Essence Oktoberfest Fall 2014 Collection

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Every year in September the largest festival in the world opens its doors so this year Essence creates Oktoberfest Fall 2014 Collection to celebrate this holiday. Discover the new makeup line featuring vibrant colors of pink, lilac, purple, beige, green and brown. The new lip glosses have a fruity or mint flavor while the nail polishes, blushes and eyeshadows come in versatile shades. To keep your memories intact Essence also included a great notebook with a sweet deer design. Celebrate Oktoberfest with Essence!

ess_mogst mi wiedersehn adress book.jpg


Germany Launch Date – September 2014 at Muller Continue Reading

Essence Hello Autumn Fall 2014 Collection

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Essence unveiled Hello Autumn Fall 2014 Collection, that will become available in limited edition in just one month. This is definitely a collection I’m looking forward to seeing at it features classic autumnal shades of brown, nudes, gold, grey and black but also some deep reds for lips and nails. I will be definitely checking out the new eyeshadow palettes so take a look after the jump and see if they match your taste as well.


Essence is welcoming the autumn season with its beautiful golden sunshine and rustling leaves with the trend edition “hello autumn”. The color scheme is fresh and color-intense, just like the beautiful colors of nature during the third season of the year: yellow, gold, orange, red, green and brown. In addition to two eyeshadow palettes in gorgeous autumn shades, the product range offers eyebrow sets with two different powder colors each, a highlighter as well as a small applicator. A further highlight is the color-adapting powder blush, which turns into a fresh pink upon application. And as a small accessory, there are six cute hair ties that are sure to keep your hair together when the autumn breeze gets a little too much. Welcome autumn… with essence!


International Launch Date – from September until October 2014 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Greek, Italy, France, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bahrain, Lebanon, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Paraguay

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Essence New In Town Fall 2014 Collection

Hello beauties!

Here is the new edition of Essence New In Town Collection, this time the one which gives us a quick preview of the upcoming beauty items launching this fall. As always the items from New In Town trend edition will be joining the permanent range afterwards and will be available at Essence counters until next spring.


Super trendy: Essence is sure to be the ultimate hotspot for beauty looks with its trend edition “new in town”. The new 3D eyeshadows in fashionable duo-colors with an improved texture and a special relief structure simply have to come along on your next tour of the city. And so do the two waterproof gel eye pencils as well as the lash base mascara, which provides the perfect basis for the lash princess volume mascara – the new must-have mascara for all trendsetters. But the focus isn’t just on the eyes: you can give your lips an urban matt finish with the longlasting lipsticks in pink and nude, while the highlighter offers a gorgeous glow. For your nails, there are surprising cool glitter and feather effects. And if you would like to give your favorite polish a sand effect, just reach for the sparkle sand top coat. No matter what you’re up to, the latest trends and styles are here and ready to be seen around town! A vibrant city-feeling… with essence!


International Launch Date – from August 2014 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Spain, Greece, Turkey, France, Poland, Kazakhstan, Israel, Algeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Paraguay, Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, and Colombia.

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Essence Aquatix Fall 2014 Collection

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Let’s take a look at the new Essence Aquatix Fall 2014 Collection which features makeup and nail products in marine shades of blue, turquoise and even violet.


Underwater beauty! essence is diving into the depths of the ocean with the trend edition “aquatix”. The beauty pieces in this trend edition are as gorgeous as the colors of crystal clear water glittering in the sun and are sure to turn all girls into stylish mermaids! The color scheme consists of various blue nuances, aquatic turquoise as well as rosé and fuchsia. Combined with trendy products with glitter effects and a shimmer finish, the colors are reminiscent of the sparkling surface of the sea. In addition to cool eyeshadow sticks, highlights include the mermaid nail stickers with a surprising cracked fish scale design and a shimmering body gel with microfine glitter particles that give your skin a beautiful, summery glow. Take a refreshing dip in the cool water… with essence!


U.S. Launch Date – August 2014 at ULTA and online

International Launch Date – August 2014 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, France, South Africa, Russia, the Philippines, Panama. Continue Reading

Essence Yes, We POP! Fall 2014 Collection

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Essence comes out with a new trend edition in Autumn named Yes, We Pop!. It’s an exclusive nail product line featuring new nail polishes but also decoration kits, nail designs, foils, a new nail art brush, a couple of nail essentials products and and a very cute pink mini led lamp with a USB connection. I’m definitely eager to check this one out as it seems like a fun collection but if you ask me the shades are a little bit bright for fall but they will still work for a colorful manicure at the end of summer.


