Kryolan Fall 2013 Makeup Collection – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

Kryolan presents its new Fall 2013 Makeup Collection which is quite small because it features only two types of products. There will be three new shades of High Gloss and a new foundation.



International Launch Date – September 2013

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Kryolan Summer 2013 Nail Color Collection – Info & Photos

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This month 9 new classic shades were included in Kryolan Summer 2013 Nail Color Collection.

Extend your creative vision to the fingertips with our ?professional-quality varnishes. A range of vibrant and vivid shades complete every make-up creation. Kryolan Nail Colors are extremely hardwearing and chip-resistant. For a perfect finish apply Kryolan Nail Base Coat and for a matting look apply Kryolan Nail Top Coat on top of Nail Color.




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Kryolan Spring – Summer 2013 Makeup Collection – Sneak Peek

Hello beauties!

Kryolan Cosmetics has recently did a photo-shooting for the new Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Collection.  Judging from the photos I say we have a collection with bold and vibrant shades waiting for us next year. There will be an eyeshadow palette featuring 8 shades of yellow, blue, green, red, orange bronze and white and also new blushes and probably some nude glossy eyeshadows.

The makeup for this photo session was realized by Lan Nguyen. I’m hopping to return with more sneak peek photos about this collection really soon. 🙂

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Kryolan Blue Aura Trend Look for Fall/ Winter 2012 – 2013 by Kevin James Bennett

Hello beauties!

I’m going to present you a second makeup look for fall/ winter 2012 – 2013 created for Kryolan by Kevin James Bennett  called Blue Aura. If I were to choose between Kyrolan Blue Aura Makeup Look and Kryolan Femme Phenomenon Makeup Look for Fall/ Winter 2012 – 2013 (info, photos & products used) created by Yuko Takahashi I would go with the blue water shades.

“Blue Aura” is the name of the gorgeous fall-winter look by award winning American make-up artist Kevin James Bennett for Kryolan. In this upcoming season, ombre and “tonal” make-up are the statement makers and Bennett demonstrates this trend by creating a modified smoky eye of unexpected elegance using blue as the new black. The focal point is a modern, intensively color saturated eye make-up, framed with a flawlessly perfected complexion.

Kevin, winner of 2 Emmy Awards, is famous for his technique of creating radiantly beautiful complexions that frame his make-up art. “Make-up becomes fascinating and quite memorable when there is one featured element”, is his credo. “And smooth, perfected skin is the ideal backdrop.”

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Kryolan Femme Phenomenon Trend Look for Fall/ Winter 2012 – 2013 by Yuko Takahashi

Hello sweeties!

I’ve already opened the presentation of face charts and makeup looks for the upcoming seasons with my previous post about Shiseido Holiday 2012 Makeup Looks (face charts, info) so if you want to know what makeup looks will make you keep up with the new trend then keep on reading this article and don’t  miss out on my next post.

Kryolan Femme Phenomenon Trend Look for Fall/ Winter 2012 – 2013 was created by make-up artist Yuko Takahashi using her “Six Blocks” technique which involves dividing the entire area around the eyes into six natural highlight zones.

With this trend look for the coming fall and winter season, the New York make-up artist Yuko Takahashi pays homage to the power of feminine creativity and declares woman to be a natural phenomenon. “Femme Phenomenon” is the name of the expressive look that stands guaranteed to draw all eyes. What is in fact a classical beauty style is ennobled by carefully designed accents to the status of a fashion statement. This make-up marvelously suits spirited, modern women who always love to try something new – not only in life, but in fashion as well.

Takahashi combines no fewer than three beauty trends to create her fascinating look: Smokey Eyes in saturated jewel and metallic colors, dark-red glossy lips, and high contrast French nails in chevron style.

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Kryolan Tangible Goddess Collection for Spring 2012 – Information & Photos

Hi everyone!

Kryolan Professional Make-up has launched their new spring 2012 Collection Tangible Goddess. The new collection contains only a few products but they are all permanent and already available online.


Asia – January 2012

International – February 2012 (

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Kryolan Makeup Collection for Holiday 2010

Hi everyone!

Kryolan Cosmetics will launch its Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection on 15 November 2010 in Japan. The collection will include beautiful eyeshadow palette, some of them repromoted from older collections and new false eyelashes with bold design and colorful shades.

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Kryolan @Cosmetic Beauty Hair 2010 Edition

One of the most pleasant surprises at Cosmetic Beauty Hair 2010 Edition was to see Kryolan Cosmetics finally available here. I haven’t posted so often about Kryolan products but for those of you who are new with this brand you should now that is a professional make-up brand and was the official sponsor of Miss Universe 2010 event.

Kryolan came to Romania only 1 month ago so they didn’t have so many products as I would expect but I recognized some eye shadow palettes from their fall 2010 makeup collection which I’ve posted back in July.

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