Jill Stuart Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros Collection for Winter 2010

Hi everyone!

I have one of those cute collections to show you today! I really enjoy posting about brand that make such elegant packaging and cute design of products. It’s really beautiful to see even their promo photos although I know these products are not available here.

Jill Stuart Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros Collection will be launched on 1 November 2010 and all the items will be available in a limited edition.

Jill Stuart is one of those brands that always tempts us with their add campaigns and products’ packaging. Check out this new collection right after the jump. Continue Reading

Jill Stuart Pouch with Crystal Clip for Holiday 2010 – Limited Edition

Jill Stuart launched on 20 August 2010 a new super chic and sexy Pouch for the Holiday 2010 season. The new pouch is available in a limited edition so I don’t know if there can still be found in the shops.

I’m not owning any clutch or pouch but I’m falling in love with the chic vintage design of this pouch covered in lace and with a bold sparkling crystal clip. Continue Reading

Jill Stuart New Collection of Lip Products for Fall 2010


Only yesterday I posted another of Jill Stuart‘s elegant and delicate collection and today I’m gonna show you a few products that will be launched starting 1 October 2010 in Japan.

This new mini collection will include a hand cream, lip scrub and a lip repair product.

For me it’s useless to discuss the packaging of these products since pink color is usually used in creating the packaging and design of Jill Stuart’s products.

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Jill Stuart New Base Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

Jill Stuart has launched New Base Makeup Collection for the fall 2010 season. The products are already available in the shops (Japan) from 3 September 2010.

I love the promo photos of all the collections by Jill Stuart and it’s useless to say that I’m crazy about the product’s packaging, design and attention to details. I never tried any of the products, since this brand is not available here but I’m positive with will be my number one choice when I enter the beauty shop, only judging by the presentation.

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Jill Stuart Blush Blossom Makeup Collection for Fall/ Winter 2010 – New Information & Photos

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to post new information and a couple of new photos of Jill Stuart Blush Blossom collection for fall 2010. In my preview post about this collection that was written last month, I showed you some beautiful photos with the products’ packaging and details and even some of the presentation photos that were looking just gorgeous and made me think of a fresh spring collection with pink and orange colors, rather than a fall makeup collection.

I still think this is one of the prettiest collection of the fall 2010 if we are to talk about packaging and attention to details. Jill Stuart newest collection is all about that romantic pink look and the star of the collection seems to be the Duo Blush.

I can help saying that the model’s makeup is among my favorite makeup looks because she looks very sweet and fresh.Although I’m not that attracted to blushes even though they are pink, I like that touch of pink on her cheeks, but I think it would be just too pink for my pale cheeks. 🙂

Official Launch Date: 1 August 2010 Japan

If are ready to check out this pretty collection with diamonds used as decorations on the packaging then follow me after the jump. Continue Reading

Jill Stuart Makeup Collection for Fall – Winter 2010

Can you stand one more news about makeup 2010 fall collections? I promise I’ll make it interesting.

Jill Stuart will release a New Duo Blush which will be featured in their Autumn 2010 makeup collection later on.

We will be seeing lips and cheeks, in cute natural shades while a smoky eye makeup in cool tones will be seducing everyone.

The new collection will contain new items, some of the in a Limited Edition, but we are talking lip glosses, blushes, eye shadows  and many others.

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Dream about Happiness with Jill Stuart Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Dream of happiness forever with new Sweet Bride Collection by Jill Stuart. This new collection is filled with elegant and beautiful items and I can say is the most romantic collection of the summer.

This collection contains only a few product, all in Limited Edition. Let’s take a look at products details and more photos right after the jump. Continue Reading

Jewel Crystal Eyes with Jill Stuart Collection for Spring 2010

One day in the spring, the Angels Fall in love with a rock. Jill Stuart collection for Spring 2010 was inspired by rock on roll creating a new image for the upcoming season using sweet & sexy unique combination of bold rock style “Angel Rocker”.


The collection contains:

Deep Enchantment Eye Color Treasure Box


Sweetheart Love plate cheek color


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