Collistar Special Perfect Hair Tameable Shaping Line for Curly and Wavy Hair

Soft, shiny and perfectly defined locks in moments

Weak, fragile and broken, fine, lacking body or frizzy and rebellious – the hair manifests a wide range of problems, each requiring highly targeted solutions. As with the most advanced skincare ranges, the new frontier in trichological cosmetics demands that products be based on the specific needs of the hair in order to get straight to the heart of the problem and solve it.

With the new Tameable Shaping Line Collistar demonstrates its high-tech approach to this trend, proposing three highly effective specialties created specifically for those with curly or wavy hair: Elasticizing Shaping Shampoo, Regenerating Shaping Mask and High Definition Shaping Serum. The formulas are based on a combination of the super-technological Trico-Flex complex, which makes the curls extraordinarily elastic, manageable and well-defined, and a unique blend of active principles on which all the Collistar hair specialties are based and which represent the 5 Collistar
Guarantees for the health and beauty of the hair.

  1. Reinforcing effectiveness
  2. Global scalp and hair treatment
  3. Global protection
  4. Extra shine
  5. Multisensory pleasure and comfort

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Healthy Hair Shampoo and its best ingredients

You are facing dandruff or hair loss problems and your skin is very sensitive? Your hair is dry and breakable? You must choose a product that contains all the ideal components for your scalp and hair.

Women who try to fight different hair or scalp problems desire a perfect healthy hair  and usually they are using hair products from series productions that contains “suspect” ingredients that are fast absorbed into the skin and can create side effects.

Recent studies shown that by using usual cosmetic products, in your bodies can enter different complexes that can start skin irritation and can also determine premature epidermis aging.

The best ingredients

Anti-dandruff shampoos with double action (dedicated caring products) have different formulas designed for different hair types from normal to oily hair or dry with severe loss problems. These shampoos have in their composition irreplaceable substances and active principles like: Continue Reading

Beauty's honeymoon

Now is the time to transform yourself into a summer queen! Is not that hard! Take a look of some of the miracles that charmed me!

Sweet Kiss

Honey hydrates lips and makes them even more “kissable”. Exfoliate them with honey and sugar then wear a gloss that will pop them up. How about L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 100 Years collection (12 $) ?

Boots-No-7-Intelligent-Balance Cafe au Lait

You drink your coffee on the first hours of morning on your favorite coffee bar terrace and you are wondering why everybody is admiring you? They are all curious how is it that your complexion shines like honey. Your secret: Intelligent Balance foundation Boots No 7 (13$). It’s hypo-allergenic and sunscreen SPF 12.

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Did you know that skin care products can also be used for hair?

I know it sounds a little strange, but is true: some skin care key products can do wonders in reparation of  hair problems. Maybe you’ll think I have gone crazy but I’ve tested them  on me first.

Hydrating cream

I used my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer ( 125ml for 24$)  for split ends and dry hair. Being a hydrating cream can also nourish your hair as good as it takes care of your face.


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"Hot" look for hot summer days

nivea-visage-expert-lift I’m just crazy about summer, but when my skin and hair becomes dry because of sun or reacts to atmosphere humidity I’m willing to revise my feelings.  Of course if we learn to counterattack the effects of heat and humidity, we can look incredible.

Here is my strategy!

If you live in hot climate (but in the areas with high altitude) dry air will dehydrate your skin, making it sometimes feel itchy, and the aspect is one of “elephant skin”. The superior layer of skin can be so dry that will exfoliate, exposing the skin even more to the rays of sun. What is even worst is on dehydrated skin those fine lines that you already have can be accentuated, and chronicle dehydration can rush the skin ageing process.

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How to get a beautiful shiny hair (tips for a sexy hair within minutes) with Root Lift Spray Mousee Tecni L’Oreal, Wella Lifetex extra rich, Londa Londastyle Flexible Hairspray

wella_hair_ends_elixir I usually don’t have so much time to stay everyday and arrange my hair or use the the straightener because i don’t want to damage my hair. My natural hair is blond, very thin and without volume. Two times a week  i give special attention to it by styling it after taking a bath.  I usually use the hairdryer and a brush to give so volume to the roots, but before this I apply a layer of  spray mousse to the roots. I use the Root Lift Spray Mousse volume lift Tecni from L’Oreal Paris.  I used it only after bath over the clean hair and try to arrange it with my fingers.  Hair will have a natural hold, volume and flexibility. This spray mousse is has a force type 3 which will leave the lengths and ends free and light. I can say that I’m really satisfied by this product. For the first time I’ve seen and used it in a professional beauty salon when i went to cut my hair. It was recommend by the hairstylist and i was very pleased with the result, cause usually sprays or mousses used to leave my hair heavy and in a few hours the ends will  ravel. Continue Reading

3 Solutions for blonde hair

tomatojuice I’m a natural blonde and i want to share with you some of  the solutions I’ve found and tried so many times when the following situations appeared. I usually like to try natural products or home made masks for hair with natural ingredients very easy to find by anyone.  Of course from time to time i use some treatment for hair growth and regenerating of split ends because natural blonde hair is very sensitive and thin. Can also exist some ladies out there that can brake this rules, but most of us must give a special attention to our hair.

Green shades

It can be the copper or chlorine from the swimming pool or other factors , it’s less important if the bad is already done. Use a tomato juice: soak your hair in the juice, wait about 15 minutes and after clean it. Continue Reading

Hot Hair

Great hair doesn’t need to take forever – just add a glam accessory or try one of these speedy hair-saving ideas…Look at Rihanna how she styles up her short crop with a diamante dazzler.

Heavenly hair in a hurry

Try these speedy solutions for tresses to impress.

  1. In the morning after washing your hair, apply a volumising mousse like Lee Stafford double blow mousse, to lengths.
  2. Rough dry, then randomly pile all of your hair up into a messy bun and secure with a gorgeous accessory.
  3. Undo it at the end of the day for big hair. Instead of wearing it down – which could look messy – pull the top half back and secure with a sparkly clip to create an up’do full of bounce.

Speedy tip

Dry shampoo is your secret weapon! Batiste Dry shampoo in blush, has a fab floral scent.