3 secrets that will make you look better over night

Complete your night ritual with some new maneuvers, and you will pick the results in the morning.

Use a deodorant

In the evening, the skin calm itself and becomes more dry; take advantage by applying a deodorant, which will penetrate deep into the sudoripare channels. It will keep blocking the sweat even the next day( even if you make shower). Try Dove Go fresh deodorants.

Get tanned in the…moon

The skin absorbs better the lotions during the night, like this the next day you will be uniformed tanned. The skin must be clean, exfoliated and hydrated. With half an hour before bed time ( so you don’t stain the lingerie) try the self tan body lotion Nivea Sun.

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Energizing look

Splash some cold water on your face! The low temperature of the water will contract the blood vessels, attenuating skin’s imperfections. Some trick for midday: spray some thermal water on your face ( try La Roche-Pasay Thermal Spring Water) or dab your cheeks with a moist paper towel.

Smell something minty! Peppermint will stimulate your brain, so the fastest method to refresh your self is by using a shower gel with peppermint extract or something as energizing as mint. Grapefruit notes from Dove Go Fresh Body Wash, Energize variant, have about the same effect. Use something abrasive to remove dead cells from your body (plus, you will feel light tingles, which will refresh you).

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What you have to do every night…

In these days the mornings are sow agitated, everyone hurrying to work and having a busy life. The evenings are perfect for relaxing treatments to take off all the stress you accumulated during the day. Continue Reading