Recently Bought Beauty Products – Intragen, Balea & Aura – Preview

Hello lovelies!

Today I went shopping and I want to share with you my newest beauty products. I’m happy to have bought another Intragen Anti Hair Loss Treatment Concentrate (review & photos) since I just finished my previous set of 12 vials about 2 weeks ago and I didn’t want to stop the treatment. I’ve discovered Intragen back in 2009 when I didn’t know what other anti hair loss products I should try to help my hair from falling. I’m honestly crediting Intragen as the most efficient anti hair loss treatment I’ve ever used. Since I first purchased this treatment 3 years ago I’ve been using it once a year, usually from autumn until spring ( the 42 vials set will last you a few months) and it has done wonders even to my thin natural blonde hair.

The Intragen treatment  can also be paired with Intragen Anti Hair Loss Shampoo (1250 ml for 117.00 Lei) which comes in a huge bottle of 1250 ml and I’ve used it 2-3 times a week for about 11 months. It’s a professional shampoo and it really helps thicken your hair and fights hair loss problems with success.


Now at Revlon Beauty Salons and online Intragen Treatment comes in 3 different sizes – small = 12 vials for 158.00 Lei – medium = 30 vials – large = 42 vials for 458.00 Lei

Apart from Intragen treatment I’ve bought a few things from my favorite drugstore, Dm. Balea is my favorite drugstore brand from Dm and I’ve been using their conditioner and shower gels for years. Continue Reading

Hair Care Products I’m Curently Using – Quick Review

Hello sweeties!

If last month I posted a quick review of Face Care Products I’m currently using I though I would show you my hair care products. Perhaps you will say there are way to much products but some of them I just finished using last week/ month and I want to mention them because they are great products, others I use from time to time because I’ve changed my hair care routine and some of them I’m using a few times a week.

What you should now about my hair

I need to mention this because even though some of these products did wonders for my hair, they might not work for you. I’m a natural blonde and although it might seem strange for some of you, I’m still wearing my natural color and I never (really, never ever) dyed my hair. I admit sometimes I wanted to try different colors but I gave up knowing that I will have to dye my hair all the time (I really hate when I see roots of different color on other girls) and also because all the stylist I went to recommended me to keep my natural color. Being a natural blonde my hair is very very thin and no hairstyle will resist more than few hours. Even when I go to a hair salon for a coiffure after a few hours (no matter how much hair spray or other fixing products I have on my hair) the result is still the same. My hair will return to its natural state…straight, soft, puffy and just a little bit (only on the left side) wavy. 🙂

For years I’ve been using the flat iron, sometimes even 2 – 3 times a week and last year in November I reached a point where I had to stop destroying my hair. I had very serious hair loss problems, my hair was getting thinner and thinner to a point where it was almost transparent at the ends,  and using some of these products regularly was the reason why I wasn’t bald already. 🙂 But even the best products can’t keep up with the flat iron being used so often. Since November 2011 until now I’ve used it only 2 times and my hair is again healthy, has a vivid color, is thicker and most important it doesn’t fall anymore. 🙂

As you can see I like to use a variety of products from high-end brands to drugstore products. If you are interested in any of these products please write me in the comments  bellow and I can make a full review about the product of your choice. Continue Reading

Review: Freeman Papaya and Lime Shine Conditioner

Since I know that many of you girls complimented me on my shiny and healthy hair I’ve decided to share with you one of my hair products that seems to help me a lot these days.

Maybe if you’ve heard about the Freeman products but if you didn’t let me tell you that they are covering hair care, bath & body, face, hand and foot care products. I can say that I’ve been using only some of their products from the hair care line and it seems to me that my hair gets along quite well with their Papaya and Lime Shine Conditioner.


I’ve been using in the past their volume shampoo with papaya and awapuhi and another conditioners but I’m going to stick for a while with the  Shine conditioner. Continue Reading

Review – Anti-hair loss treatment concentrate by Intragen Cosmetic Trichology

I wanted to make this review a long time ago, but I just finished this treatment in February and I waited until now when I bought a new box so I can have my own detailed photos.

When I review something I like to make my own photos with the product. I bought this hair treatment again about a week ago, from the Cosmetic Beauty Hair exhibition that I’ve been expecting it for a long time.


First time when I tried this treatment was last year, I guess around this time of year. I was desperate because I’ve tried many products and treatments anti- hair loss and nothing worked permanently.

My first try was the hair treatment from Vichy and all it was good until the vials finished. After 1-2 weeks passed from the treatment the problems returned. It seems like they had an anti-hair loss effect only during the treatment, so I needed to try something else.

Everytime I went to beauty salon I’ve asked my hair stylist what anti-hair loss treatment she can recommend me. So, my next try was L’Oreal Aminexil vials. I can’t say that they didn’t helped, but I only tried 10 vials because they were very expensive and I could find them only in beauty salons so I gave up. My hair strength was improved indeed and I’ve noticed that it really had an anti-hair loss effect but as  I said I couldn’t keep up with the price. 🙂


So there I was, with enough money spent on hair treatments and no long term effect. I also gave a shot to a more natural home method, that I’ve heard to be working on some girls. It was a hair mask that I’ve made myself in home combining some special gas (  double-refined gas specially used for hair that my mother had a hard time finding it), olive oil mask, Castor oil and one yolk.  This one was a really good solution but I have to admit that I was to lazy to stick with the treatment. I had to keep this mask on my hair for about 45 minutes before washing my hair. I tried it a couple of times and it really worked but when I finished the special gas and my mother could not find me another one, I had to give up the treatment. Continue Reading