Unique, trendy and full of effects: with the trend edition “yes, we POP!”, essence is offering versatile products for an effect-gel manicure with a true wow-factor. Nail art is totally hip right now – especially with these nail pieces inspired by the modern, colorful and catchy world of pop art. There are so many ways to decorate your popular high-shine gel-finish in a creative way now! Bright colors, nail toppers, cool effects, funny symbols or nail foils – they are all just waiting to be applied on your gel nails. The basic products are absolutely essential for an exciting gel manicure – and now they’re available with an innovative 2in1 formula for the first time ever. With the 2in1 primer & cleanser and the 2in1 peel off gel base & top coat, it’s even easier to create your perfect gel manicure, which lasts up to 10 days. Of course, all of the decorations in this trend edition can also be used without a gel manicure – for endless nail styles!


International Launch Date – August 2014 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia

Romania Launch Date – August 2014 at Douglas, Marionnaud, Auchan and online Continue Reading

Essence Hot Chocolate Lip Liner Review, Swatches, Photos

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Last week a purchased quite a few makeup items and I also got Essence Hot Chocolate Lip Liner, a product known to me since I have it in a few different shades and I’ve been repurchasing them for years. I simply adore this lip liner’s formula and in my opinion it could easily win the 1st place as the best drugstore lip liner but I’m bold enough to say it can also rival with some of the best high-end lip liners.



Now at ULTA, Muller, Douglas, DM drugstores, Auchan and online,

Essence Hot Chocolate Lip Liner ($1.49 / 25.00 Lei for 1 g/ 0.035 oz) is a medium neutral chocolaty brown with neither warm or cold undertones and with a subtle satin finish. Some consider Hot Chocolate to have a matte finish but I wouldn’t go that far to describe it as it doesn’t look truly matte on the lips and in my opinion has a bit of satin to it, just a slight natural sheen that makes it look so natural. Continue Reading

Essence Wave Goddess Summer 2014 Collection

Hello pretties!

Get ready for summer with the new Essence Wave Goddess Collection which will be released in a limited edition next month. The collection features products in aquatic and pink shades, very bright and perfect for a pop of color on the beach.


Surfer girls and beach beauties take note: we’re heading to the beach and getting ready to surf with the new Essence trend edition “wave goddess”. Body boarding, stand-up paddling and surfing are the trend sports of the summer! And “wave goddess” offers the ideal products for fun times at the beach or in the water! On top, the absolutely stylish beauty pieces have a gorgeous hibiscus blossom design to create a true summer feeling! In addition to bright colors like orange and pink, the focus is on the it-color of the summer – blue! There are plenty of must-haves: two fabulous products with a tint effect for your lips and cheeks, a top coat that changes the color of your nail polish depending on the temperature, and a styling spray with sea salt for beautiful, wavy beach hair. The trend edition also offers two summery accessories that shouldn’t be missing in any beach bags this season: a wallet and a case for your sunglasses! So grab your board and head for the waves… with Essence!


International Launch Date – in July & August 2014 exclusive to: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Libya, Iran, Algeria, Taiwan, Brunei and the Philippines

Romania Launch Date – in July & August 2014 (Limited Edition) in Auchan, Douglas, Marionnaud and local beauty stores Continue Reading

Essence Road Trip Summer 2014 Collection

Hello sweeties!

Essence launches next month Road Trip Summer 2014 Collection, a new limited edition makeup collection which contains quite a few useful items to take with you if you are on the road this season.


Beauties on the road! Summer is the time to travel, so Essence is packing its bags and getting ready to spread the fun feeling of the legendary Route 66 with its new trend edition “road trip”. Every girl is sure to love the practical duo and mini products that are coming along for the ride. A warm color scheme consisting of yellow, pink, burgundy, beige and blue guarantee plenty of fun on your next trip. In addition to cool duo pieces like eyeshadow & eyeliner and blush & highlighter, the highlight products include the allround balm and dry shampoo – absolutely essential beauty tools when you’re on the go. This summery trend edition is perfectly complemented by the travel bag, which offers lots of room for anything you might need on your beauty journey. Let’s head out into the big, wide world… with essence!


International Launch Date – July 2014 exclusive to: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Morocco, Libya, Iran, Bahrain, Palestine, Algeria, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Bangladesh and Paraguay.

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