Essie Spring 2017 Resort Collection

Hello babes!

Essie Spring 2017 Resort Collection draw its inspiration from the famous Italian Amalfi Coast and features four new nail lacquers that are perfect to be worn on sunny days. You can check out more information right after the cut together with close-up photos. I’ve already seen swatches and the colors look quite pigmented and deliver an opaque coverage in two coats.


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Essie Spring 2017 B’aha Moment Collection

Hello beauties!

Let’s hit the road together with Essie B’aha Moment Spring 2017 Collection and just skip town and head south where the inspiration comes from. Six new nail lacquers are waiting to be discovered.

Don’t think. Just get in the car and drive. Go with your most colorful instincts and take a spur-of-the-moment trip down the coast. The Essie spring 2017 collection is inspired by sun-filled beach days and spectacular sunsets shared with some best friends on a “don’t stop till you hit the border” road trip.



U.S. Launch Date – Now at ULTA and,

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Essie Spring 2017 Peach Side Babe Collection

Hello beauties!

Spring 2017 season brings with it Essie Peach Side Babe Collection featuring six more shade ready to join the permanent collection, because fabulous color is always in style.


“When it heats up, I like to stay cool with my Peach Side Babe.”


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Essie Spring 2017 Gel Couture Ballet Nudes

Hello cuties!

Essie presents its new Gel Couture Ballet Nudes spring 2017 collection and introduces 6 new on pointe shades. Luxurious wear for up to 14 days & instant gel-like. Slip into salon perfection with an easy 2-step system. No lamp needed and easy removal guaranteed.



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Essie Getting Groovy Winter 2016 Collection

Hello pretties!

Essie presents its new Getting Groovy Winter 2016 Collection which features six new nail lacquers inspired by the life in London in the swinging 1960s.


The new winter 2016 collection is all about nights out in London in the land of mod. Dressing up and getting ready to go out with your best friend, your satin sister. Lacing up towering party on a platform shoes and catching a red double-decker bus to Carnaby Street. It’s the exuberance, the energy, the anything-can-happen thrill of walking into the coolest party in the most fashion-forward town. When wearing these shades, I hope you take on some of that energy. Because when you go with the flowy, who knows where the night will take you?


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Essie Go Go Geisha Fall 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

Essie Go Go Geisha Collection for fall 2016 is inspired by Global Color Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s time in Tokyo with six new colors that reflect the changing fall foliage and the tastes and energy of Tokyo.


The six shade palette creates a perfect balance between trendsetting color and classic looks. Deeps include the intense damson plum of kimono-over and the striking orange rust of playing koi. Pastel shades of gray, blue and pink anchor the collection with soft versatility and timeless chic.



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Essie Off the Wall Neon 2016 Summer Collection

Hello pretties!

Essie Off the Wall 2016 Summer Collection looks so electric and brings six new hot neon nail colors. These have a fast drying formula and a true neon color, not to mention it takes only three easy steps to achieve a perfect manicure.


This season, I was inspired by the vibrant colors and graphic designs that can be seen in the murals of the wynwood walls.


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Essie Tropical Lights Fun Ships 2016 Summer Collection

Hello pretties!

Essie Tropical Lights Fun Ships Summer 2016 Collection is inspired by the tropical Caribbean islands. It surely looks like a fun collection when you look at the six new summery nail colors. I can’t say the colors are totally a newness to me, but at least I’m not seeing any neons this summer.



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