Givenchy Spring 2017 Signature Eye Palette

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I just spotted Givenchy Signature Eye Palette yesterday online at Neiman Marcus. I’m browsing their website pretty often and I haven’t seen it before but I just wanted to share it with you guys because I felt a click when I looked at this palette. The entire palette offers mostly brown and nude shades so I admit it can be a pass for someone who’s into more colorful eyeshadows.


A gorgeous palette featuring 6 easy-to wear shadows inspired by the delicate nuances of iced chocolate. These universally-flattering shadows come in a mix of matte and shimmery finishes to create any look from the most neutral to the most intense smoky eye. Reflective pearlescent particles in different sizes create a deep 3D effect to intensify the colors with brilliant shine. Encased in a beautiful pink gold metallic textured top.


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Givenchy Spring 2017 Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick

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Time has finally come for the new Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick collection to be revealed completely. If back in October I was teasing you with a first look at Givenchy Spring 2017 Rouge Interdit Collection, now you can pre-order it online at Saks. There are 24 shades to choose from so make sure to take a closer look right after the jump.


Guaranteed to make a mark and turn heads. With long-lasting wear, absolute comfort and a vibrant, satin color, this is the perfect lipstick for any occasion. Its creamy, silky texture arises from a combination of cutting-edge ingredients with unprecedented performances. Only Givenchy uses the precious oil of the dark and enigmatic black rose in its lip beauty products. This oil helps keep lips soft and moisturized, while other feather-light oils create a sheer layer so unbelievably weightless you’ll forget it’s there, providing endless comfort and unparalleled texture. The AbsoluteColor complex contains micronized pigments and highly reflective, perfectly even crystals that accentuate the depth and glow of the shade. Designed for the beauty devotee, this lipstick is available in twenty-four shades to suit any fashion look. The black lacquered tube with graphic styling and a sensuous ribbon adds a final Couture touch. Are you ready to break the rules with Rouge Interdit.


U.S. Launch Date – 7 January 2017 Pre-Order at Saks Fifth Avenue | 12 January 2016 at Givenchy counters Continue Reading

Givenchy Le Rouge Deluxe Edition Lipstick & My Make Up Accessories Le Rouge Set

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I couldn’t help noticing earlier today these deluxe newness from Givenchy. While I was browsing on Saks Fifth Avenue I stumble upon Givenchy Le Rouge Deluxe Edition Lipstick and My Make Up Accessories Le Rouge Set and since they are limited edition and collector’s items I though I gave them a shout out!



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Givenchy Spring 2017 Prisme Blush

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For spring 2017, Givenchy is launches Le Prisme Blush in a new formulation of two shades, a totally new change and interpretation of the classical Prisme Blush with the four colors. They kept the black, sleek compact packaging and the mini size blush brush and if you look closer you can actually see that there are still four squares inside the compact but now they are only two blush shades.



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Givenchy Spring 2017 Point D’Encrage Collection

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A sneak peek of Givenchy Spring Summer 2017 Point D’Encrage Collection just got us craving for more info so I’m back with the promo photos and details of this collection. Honestly I’m more looking forward to seeing the new Givenchy Rouge Interdit Spring 2017 Collection. how about you?



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Givenchy Spring 2017 Point D’Encrage Collection & New Rouge Interdit

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Looks like in other countries bloggers were blessed with a full view of Givenchy Spring Summer 2017 Point D’Encrage Collection as well as the New Rouge Interdit Collection which will be launching after a few weeks after that. The new Givenchy spring summer 2017 makeup collection is based on transparency, lightness so the colors are very easy on the eye and delicate. Later on in the spring Givenchy will introduce a entire new range of Rouge Interdit lipstick in 25 shades so there will be plenty to choose from.



International Launch Date – mid January 2017 for Point D’Encrage Collection | end March 2017 for NEW Rouge Interdit Continue Reading

Givenchy Audace de l’Or Holiday 2016 Collection

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Givenchy Audace de l’Or Holiday 2016 Collection is rather small, actually only three products, but OMG are they luxurious! Givenchy Christmas 2016 makeup collection was created by Nicolas Dezhen in collaboration with Hiroto Rakusho, Japanese jeweler, so this explains the golden packaging which makes the entire collection look so glamorous. There hasn’t been any excitement with Givenchy collections for me this year, but from this edition I’m totally digging one product and I bet you figured that out since I posted swatches of Givenchy Ors Audacieux Palette on Instagram yesterday.


We had our first look at this collection back in early summer when I also told you there will be another Givenchy Holiday 2016 Palette (launching separately later on) which includes four eye shadows, Teint Couture Long-Wearing Compact Foundation SPF10 powder and two shades of Le Prismissime Lip & Cheek.


UK Launch Date – October 2016 at Harrods

International Launch Date – October 2016

Japan Launch Date – 4 November 2016

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Givenchy L’Intemporel Skincare 2016

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Givenchy presents its new luxurious L’Intemporel Skincare 2016 Collection, a secret to ageless skin.


L’Intemporel is a luxurious range destined to make your skin glow with youth. Formulated with a timeless blend complex, which harnesses the power of age-defying molecules, each product promises to preserve the youthful beauty of your skin. The Givenchy L’Intemporel range is an indulgence that everyone can enjoy. Its lavish textures and rose gold packaging a talisman of timeless beauty.


France Launch Date – Now at Sephora and

UK Launch Date – Now

International Launch Date – September 2016 at Sephora

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