Chic Choc New Body Care Collection for Summer 2010

Chic Choc cosmetics is introducing a New Bath & Body Care Series for Summer 2010, each one containing two fragrances.


21 May 2010

Chic Choc Body Care Series Berry Kiss

Fragrance Description: Mainly floral and fruity
Top Notes: Berries, grapefruit, orange, orange
Middle Notes: Freesia, jasmine, apple, black currant, rose
Base Notes: Musk, vanilla, strawberry Fupen

Chic Choc Body Care Series Sunny Kiss

Fragrance Description: Hong mainly wood
Top Notes: Grapefruit, pepper, bergamot, lemon
Middle Notes: Jasmine, fruit, iris
Base Notes: Herbs, tree moss, patchouli, musk, sandalwood Continue Reading

Collistar Tan Without Sunshine Collection for Spring/ Summer 2010

Collistar is launching in March 2010 a new line of self – tanning products. The collection contains 6 new products and a Silk Effect Bronzing Powder.

The star of this collection is the Body – Legs Magic Drops a self-tanning concentrate with ultra-rapid effect.

Just a few drops and, as if by magic, in less than an hour the body acquires an intense and radiant tan, just like after a day at the beach or a tanning lamp session. The product owes its effectiveness to an exclusive formula that uses the extraordinary properties of the innovative DHA Rapid, a new-generation self-tanning molecule that halves skin coloring time, guaranteeing a particularly rapid, natural and even result, with no risk of unsightly stains.

This magical ‘sun concentrate’ also has exceptional moisturizing, firming and anti-age power, thanks to the addition of aloe juice, vitamin E and a biotechnological derivative of soybeans and corn, which leave the skin of the body soft, toned and ultra-smooth.

Light, silky and delicately scented, the concentrate applies easily and is absorbed immediately, making it possible to dress straight away. Continue Reading

New: The Body Shop brand new Spa Wisdom Japan Collection

Hi everyone,

The Body Shop introduces starting from 12 February 2010 its new Collection Spa Wisdom Japan. Now you can enjoy a Japanese Spa day in your own home with these natural body products.

After launching the African, Polynesian and Morocco SPA energy series last year now it’s turn of Japanese SPA series, a collection rich in natural raw materials and community fair trade ingredients. You won’t have to go to Japan to enjoy their hot spring baths that can not only clean the body but their are also able to purify the mind, so you can find that integration of body, soul and nature. Japan is know for its hot spring water that contains a wealth of mineral and can improve blood circulation and metabolism.

Derived from the Japanese red beans, grapefruit, rice bran extract, and fusion with fresh oriental fragrance, the delicate texture of the unique Japanese SPA spa line products offers the top five luxury skin beauty products, from shower gel, Pure Powder , bath salts, fragrant moisturizing body spray and moisturizing emulsion to complete the most detailed sensory pleasure, leading to experience the traditional Ni Secret of skin.

The collection contains: Continue Reading