Braids with bows

A hairdo with…charm is a lot easier to obtain than you thought! How many times did you panic because you had to be ready in 10 minutes, and your hair was not yet ready for the special evening where you were invited? You answered like every other busy girl ” every time” ? Well…then it’s time to join the club! Precisely because these things do not happen to us only, designers and Hollywood stars have made a passion for the childish bow. I seriously suspect that they got inspired by Minnie Mouse, but I don’t expect them to admit it!

Scarlett Johansson black ribbon with bow

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How to get a beautiful shiny hair (tips for a sexy hair within minutes) with Root Lift Spray Mousee Tecni L’Oreal, Wella Lifetex extra rich, Londa Londastyle Flexible Hairspray

wella_hair_ends_elixir I usually don’t have so much time to stay everyday and arrange my hair or use the the straightener because i don’t want to damage my hair. My natural hair is blond, very thin and without volume. Two times a week  i give special attention to it by styling it after taking a bath.  I usually use the hairdryer and a brush to give so volume to the roots, but before this I apply a layer of  spray mousse to the roots. I use the Root Lift Spray Mousse volume lift Tecni from L’Oreal Paris.  I used it only after bath over the clean hair and try to arrange it with my fingers.  Hair will have a natural hold, volume and flexibility. This spray mousse is has a force type 3 which will leave the lengths and ends free and light. I can say that I’m really satisfied by this product. For the first time I’ve seen and used it in a professional beauty salon when i went to cut my hair. It was recommend by the hairstylist and i was very pleased with the result, cause usually sprays or mousses used to leave my hair heavy and in a few hours the ends will  ravel. Continue Reading

Beauty book – beauty mask

Be fresh!

When your skin is very dry, would be better to do a lot more for it; try Moisturizing and regenerating mask for dry and dull looking skin from Decubal. Contains allantoin and hyaluronic acid that moisturizes and activates skin renewal. Leaves the skin soft, firm and fresh looking. It’s also fragrance free.

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Fuchsia in everyway

Summer has already came and every collection presented so far at Hollywood included this vivid colour, fuchsia. You can tell is one of the famous colors this year, that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. This colour will help you see life in pink and would help you keep up with the latest fashion. Some of the biggest fans of fuchsia are celebrities Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth, Lucy Liu and Natalie Portman, who worn the colour even before it became famous. It’s a very strong color, which will make you happy, optimistic, full of energy and will help you attract many looks. Continue Reading