Jill Stuart Lady Mauve Fall 2016 Collection

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Jill Stuart comes out next month with its second fall 2016 beauty collection, named Lady Mauve. Just a beauty to look at it indeed, I can seem to take my eyes off of the new mauve tones. Don’t forget also to check out this week release of Jill Stuart Dual my Face Fall 2016 Collection (info, photos).


Every passing day pushes the cityscape deeper into the colors of fall. During this season, in keeping with the mood of the city, don a mauve veil of autumn colors, a little more mature, a little more sexy than normal, smoky and rich hues combined with an essentially Jill Stuart innocent pink nuance. These chic yet warm and gorgeous makeup items will lead you to another elegant expression, so gentle and so refined. Wreathed in mauve colors that reflect the fall, complete your seasonal fashion.



International Launch Date – 2 September 2016

Japan Launch Date – September 2016

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Jill Stuart New Products for August 2016

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Apart from the main Jill Stuart 2016 Fall Collection coming out in August, the brand is launching new products dedicated to your eyebrows. Actually this mini makeup collection launching on the same month as the main one is featuring all the products you need to achieve perfectly groomed brows. There will also be three lip essence colors, in pink and peachy shades so do check them out right after the jump.



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Jill Stuart Fall 2016 Collection

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Here’s a first look at Jill Stuart Fall 2016 Makeup Collection launching at the end of summer. There will be two new bronzer palettes included in this collection, so I’d call this a new entry, something new and fresh that Jill hasn’t done before. Like always two new eyeshadow paletess will be included as well as other limited edition makeup products. As I said, this is just a sneak peek of the upcoming Jill Stuart fall 2016 makeup items and I will reveal more details in the upcoming weeks.



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Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Eternal Dazzle Fragrance

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Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Eternal Dazzle is a new fragrance for women in floral and fruity accords which is launching next month. I just love the bottle decorated by a bouquet of three crystal yellow flowers and Swarovski crystal in their center, as it gives me such a romantic and sweet feeling. This is Jill Stuart’s third fragrance which is joining Crystal Bloom scented line after the original Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom EDP which was launched in the fall of 2014 and Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Snow EDP which was a holiday 2015 release.


At the end of every day the sunset turns the world to gold. A magical light, shining for just a limited time, and making even the future sparkle. Illuminated by sparkling light, like countless crystals,
flowers bloom as though bursting open, the brilliance growing with the passage of time and the flowers releasing a deep and sweet, sympathetic aroma. The light goes through a bold and brilliant finish before blending into peaceful night, enveloping everything in a fragile and beautiful fragrance.

A fragrance that combines that golden light and sparkle of flowers resonating in your heart to create a deep euphoria. Experience an endlessly romantic, gorgeous, blessed feeling. The most sparkling and beautiful fragrance in the world, overflowing with confidence and hope just like the past and the future. This is the beginning of Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Eternal Dazzle Eau de Parfum.


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Jill Stuart Relax Body Care 2016 Collection

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Jill Stuart new summer 2016 Relax Body Care Collection is launching next week in a limited edition. Apart from the two new products that I wanna talk to you about, I also want to reveal the new Jill Stuart Translucent Honey Powder.


Mornings, as you awaken from slumber,  and those moments spent in contemplation of yourself. Bring sweet reverberations to everything;  all that you touch, all that you wear,  the very air that fills the space around you.

Because you wish to be smooth and cute, even beneath the summer sun.  UV care with a gentle fragrance, providing rich moisture along with beauty essence from flowers and fruit. White and pink flowers, along with the lily’s that JILL so loves.  A white floral fragrance that blends them all meltingly together. While bringing a comfortable fragrance to delicate skin, hair and lips, gently, so gently, protects you from dryness and UV rays.


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Jill Stuart Relax Collection Summer 2016

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Jill Stuart presents its annual body care line for summer that will be released next month in a limited edition. Take a closer look at the new Jill Stuart Relax 2016 Collection which features five body care products. The entire collection is presented in such a pretty packaging while all the products have the same scented Floral Marine formula.




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Jill Stuart Romantic Marine Summer 2016 Collection

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This year’s Jill Stuart Romantic Marine 2016 Summer Collection looks so joyful, vibrant and full of colors. You have a variety of colors to choose from, either if you like blue shades for summer or you just a pink addict like me and want to go for the fresh, careless summer look. Jill Stuart Romantic Marine Collection draws its inspiration from the sunny Greek Santorini Island which is wrapped in a pleasant breeze and proposes an elegant vibe marine style look.



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Jill Stuart Relax Sun Care Item 2016

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A gel type sun block with a bursting feeling of refreshment across your skin. Protects your skin from UV rays, atmospheric pollution, and other environmental stresses.


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