Jill Stuart Fall 2015 Makeup Collection

Hello beauties!

Today I give you the first at Jill Stuart Fall 2015 Makeup Collection which will be released in Asia next month and should not be confused with Jill Stuart Archive Fall 2015 Collection which offers new limited edition products. My favorite product and the one that got my interest is the new Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress Lipstick with a scented floral bouquet and a creamy texture that melts on the lips and provides hydration. Take a look after the break and discover the entire makeup line.



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Jill Stuart Archive Collection Fall 2015

Hello beauties!

Would you care to join me for a sneak peek of Jill Stuart Archive Collection for fall 2015? Recently the brand hosted a presentation in Tokyo to reveal their upcoming so called 10th Anniversary Collection which will debut at the end of summer. As always the decor, presentation and set-up was amazing, so girly girl and feminine simple a joy to watch the photos. Jill Stuart brought in a multitude of their beauty products that were released over the past decade so everyone could admire, enjoy and remember all those beautiful and limited edition Christmas coffrets along with so many famous and best selling products.



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Jill Stuart Body Care Summer 2015 Collection

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Jill Stuart’s Body Care 2015 Summer Collection is wrapped around a fresh scent of grapefruit and bergamot and will be released in limited quantities at the beginning of June. Presented in a special packaging of a soft gold color with yellow ribbons the five new Jill Stuart body care products vary from body mist and shower gel to hand essence and UV cut spray. All these products will help you keep you skin hydrated and moisturized all summer long and will also give you that fresh scent of fruits and flowers mixed together.


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Jill Stuart Summer 2015 Products

Hello beauties!


Jill Stuart will release at the end of spring 2015 two new products: Fruits & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control M and Pore Solid Essence. The will be both available in a limited edition and I’m pretty sure these will fly off the counters very fast so check out the details below and decide if you will be purchasing them for summer.


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Jill Stuart Relax Aqua Chiffon Protector N 2015 Spring

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It surely seems like a new product will be joining Jill Stuart Relax Collection starting 2015 spring. I’m talking about the new Aqua Chiffon Protector N that I told about briefly HERE and now I want to give you more details. Now it comes available in a limited edition packaging decorated with a bouquet themed flower pattern.

The new smooth and dry powder formulation keeps your skin smooth at all times and not sticky in the slightest. A gel sensation, packed with moisture. Sun screen that protects your skin while wreathing it in a lovely fragrance.


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Jill Stuart CC Cream for Spring 2015

Hello beauties!


Jill Stuart launches next month a new CC Cream in a gorgeous limited edition design that uses a textile pattern with a cherry blossom theme.

Faint pink cherry blossom, vivid against the blue of the sky. The moment anyone sees these glorious blooms, they know that spring is here again. The graceful petals that dance on the gentle breeze awaken a pure feeling inside you with each gentle touch.

To bring a girl’s skin a cute, light aspect, as sweet cherry blossom… It was from this ideal that CC cream was born, depicting pure and fresh skin. With the feeling of comfort of a skin care product and a natural finish that looks like naked skin. Bringing you translucent, bright, pure skin, the color of dainty, faintly pink cherry blossom.

Like proudly blooming cherry blossom, even after spring has passed. Accompanied by the sparkling fresh air of springtime, enjoy fresh cherry skin, the perfect partner to a lovely smile.


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Jill Stuart Powder Foundation 2015 Spring

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We talked about the launching of a new Jill Stuart Powder Foundation for spring 2015 back in January but as we are getting closer to the launch date more information arrives along with those super cute and feminine promo photos. This new formula offers a poreless, beautiful skin that lasts.

Sometimes smiling, sometimes crying, always overflowing with emotion…An actress, who enthralls all who see her with her skillfully changing expressions. Whether she is out in the brilliant sunlight, embroiled in a sweaty action scene, our caught in a torrential downpour, the beauty of her skin remains unchanged. Always striking such a translucent, such a dignified impression.

What if there was a way to get for yourself the flawless, beautiful, captivating skin of an actress? Presenting a powder foundation created specifically to realize this dream of all girls everywhere. A smooth layer covers all pores and other areas of concern, bringing you flawless skin. The very act of applying makeup itself will create an eternally beautiful memory, unforgettable ever after seeing it just once. Taking on a shining aura from the moment you apply it to your skin, and bringing you to the captivating skin of starring actress, with beauty that lasts forever.


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Jill Stuart Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Hello lovelies!


When I look at Jill Stuart Summer 2015 Makeup Collection I certainly feel that the hot season is just around the corner. The image of fresh fruits such as strawberries and cherries which are definitely the inspiration for this collection, makes all the new makeup products appear in juicy vivid colors.


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