Essence Remover Products

Gentle, effective and fast – the popular make-up remover products by Essence perfectly complement the many cosmetics products used on a daily basis to ensure a variety of looks. The selected and innovative remover products gently yet effectively remove (eye) make-up and nail polish.

Now the removers are presented in a brand new design. The three nail polishes with their new modern design on the bottle and the new Essence “e” Embossment on the lid stand out amongst all others for their fun and eye catching exterior. It goes without saying that nothing about the tried-and-tested formulas for the (eye) make-up and nail polish removers have changed. The practical and pocket sized eye-make up remover pads have also remained the same so you can continue to use them when you are out and about or heading off on your travels!

Essence Nail Polish Remover – nail whitening  – €1.49

This acetone-free nail polish remover carefully whitens your nails with every application to counteract unsightly discolorations. The gentle formula is even suitable for synthetic nails. Thanks to the irresistible forest berry and vanilla scent, removing your nail polish becomes a pampering experience – not just for your nails!

Essence Nail Polish Remover – nail hardening – €1.49

Put a stop to weak, brittle nails: The pink nail polish remover is perfectly aligned to meet the special needs of stressed nails. The particularly gentle formula helps strengthen your nails and gives them a healthy, strong look. Thanks to the acetone-free ingredients, it is also suitable for synthetic nails. This wonderful product comes with a seductive strawberry-vanilla scent.

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Essence Trend Edition “Crazy About Colour” – Spring 2010 Makeup Collection

With the flowers beginning to bloom and the sun starting to shine, it’s obvious that spring is in the air. This spring, Essence knows it’s all about the colour!  “Crazy About Colour” the latest trend edition from Essence, guarantees “crazy” color combinations and stylish makeup looks from April to May 2010.

The vibrant and bright striped packaging makes this eye catching product that much more fun.  And more importantly, the light textured, beautiful colors of the collection makes applying spring looks easy.

This is not the only collection that Essence has prepared for this spring so if you are interested in more colors and products you can read here my other articles about Essence Spring 2010 Makeup Collections.

The collection contains:

Crazy duo eye shadow – 2,45 €

Double your styling pleasure: the duo eye-shadows come in three gorgeous colour combinations setting the stage for the perfect look. Whether you apply the colors together or on their in own, the vibrant shades will make your eyes shine. Available in 3 trendy color combinations:

  • 01 Colour Affair
  • 02 Adorable
  • 03 Dare it!

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Essence trend edition “Go Snow”

Powder snow, sunshine and clear blue skies make the hearts of all ski and snow bunnies beat faster in the spring. Especially with the new products in the Trend Edition Go snow by Essence. With March becoming a more popular month to hit the slopes, the essence Go Snow will inspire you to hit that slope looking more fabulous than ever!

Frosty pastel shades and cool shimmer effects create just the right winter mood and give you a snow queen look from head to toe! Whether you choose to go snowboarding, skiing or sledding – with the new go snow products, you’re sure to be the center of attention!

Essence Go Snow mono eyeshadow – €1.99

Ice, ice, baby! The mono eyeshadow gently settles on your eyelids like delicate ice crystals to give you a fresh, radiant look! Whether you’re in a ski lift or at a mountain-top bar – your gorgeous eye make-up is sure to make the snow melt! Available in four frosty and cool shades:

  • 01 Snow bunny
  • 02 Frostbite
  • 03 Crystal flake
  • 04 Alpine snow

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Essence Fashionista Trend Collection for Spring 2010

Did you enjoyed the Essence “Cute as Hell” Spring collection? If you did then I’m sure you will like the Essence Fashionista Trend Collection even more.

The new collection contains very colorful products at very affordable prices so you can buy they entire collection if you like it. I’ve been using Essence lipglosses for years and I like them a lot, my favorite being the one in Strawberry shade, a very sheer peachy shimmering lipgloss. Their lipglosses have a sweet smell and it makes you eat it of your lips.

Check out the photos from this collection and let me know if there are any products that attract your attention.

Fashionista Trend Collection will be available in the shops in March/April 2010.

The collection contains:

Essence Mono Eyeshadow – Eur 1.55 per piece


Available in 4 new shades:

  • 16 Go Glam
  • 17 Hot Spot
  • 20 Big Bang
  • 29 Freestyle

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Essence "Cute as Hell" – Spring 2010 Collection

Essence brings a new style of pastel colors for its Spring 2010 Makeup Collection – “Cute As Hell”. The collection will be launched in February – March 2010 and contains:

Cute as Hell Mono Eyeshadow – Eur 1.75


Available in 4 new shades:

  • Naughty but nice
  • Bad Girl
  • Not just cute
  • Date Me!

Duo Eye Highlighter Pen – Eur 1.25


It’s a pen with two beautiful highlighter colors (pink-Lila) !

Lipgloss – Eur 1.75


Available in 3 colors:

  • Bad Girl
  • Not just cute
  • Date Me!

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Chic Giveaway: One Essence Volume Power Boost Mascara (special edition) and 3 Essence Lash&Brown gel mascaras

Hello ladies and welcome to ChicProfile first Giveaway!


About Essence:

I don’t know if you are familiar with Essence products because their stores can only be found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I didn’t knew about their products until I took a trip in Germany about 2 years ago and visit their stand in a beauty shop. I remember that I’ve bought then a lots of products from Essence, from mascaras to lipglosses and eyeshadows. Their prices are very affordable to anyone and the quality is also good, so everytime I go to Germany I make sure to check their new products (I’m reading about the new stuff on their website) and always bring home with me enough makeup products to last me until the next trip. I love the Essence lipgloss  (  in strawberry), smells good (even tastes good) it’s shimmery with a light texture (non-sticky) and hydrating in the same time.


The products:

Lash&Brown gel mascara is a 2 in 1 transparent mascara that cares for your eyebrows and eyelashes in the same time, giving them a perfect finish. If you have unruly eyebrows you can wave them goodbye because Lash&Brown gel mascara will style your eyebrows. The tube contains 9 ml of gel (more than other brands offers) enough to last you a  couple of months.

I have my own Essence transparent gel and I apply one coat on my eyelashes ( you can apply 2 coats if it’s needed) and after I apply 2 coats of my black mascara. Continue Reading