Isadora Glitzy Makeup Collection for Holiday 2010

Hi everyone!

Isadora will launch its new holiday 2010 collection Glitzy at the mid of November 2010 exclusively at Douglas perfumeries.

The new Holiday make-up of Isadora is breathtakingly beautiful. The inspiration was a baroque frame à la Femme Fatale. The new collection exudes beauty, splendor, decadence, Glamour and Shine.

As the name of the collection suggests the products come in shimmery colors with glittery and sparkling textures, just what you need for the holiday season.

The collection is all about purple, violet and silver colors. Check out more information and photos right after the jump. Continue Reading

Isadora Rock Chic Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

The new collection Rock Chic by Isadora for fall 2010  is already available.

Inspiration: A powerful “Superwoman” ready for action. Rock Chic, biker style.

Colors: Muddy colors, nude, brown, grey, accentuating color: crimson. Both matte and frosted/ pearly effects.

With the products from this collection you can obtain two makeup looks:

  • Look 1: Smokey eyes & nude lips
  • Look 2: Nude eyes, heavy eyeliner & accentuated lips

Follow me after the jump for more information and close up photos. Continue Reading

Take Isadora Travel Kit with you in your vacation – New 2010 Products

Even if you are preparing for you summer vacation, a business trip or you are just a frequent traveler like me wondering what make-up to carry in your hand bag this post is for you.

I’ve been traveling a lot in the past few years and before I packed my suitcase I always wonder what make-up colors might be best for traveling and what products should I take with me.

This year Isadora brings its specialized kits just for your traveling, in 3 different versions of make-up products so now the only problem will be to decide which colors you wanna take with you. 🙂 Continue Reading

Isadora Pool Party Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Summer is already here and summer 2010 makeup collections are pooping from everywhere making the first page on every beauty blog.

Isadora brings out Pool Party, their new collection for this hot season. We will intense luminous pink and hot coral shades mixed with vibrant greens and turquoise or stone washed denim blues.

Pool Party collection is already available in beauty shops.

I don’t know about your girls but when I look at this promo photo I feel like packing right away and go in vacation somewhere at the sea where I can get a great tan while enjoying a cold fruit cocktail. 🙂 I don’t have a good relationship with blue marine shades but when I look at the model’s makeup I wanna give a chance to those eye shadows.
We will also get to see a small nail polish collection so follow me after the jump for more photos and information. Continue Reading

Chicprofile Makeup Haul – 2010 Makeup and Beauty Products from 22 Beauty Brands

Hello again my dears,

As I said in my “Chic returns from Vacation + Photos” post, while I was away traveling and relaxing I also had time to do some makeup shopping.

I decided to make a separate post and show you the products that I’ve bought (I’m sorry, I know the photo doesn’t show very well all the products). It was quite a shopping spree for me and I truly say this is the first time in my life when I go and buy so much makeup. I never had so many makeup products before ( I didn’t had Chicprofile also) since I’m not addictive to makeup and I like to keep all my products in a small makeup case ( I will probably make a photo later).

I usually don’t like to buy too much makeup because I don’t get to use all the products before they expire, but know since I have the blog things have changed because I also receive a lot of products for reviewing. Continue Reading

Isadora Bronze Bliss Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Nothing is more attractive than tanned skin with a glossy sheen. So if you want to look your best this summer Isadora just got the products you are looking for.

Bronze Bliss the new makeup collection for summer 2010 will be available in the shops from June 2010.

You will get the easiest and healthiest way to a sun-kissed complexion with the bronzing products from Isadora Bronze Bliss collection. Lets see what this collection has to offer and check out more photos right after the jump. Continue Reading

Isadora Nostalgia – New Makeup Collection for Spring 2010

Not long ago I wrote a post about Isadora Wonder Nail a beautiful nail polish collection for spring that contained 3 vibrant colors. The Wonder Nail collection is part of the Nostalgia Makeup Collection for Spring 2010 by Isadora.

Nostalgia collection was inspired by the glamorous style of  the ’50s and ’60s, by the hair styling and makeup of the  most famous divas in that period: Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe.

The entire collection is available exclusively at Douglas and contains:

Nostalgia Eyeshadow Palette – Eur 23.50

The palette contains 5 creamy eyeshadows in natural, pink and complementary gray/ black colors along with a duo applicator with a sponge and brush. Available in Creamy Nude No. 59. Continue Reading

Isadora Nostalgia – New Wonder Nail colors for Spring 2010

Isadora presents its version of the Spring 2010 colors by launching the Wonder Nail lacquers that contains a wide brush. They are extra long-lasting and the new formula is quick-drying.

Thanks to this wide brush the nail polish is applied on your nails very simple, it evens out the surface and it stays shiny for several days. The Wonder Nails lacquers have an hypo-allergenic formula and can be found starting from January, exclusively at Douglas shop.

Each bottle is available for sale at 8.50 Eur.

The three new nail polishes colors are:

Vintage Mint


Pink Cadillac


Continue Reading