Essence Cinderella Spring 2015 Collection

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Essence announces Cinderella Collection just in time for spring; a fairytale makeup trend edition featuring a variations of blues and pinks. Come have a look at the entire collection right after the cut.

Just in time for the release of Walt Disney Pictures’ movie ‘Cinderella’ on the 12th of March 2015, Essence have once again teamed up with Disney to present the new trend edition, ‘Cinderella’. With an enchanting mix of colours, this collection features mother-of-pearl, gold, rose, purple, red and blue in cosmetics for your eyes, lips, face and nails. The highlighter in a three-dimensional rose design is an absolute must for creating a soft, rosy glow while the iridescent lip glosses give perfect sparkle and shine! You can even decorate your nails using eye-catching Cinderella nail stickers!


International Launch Date – March 2015 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Omar, and Qatar Continue Reading

Essence Spring 2015 Sets

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Check out the new Essence Spring 2015 Sets launching at the beginning of March. This year Essence decided to pair fragrances with eyeshadow palettes and created two new beauty sets which will be available in limited edition.


Spring time! essence is welcoming the spring season with a special set consisting of a fragrance and make-up. Two of the most popular fragrances, “like a first day in spring” and “like a day in a candy shop”, will each be combined with a limited “all about…” eyeshadow palette, which will only be available in this exclusive set. The “all about spring” eyeshadow palette is based on the color scheme of the spring fragrance and creates a bright and cheerful eye make-up style – as fresh and floral as the eau de toilette itself. “all about sweets” convinces with soft nuances – a perfect match for “like a day in a candy shop” – sweet, sensual and wonderful! Both spring sets trigger feelings of happiness and are lots of fun! The cool set are ideal for all fragrance fans and beauties – to collect or give away.

The eau de toilettes were developed in collaboration with internationally renowned perfumers and are presented in a fresh, cool design in stylish flacons made of the finest materials with bright and cheerful little ribbons. The limited trendy gift boxes each contain the respective 50ml eau de toilette and an “all about…” eyeshadow palette – at the usual low price expected of essence


Romania Launch Date – March 2015 at Essence counters

International Launch Date – March 2015 exclusively in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, South Africa, Ireland, Russia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordanian, Taiwan, Brunei, Nepal, and Bolivia Continue Reading

Essence Spring 2015 I Love Nude Collection

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As the spring gets closer, news of Essence I Love Nude Collection surfaces as well as the entire color story and beautiful promo images. I soft colored collection, filled with classic shades for day to day use and for every occasion. Discover the new Essence beauty products of this spring right after the cut.

Subtle, delicate, NUDE! With the new trend edition “I love nude”, essence is presenting one of the biggest trends of the season  – NUDE. Whether you go for nearly white, soft beige, apricot and rosé or brown shades – your eyes, lips, face and nails are sure to stand out in these soft and natural nuances that flatter all beauties. The highlights are the baked eyeshadows in six soft shades with a silky to matt finish. The cool new lash princess false effect mascara provides lashes with dramatic volume and completes your perfect eye make-up style. Subtle and naturally beautiful… with essence!


International Launch Date – February 2015 in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, and Qatar.

Romania Launch Date – February 2015 at all Essence counters and online Continue Reading

Essence Party Look Makeup Box for Holiday 2014

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Essence Party Look Makeup Box is a new beauty kit which will hit counters next month and will be available in limited edition. This is a great news because this pretty beauty item which features shades for eyes and cheeks and also a double lip gloss will also arrive in my country.

The home stretch for beauty! As the year comes to an end, the countdown to the festive season begins. With the limited essence “party look make-up box”, every beauty is sure to turn into a make-up queen. Whether you’re heading to traditional family celebrations or the hippest party in town – an extra-portion of glitter and glamour is always a must!

The practical and stylish “party look make-up box” by essence contains everything needed to make a true beauty’s heart beat faster and looks like a beautifully wrapped gift in its purple-pink-gold packaging.


