MAC Mariah Carey I’m That Chick You Like Eyeshadow Quad Review, Swatches, Photos

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You already know about my picks from MAC Holiday 2016 Mariah Carey Collection so today I want to post my review for MAC I’m That Chic You Like Eyeshadow Quad. There were actually two eyeshadow quads released as a limited edition, part of this collection and even though they were both available when I entered MAC store, I decided to choose only this one. As you know the exquisite packaging had an impact on the price for this collection overall, so each item was more expensive that usual. I personally like the combination of brown and gold shades and this palette seemed like the best choice for something I’d wear in the evening or special occasions. I actually used the shades from this palette on my New Year’s Eve makeup look as they lean to a shimmery finish and they are more suitable for a party or glamorous event.


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Romania – Now at MAC Locations

MAC I’m That Chick You Like Eye Shadow x 4 ($41.00 / 184.00 Lei for for 0.19 oz.) is a set of four neutral shades with a shimmering finish. The limited edition palette comes in a glittery compact with a transparent lid and a magnetic closure. What I like about the packaging besides the fact that you can always see the shades is the fact that even though the edges are glittery they are super smooth to the touch. The shades from this palette are easily dupable so I understand why some of you were not really into this palette. Continue Reading

MAC Holiday 2016 Mariah Carey Collection My Picks

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Many will agree that MAC Holiday 2016 Mariah Carey Collection was one of the most desired makeup collections of this season. For me personally it was an adventure to purchase these few products because most of the collection was sold out when I got to the counters. I had my wish list ready months before this collection launched, but so it came to pass that the launch date didn’t match my salary date. πŸ™‚ So basically when I was ready to start shopping, I had to call every MAC counter in my city and ask what products they still had available…unfortunately only these three came home with me. I admit I wanted the Loose Powder and another lipstick shades, but they were among the first products to fly off counters. MAC Mariah Carey Collection has definitely got everyone’s attention with its bling-bling sparkling packaging and the beautiful butterfly pattern on the lipstick or don’t even get me started on that gorgeous Extra Dimension Skinfinish.


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International – Now at MAC Locations and online

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Douglas Makeup 1 Year Anniversary

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Last month Douglas Makeup celebrated its first birthday. So apart from wishing Douglas Makeup Happy Birthday I also want to share with you a couple of quick reviews about some of their products. Their products can be found right at the entrance of the store and it’s easy to loose yourself in the multitude of colors, variety of textures and products. I’m quite new to Douglas Makeup myself so I invite you to discover them together in case you haven’t already. Their prices are so affordable, almost competing with drugstores products.


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Romania & International – Now at Douglas Perfumeries Continue Reading

Revlon Colorstay Adventurous Eyeshadow Quad Review, Swatches, Photos

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Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quads are quite familiar to me lately as the new #530 Adventurous is not the only one I’ve tried. Back in the fall I talked to you about Revlon Colorstay Seductive Eyeshadow Quad (review, swatches) a gorgeous combination of violet shades.


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Romania – Now at Kendra, Prestige Boutique (blv.Iuliu Maniu nr.59) and online

U.S. – Now at ULTA and online

Revlon 515 Adventurous ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Quad (56.00 Lei / $4.80 for 4.8 g/ 0.16 oz) features a combination of four earthy and green shades. Revlon describes these eyeshadows as having a 16 hour wear, while the formula is silky smooth and it won’t crease, fade or smudge throughout the day. Now after I’ve put them to the test here is what I think of them. Continue Reading

Tom Ford Eye Color Quads Spring 2016

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Tom Ford has came up with new Eye Color Quads for spring 2016, apart from their new Beauty Collection (info, photos). I personally love the new Tom Ford Honeymoon Quad from this photo, it’s gorgeous in my opinion with those warm colors and contains not only nudes but a pop of pink and purple as well, which is ideal for me.



U.S. Launch Date – Now, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman Continue Reading

MustaeV Smoky Quad Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

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MustaeV Smoky Quad Eyeshadow Palette (preview & more eye shadows) is one of the best eyeshadow quads I’ve ever used, in terms of quality, pigmentation and color choice. The four color hosted in this palette are exactly what you need for a smoky, dramatic, glamorous and seductive makeup look. I used some of these shades for my New Years Eye Makeup and I just love how that look turned out, not to mention it lasted all night. Keep on reading if you want to find out all there is to know about this MustaeV smoky quad.



U.S. & Worldwide – (15% Discount using discount code: chicprofile), (International Shipping)

MustaeV Smoky Quad Eyeshadow Palette ($52.00) consists of four alluring, deep hues with splendid pearl perfect for creating a sexy and confident look. If you are more comfortable in seeing live swatches then take a look at my video right here. Continue Reading

MustaeV Smoky Quad, Smoke, Pink Mist, Peacock, Bambi, Scales Eye Shadows Preview, Swatches, Photos

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In order to complete the empty slots from my MustaeV 24 Eyeshadow Palette (review, photos) I still needed 5 eye shadows so I choose Smoke, Pink Mist, Peacock, Bambi and Scales single eye shadows for this job. I’m simply mesmerized by MustaeV eyeshadows and this season I’m more into dark colors so I also got MustaeV Smoky Quad Eye Shadow Palette to go along with the brown, pink and silver white shades. This month I realize that’s been actually two straight years since I first got to use my first MustaeV products and I can’t tell you how many wonderful products I discovered and got to use but I’m still trying to find that one MustaeV product that I don’t like. πŸ™‚



International – (15% Discount using discount code: chicprofile), (International Shipping) Continue Reading

Max Factor Smokey Eye Kit, Velvet Volume Mascara, Lipfinity and Masterpiece Eyeliner Preview, Swatches, Photos

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In late fall 2015, Max Factor came up with a new line of makeup products. I gave you a quick peek at the Max Factor novelties (video) a couple of weeks ago on Periscope and I promised to return with more photos and individual reviews as soon as I’m done testing them. Before I’ll start posting those review I wanted to bring all the products together for a quick preview and a couple of swatches so you should know what to expect later on.



Romania – Now at Kendra, Debenhams and online,

UK – Now at Boots, Drugstore Continue Reading