Victoria’s Secret Sequin Collection for Spring 2014

Hello beauties!

Just one quick look at the new Victoria’s Secret Sequin Collection for spring is necessary to instantly fall in love with these cute pink accessories. I’m a sucker for pink and especially pink makeup bags so I couldn’t resist sharing this collection with you.



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Victoria’s Secret Runway Ready Collection Holiday 2013

Hello lovelies!

Victoria’s Secret launched two new products in the fragrance department which is a bit curios for me knowing that we are talking about a bronzing lotion and a hair spray. The new products are already available on the counters just in time for holidays to help you achieve a glamorous party look.



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Jo Malone Spring 2014 Just Like Sunday Collection

Hello beauties!

Jo Malone launches in the spring Just Like Sunday Collection, a new home candle collection by Charlotte Stockdale, Style Editor which features 4 scented candles.


Sunday. A pause in the week. To relax in crisp, white sheets, airy with lavender. To unwind…and go wherever the mood takes you. Out to the garden. Into the greenhouse, twisting tomatoes fresh from the vine. Earthy, leafy and full of sunshine. A hearty lunch. A breezy walk. Then paradise. A plate of sweet almond macaroons with a pot of steaming tea. Vanilla-soft and coconut rich. Sleepy by the fire. Smoky incense curling into the air. No need to think. Easy…just like Sunday.


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LCN New York Christmas Shopping

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Meet all the new beauty items from LCN specially released for the holiday season in a limited edition design packaging. I’m talking about nail polishes, hand creams and lip glosses.


Welcome to Christmas shopping in the most prestigious shopping streets of New York! Discover our Christmas Bakery our special care specialties: The intensely nourishing creams smell deliciously of vanilla shortbread, gingerbread or a fresh Christmas tree. But beware, these products are addictive and seduce you with her ​​irresistible scent not only Santa Claus. In our merchandise and Christmas Nail Shop you will find everything your heart desires-studio owner. Make your favorite pleasure with the beautiful LCN gift sets.


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Essence 24 Hand Protection Balm Chocolate Fondue Winter 2013

Hello lovelies!

Essence reinvents its 24 Hand Protection Balm Collection this winter and launches 3 new delicious chocolate scented hand creams. They will be available in limited edition starting from next week until the end of the year.


Fruit-lovers and chocoholics have plenty to look forward to this winter – the new essence trend edition “24h hand protection balm – chocolate fondue”, is extremely soothing and pampering at the same time! Sweet strawberry, aromatic banana and exotic kiwi combined with dark chocolate are sure to turn the cold winter into months of pure indulgence for your hands. And the delicious fragrances are reminiscent of a cozy evening indoors enjoying chocolate fondue with your friends! Pampering ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil offer dry, stressed hands intensive moisture. The fast-absorbing 24-hour formula won’t leave behind an oily residue and turns applying cream to your hands into a real experience! Wellness for your hands… with essence!


International Launch Date – in November and December 2013 exclusively to these countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Marocco, Libya, Tunisia, Kuwait, Palestine, Algeria, Thailand, the Philippines, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile Continue Reading

I Love Collection – Info & Photos

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Getting acquainted with I Love products was by far one of the most delicious encounters, not only because every product smelled so delicious but also because the presentation hosted by Everet Romania included matching fresh fruits for each product. I Love products were recently introduced in Romania so an official presentation was the right thing to do.


The entire line of I Love products is quite complex featuring bubble bath & shower creams which are a 2-in-1 product, hand creams, glossy lip balms which provide a good hydration and a sheer glossy color, body butters and exfoliating shower smoothies. Each of the products has seven fruity scented formulas to choose from making almost impossible not to find your favorite smell.



Now at Douglas perfumeries, Dm drugstores and online

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Jill Stuart Summer 2013 NEW Relax Items – Preview

Hello beauties!

Jill Stuart will add at the end of spring new items to the Relax Collection (original winter 2012 collection) which seems to get bigger and bigger. Only a few months passed from the renewal of Relax Collection (info & photos) when the Eau de White Floral, relax candle and white fluffy cosmetic bag were added to the collection.

If you feel a bright light, put on a veil that gently sparkles. Like your favorite parasol, it will take you out under the sun, feeling happy and full of life.



International Launch Date – 1 May 2013

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Estee Lauder Spring 2013 Cyber White HD Collection – Info & Photos

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Estee Lauder is refreshing the Cyber White HD Collection introducing new products from March. The new cosmetic line features products that promise to protect sensitive skin from environmental pollution and against UV radiation.



Japan Launch Date – 1 March 2013 at Estee Lauder counters

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