Having Fun with a Pink Makeup

Hello pretties!

I promised that I will step up my game….and start to post more of my makeup looks and tutorials, so here I’m today with a Fun & Pink Makeup Look. I told you that lately I’m finding myself in a phase where I prefer to wear more of a simple eye makeup, something nude or very washed out while I keep my lips painted in edgy, bold and dark shades of plum and purples. So even though I’m going through a edgy violet lip shades phase, I still haven’t lost my passion for pinks.


This is the kind of pink makeup look that I like to wear usually during the weekends, or when I feel like looking very fresh and girly. Check it out and let me know what do you think! Continue Reading

Coraly Summer Makeup Look

Hello pretties!

The other day inspired by the sunny weather that we’ve been having here I came up with this Coraly Makeup Look in bright warm orange and coral shades. This look is very easy to achieve, summer appropriate something that you can wear during the day, at a summer party or a barbeque, the kind of makeup that instantly gives you a fresh and warm appearance.


Take a look after the jump to check out more photos and the list with the makeup products used to create this look. Continue Reading

Soft Blue Lights Makeup Look

Hello beauties!

This summer aquatic shades are in trend when it comes to eye makeup and bright coral and orange shades are what you should wear on your lips. I’ll admit right from the start that blue eyeshadows are not among my favorites and when it comes to lip glosses and lipsticks I prefer pink and more natural shades but this weekend I’ve been to a concert and I wanted to try something different. I’m not brave enough to wear a bold red lip but my brother really insisted on me wearing this color so I gave it a try. I was in a hurry so this time I forgot to apply blush. I hope you’ll like my Soft Blue Lights Makeup Look and if you want to see what products I’ve used take a look after the jump.

Clubbing-Red-Lips-Makeup Continue Reading

Orange Lip Glosses for Summer 2014

Hello beauties!

As summer approaches I want to give you some suggestions of orange lip glosses that you can use. Fiery and intense orange colors with an opaque or sheer coverage are highly wearable during the hot season when we tend to wear more bold lip colors. I admit I’m not a real fan of wearing orange lip glosses but I do own quite a few and today I picked my top 3 favorite for you.


Take a look after the jump for more details and swatches. Continue Reading

Jordana Hot Lips Lip Gloss – Review, Swatches & Photos

Hello lovelies!

I love wearing lip glosses! But I guess you already knew that if you are a regular reader of this blog. Today I want to present you Jordana Lip Gloss in #58 Hot Lips shade that I’ve been wearing on my lips for the past few days. I’ve been purchasing Jordana products and especially their lip glosses for more 7 years now, even before the brand become available in my country. Their products are cheaper, come in a great variety of colors and I like to compare them with Essence, especially because I think they are on the same level of quality.



Now @jordana.com, @cosmeticaverde.ro

Jordana #58 Hot Lips Lip Gloss ($1.49 / 10.00 Lei for 7 g/ .25 oz) is officially described as a hot pink with fuchsia and gold shimmer. It’s a medium coral red with yellow undertones and lot of gold and pink shimmer. The color is intense, but not over the edge something that you will fit any skin color. It applies smoothly over the lips and it’s fully opaque, making your lips look fuller but without plumping them. Continue Reading

Jordana 112 Vip LOL Super Shiny Gloss – Review, Swatches & Photos

Hello sweeties!

I bought Jordana Vip LOL Super Shine Gloss a few months ago at a beauty fair along with other Jordana products and only now I could find the time to write a review about it and tell you my impression. I’ve used Jordana products for years now, even before the brand became available in my country and I really love their glosses and some of their natural eyeshadow colors.



Now @jordanacosmetics.com, @cosmeticaverde.ro

Jordana Lip Out Loud Super Shiny Gloss in 112 Vip ($2.00/ 10 Lei for 2.43 g/ 0.085 oz) is officially described as a lightly tinted hot violet with blue and silver glitter and it really looks just like it in the tube and swatched on my arm. Once I applied it on my lips it changed into a very sheer (almost transparent) violet shade and the blue and silver shimmer were more intense than the color itself. Continue Reading

Kinetics & Jordana Summer 2013 Light Pink & Peachy Nail Polishes – Round-Up Review

Hello beauties!

I thought I should do a review round-up with some of my favorite summer 2013 light pink and peachy nail polishes from Kinetics and Jordana. I know summer is usually the season when everyone is wearing neon colors on their nails but there may be quite a few that appreciate a baby pink or a light peachy shade in between strong colors. Each of Kinetics nail polishes contain 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz of product and retail for  €6.00/ 25.00 Lei/ £3.60 while a Jordana nail polish costs 13.00 Lei/ $1.99.



Kinetics nail polishes – now @kineticsnails.com, @kiriloff.ro, @margaritabelska.com

Jordana nail polishes – now @cosmeticaverde.ro

The five shades I’ve chosen for this article are Jordana Pink Star, Kinetics Pink Silence, Kinetics Pink Twice, Kinetics Ever Cream and Kinetics Peach Pop nail polishes. The last two shades are part of Kinetics Summer 2013 Crazy Daizy Collection (info & swatches) while Pink Silence is part of Kinetics Winter 2013 Let’s Pink Collection (info & swatches) and Pink Twice was included in Kinetics Spring 2012 Flower Explosion Collection (info & swatches). All these are permanent colors so if you like any of them you can still find them available for purchase. Continue Reading

Jordana Pink Star Nail Polish – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hello lovelies!

Jordana Nail Polish in #963 Pink Star is one of my favorite pink shades which I received a long time ago together with a few Jordana makeup products (swatches & photos) from Cosmetica Verde. If you haven’t tried Jordana products before you must know they have a great variety of makeup and nail products with a large spectrum of colors and they prices are really affordable.

Jordana Pink Star nail polish ($1.99 / 12.00 Lei – 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz) is a soft pink with multi-shaped silver glitter and flakes. It has a thin formula but not watery and due to its glitter particles which can reflect blue or turquoise shades the combination is quite interesting. The application went well without pooling or streaking but I had to dip the brush a couple of times to get enough product. The applicator brush is too thin and long in my opinion and could be a little more time consuming to try to apply this polish especially if you have long nails. The pink and silver glitter combination is great but I find the silver flakes a little bit too big so they kind of ruin the combination. The color looks quite sheer in one coat and medium opaque in two coats but if you want a glossy finish I recommend using a top coat. The reason why I used top coat on five of my nails was to seal down those flakes and compare the results after a few days with the other nails where I haven’t applied a protective coat. Continue Reading