International Launch Date – from September until December 2014 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Morocco, Malta, Thailand, Paraguay, Panama, and Chile

Romania Launch Date – September until December 2014 Continue Reading

Essence Oktoberfest Fall 2014 Collection

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Every year in September the largest festival in the world opens its doors so this year Essence creates Oktoberfest Fall 2014 Collection to celebrate this holiday. Discover the new makeup line featuring vibrant colors of pink, lilac, purple, beige, green and brown. The new lip glosses have a fruity or mint flavor while the nail polishes, blushes and eyeshadows come in versatile shades. To keep your memories intact Essence also included a great notebook with a sweet deer design. Celebrate Oktoberfest with Essence!

ess_mogst mi wiedersehn adress book.jpg


Germany Launch Date – September 2014 at Muller Continue Reading

Essence Hello Autumn Fall 2014 Collection

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Essence unveiled Hello Autumn Fall 2014 Collection, that will become available in limited edition in just one month. This is definitely a collection I’m looking forward to seeing at it features classic autumnal shades of brown, nudes, gold, grey and black but also some deep reds for lips and nails. I will be definitely checking out the new eyeshadow palettes so take a look after the jump and see if they match your taste as well.


Essence is welcoming the autumn season with its beautiful golden sunshine and rustling leaves with the trend edition “hello autumn”. The color scheme is fresh and color-intense, just like the beautiful colors of nature during the third season of the year: yellow, gold, orange, red, green and brown. In addition to two eyeshadow palettes in gorgeous autumn shades, the product range offers eyebrow sets with two different powder colors each, a highlighter as well as a small applicator. A further highlight is the color-adapting powder blush, which turns into a fresh pink upon application. And as a small accessory, there are six cute hair ties that are sure to keep your hair together when the autumn breeze gets a little too much. Welcome autumn… with essence!


International Launch Date – from September until October 2014 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Greek, Italy, France, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bahrain, Lebanon, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Paraguay

Romania Launch Date – from September until October 2014 at Douglas, Marionnaud, Auchan and Continue Reading

Essence New In Town Fall 2014 Collection

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Here is the new edition of Essence New In Town Collection, this time the one which gives us a quick preview of the upcoming beauty items launching this fall. As always the items from New In Town trend edition will be joining the permanent range afterwards and will be available at Essence counters until next spring.


Super trendy: Essence is sure to be the ultimate hotspot for beauty looks with its trend edition “new in town”. The new 3D eyeshadows in fashionable duo-colors with an improved texture and a special relief structure simply have to come along on your next tour of the city. And so do the two waterproof gel eye pencils as well as the lash base mascara, which provides the perfect basis for the lash princess volume mascara – the new must-have mascara for all trendsetters. But the focus isn’t just on the eyes: you can give your lips an urban matt finish with the longlasting lipsticks in pink and nude, while the highlighter offers a gorgeous glow. For your nails, there are surprising cool glitter and feather effects. And if you would like to give your favorite polish a sand effect, just reach for the sparkle sand top coat. No matter what you’re up to, the latest trends and styles are here and ready to be seen around town! A vibrant city-feeling… with essence!


International Launch Date – from August 2014 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Spain, Greece, Turkey, France, Poland, Kazakhstan, Israel, Algeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Paraguay, Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, and Colombia.

Romania Launch Date – from August 2014 at Douglas, Marionnaud, Auchan and online Continue Reading

Essence Aquatix Fall 2014 Collection

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Let’s take a look at the new Essence Aquatix Fall 2014 Collection which features makeup and nail products in marine shades of blue, turquoise and even violet.


Underwater beauty! essence is diving into the depths of the ocean with the trend edition “aquatix”. The beauty pieces in this trend edition are as gorgeous as the colors of crystal clear water glittering in the sun and are sure to turn all girls into stylish mermaids! The color scheme consists of various blue nuances, aquatic turquoise as well as rosé and fuchsia. Combined with trendy products with glitter effects and a shimmer finish, the colors are reminiscent of the sparkling surface of the sea. In addition to cool eyeshadow sticks, highlights include the mermaid nail stickers with a surprising cracked fish scale design and a shimmering body gel with microfine glitter particles that give your skin a beautiful, summery glow. Take a refreshing dip in the cool water… with essence!


U.S. Launch Date – August 2014 at ULTA and online

International Launch Date – August 2014 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, France, South Africa, Russia, the Philippines, Panama. Continue Reading