Drew Barrymore Spring 2013 Flower Makeup Collection – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

After being the spokeswomen for Lancome from 2004 to 2005 and the co-creative director at P&G Co.’s Cover Girl, Drew Barrymore will soon launch her own color cosmetic brand, named Flower. The upcoming Spring 2013 Flower Collection will feature eye, lip and nail products but the star products will be Flower’s Ultimate Mascara, Powder Up loose powder and its BB cream.

“I think, if you really care about things, then you just naturally get involved. I don’t want to sit there and hope it works out. I want to be in the middle, in the mix, making sure it works out,” said Barrymore.

Ultimate Mascara has three settings for the brush, so users can choose to enhance lashes’ length, thickness or curl — or all three. “If you are feeling thickening one day, just leave it [the brush] scrunched. If you just want lengthening, leave it long, but if you want that amazing, grab it, clump it, thicken it, brush-out quality, you move the wand around,” said Drew.


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Beauty news

Emerald’s magic

This summer, wear a catching perfume which can eye line your beauty and delicacy, grace to his fresh mix, warm and sensual of fruits, flowers and “beach accords”: Estee Lauder Emerald Dream EDP Spray Travel Exclusive. It’s a floral perfume, matching your romantic and seductive spirit. The notes are:tangerine, honeysuckle, apricot & cool breeze of blue basil. If you are a sophisticated woman, this fragrance was design just for you.

You are sensational!

Take with you this summer the new perfume of Celine Dion – Sensational. And if you are thinking of going abroad and you want to see a concert of the famous singer, you will perfectly understand the message of this perfume: live on the life’s scene! Among the notes you will scent mimosa, jasmine, amber and musk.

You smell so good…

  1. Sun rays. You like flowers and you want to borrow from their olfactory charm? Wear Cerutti 1881 En Fleurs, limited edition 100ml.
  2. Selected tastes…fragrances to measure! Include among your seductive essences the new perfume Nina by Nina Ricci.
  3. Ah, so romantic! You are a romantic by nature and you want that your boyfriend should be the same! Spoil his senses with Laura by Laura Biagiotti, EDT, 75ml.
  4. Femininity. Your boyfriend wants to be his partner at a fancy event? Show him that your elegance doesn’t resume only to the dress, wearing Femme de Montblanc. Continue Reading

Beauty book – beautiful legs

On high heels, slippers or flat ballerinas, one thing is certain: summer has came! Today in midi skirt, tomorrow in mini dress and like this you will be in bathing suit in no time! Until you’ll wear it, cheat with style! Wear high heels for an elegant allure. The mini which is in fashion is the one who suit you best!

  1. If you wish for a discreet tan apply Ambre Solaire Perfect Bronzeur 12 hours from Garnier.
  2. For sexy legs, in just a few seconds, you have to apply Body&Leg Shine from The Body Shop. Ones of its ingredients are tropical hibiscus flower extract and community trade aloe vera that are excellent for a skin that has been exposed to the sun. It also has a sensual floral smell due to nectarine and lotus flowers. At the end of day simply wash it off, without rubbing the skin. Continue Reading

Sexy fragrances

Choose your favorite perfume! You want to feel sexy and admirerd everywhere you go? More than easy – look for a fragrance that leaves a sweet mysterious smell on your skin and goes well with your style.

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Relaxing fragrances

Lavender: a substance present in this flower can make, once applied on the skin, to lower blood pressure in capillary vessels (choose an oil).

Baby powder: when you sens its smell, in your subconscious you can release memories from your childhood.

Fresh breeze: Do you like going to the beach in the evening? The breeze and aerosols can relax you. Even some woody essences have the same effect when you are climbing a mountain.

Summer dresses

This summer, all the designers have one piece in common, the dress. Doesn’t matter how long or short it is, which fabric it’s used, this season the dress is the queen. I give you five suggestion from which you can choose, depends on the occasion or your personal style.

The corset dress in strong colors like red, orange or cherry is perfect for party. You will feel admired, confident and full of life.

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