some European countries this spring.


Twist sticks are ready-to-use beauty must-haves that no handbag or make-up bag should be without, day in day out. The ultra-radiant, soft tip is bursting with colour and can be shaped as you please…And, best of all, it doesn’t need sharpening: just twist the bottom of the pen and out comes the product. The Twist Ultra-Shiny Gloss contains hyaluronic acid and pro-collagen, “designed for those who want beautiful lips in tip-top condition.


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Collistar Ti Amo Italia Collection by Antonio Marras Spring 2014

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Spring 2014 brings wonderful news from Collistar, announcing the collaboration with the famous designer Antonio Marras to create a new cosmetic line called Ti Amo Italia. The new collection represents a declaration of love for Antonio’s native country. The model chosen to advertise this campaign is Margareth Madè, famous Italian actress and model which will also represent Collistar from 2014.



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Collistar Fall 2013 Nude Look Collection – Info & Photos

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Collistar launches next month the Nude Look Collection in beautiful shades of pink and neutrals. If a natural makeup look is what you like to wear then this collection is worth looking into. The new lip gloss shades are among my favorite ones from the entire collection so I will be definitely checking those out once the collection hits the counters.



International Launch Date – mid September at Sephora, Douglas and Collistar retailers

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Collistar Spring Summer 2013 Happy Birthday Collection – Info & Photos

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Collistar launches Spring Summer 2013 Happy Birthday Collection in order to celebrate their 30th anniversary and dedicates this collection as a tribute to all the women who have been Collistar’s fans and customers.


The party is about to commence…Let the game of metamorphosis begin! In 2013 Collistar will be thirty years old, and celebrating along with it will be all the women who have always loved and followed the company. To these women, then, we dedicate the new Spring-Summer 2013 make-up collection Happy Birthday!


International Launch Date – February 2013 at Douglas, Sephora and online

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Collistar Milano Collection for Fall – Winter 2012 – Info & Photos

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Collistar updated their website with Milano Makeup Collection for fall – winter 2012 which is already available in beauty shops.

A declaration of love to the most cosmopolitan city in Italy, to its hectic pace and its way of being always a step ahead in fashion and trends.

Milan and the Milanese women, ready to declare throughout the world their supremacy in radical chic elegance, their well-balanced good taste, and their metropolitan look that takes the best from fashion and reinterprets it in a highly personal key.

Such muses deserve an irresistible makeup collection that focuses first on the face, enhancing the complexion with an illuminating primer and powders with a silky consistency, and then on the lips, outlining them perfectly with an ink-like lipstick that makes both their colour and their memory indelible. The eyes, meanwhile, are intense, in keeping with this year’s trend, with shades and powders that are vivid but also velvety, designing the eyes with stunning effects that warm them or light them up. Just like the trendiest atmosphere of Milan.


International Launch Date – now and Sephora

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Collistar Special Perfect Hair Tameable Shaping Line for Curly and Wavy Hair

Soft, shiny and perfectly defined locks in moments

Weak, fragile and broken, fine, lacking body or frizzy and rebellious – the hair manifests a wide range of problems, each requiring highly targeted solutions. As with the most advanced skincare ranges, the new frontier in trichological cosmetics demands that products be based on the specific needs of the hair in order to get straight to the heart of the problem and solve it.

With the new Tameable Shaping Line Collistar demonstrates its high-tech approach to this trend, proposing three highly effective specialties created specifically for those with curly or wavy hair: Elasticizing Shaping Shampoo, Regenerating Shaping Mask and High Definition Shaping Serum. The formulas are based on a combination of the super-technological Trico-Flex complex, which makes the curls extraordinarily elastic, manageable and well-defined, and a unique blend of active principles on which all the Collistar hair specialties are based and which represent the 5 Collistar
Guarantees for the health and beauty of the hair.

  1. Reinforcing effectiveness
  2. Global scalp and hair treatment
  3. Global protection
  4. Extra shine
  5. Multisensory pleasure and comfort

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Collistar Spa Program Special Perfect Body Line Collection for Fall 2010

You can have all the effectiveness of professional treatments in your own home with the new Spa Program Special Perfect Body Line Collection.

Each year Collistar’s approach to the care of the body becomes more focused, more targeted and more professional. This applies also to the extraordinary new SPA PROGRAM promotion geared to remodelling the figure, beginning with the unique Talasso-Scrub, an absolute market bestseller, which is the ideal ‘primer’ for each specialized treatment.

There are three SPA Programs in the series and each program includes one of the three Collistar Talasso -Scrub products combined with a body treatment, which is made more effective by the scrub. The synergic action of the two products provides a truly extraordinary end result, making the figure progressively and visibly more toned and remodelled.

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