Hair Care Products I’m Curently Using – Quick Review

Hello sweeties!

If last month I posted a quick review of Face Care Products I’m currently using I though I would show you my hair care products. Perhaps you will say there are way to much products but some of them I just finished using last week/ month and I want to mention them because they are great products, others I use from time to time because I’ve changed my hair care routine and some of them I’m using a few times a week.

What you should now about my hair

I need to mention this because even though some of these products did wonders for my hair, they might not work for you. I’m a natural blonde and although it might seem strange for some of you, I’m still wearing my natural color and I never (really, never ever) dyed my hair. I admit sometimes I wanted to try different colors but I gave up knowing that I will have to dye my hair all the time (I really hate when I see roots of different color on other girls) and also because all the stylist I went to recommended me to keep my natural color. Being a natural blonde my hair is very very thin and no hairstyle will resist more than few hours. Even when I go to a hair salon for a coiffure after a few hours (no matter how much hair spray or other fixing products I have on my hair) the result is still the same. My hair will return to its natural state…straight, soft, puffy and just a little bit (only on the left side) wavy. 🙂

For years I’ve been using the flat iron, sometimes even 2 – 3 times a week and last year in November I reached a point where I had to stop destroying my hair. I had very serious hair loss problems, my hair was getting thinner and thinner to a point where it was almost transparent at the ends,  and using some of these products regularly was the reason why I wasn’t bald already. 🙂 But even the best products can’t keep up with the flat iron being used so often. Since November 2011 until now I’ve used it only 2 times and my hair is again healthy, has a vivid color, is thicker and most important it doesn’t fall anymore. 🙂

As you can see I like to use a variety of products from high-end brands to drugstore products. If you are interested in any of these products please write me in the comments  bellow and I can make a full review about the product of your choice. Continue Reading

Kerastase – beautiful hair in 3 steps

Nicollette Sheridan

How can I have a beautiful healthy hair like celebrities have?  I keep hearing this question again and again in my mind but I can’t seem to find the answer. I’m sure that we all want to look our best everyday without the help of a beauty stylist. Recently I’ve read an article where Laurent Tourette, adviser stylist at Kerastase, reveals us some of her secrets.

First of all , she  recommends us  a nutritional program from Kérastase in three steps: Step 1 – Bain Satin 3, Step 2 – Masquintense, Step 3 – Nectar thermique, followed by Noctogenist for night.
Kerastare-Bain Satin-Shampoo
Nutritive Bain Satin 3 Shampoo brings th optimal dose of nutrition starting from the root. “In order that activators penetrate the skin, massage the scalp and the hair length, “says Laurent.
After shampoo, she recommends for very dry and sensitized hair, the  nourishing treatment with high concentration of carbohydrates, lipids and protides, Masquintense, which provides optimal nourishment to the top. “Provides intense nourishment to dry and sensitized hair, shine and suppleness. Disciplines and smooths the thick hair within 5 minutes.” Continue Reading

With your hair in the sun

You want a gorgeous hair? Then it’s time to invest in products that will offer you hair everything it needs during the summer – hydrating every single hair, protection against UV razes and intense color.

When sun goes down

After a whole day spent in the sun, your hair needs an intervention team. Nourish it generously and responsible with special products after-sun which will give your hairs a careful caring!

  1. Hair mask After sun intensive restructuring Collistar
  2. Repairing Shampoo Sun System from Foltene
  3. Serum after-sun from Kerastase
  4. Oil nutritive Gliss from Schwarzkopf Continue Reading

Hair maintenance

When you hair is thin, i recommend washing then let it dry without the fohn, before you get into bed. Using the fohn to dry your hair, may be the cause for thin hair. Electrified hair makes you nervous? After shower apply a leave-in conditioner, like Smooth&Silky from Pantene Pro-V.

Give yourself a mini capillary massage! Anyway you couldn’t make a super massage like a professional. But even so, a capillary massage improves sanguine circulation on your roots. This micro-circulation sanguine helps the hair to get his nourish ingredients overnight.

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