Smoky eyes in seconds

Nothing is more glam than dark shadow, so don’t be scared of trying it in a hurry. Blending is the key – and hides any mistakes!

  1. Thickly line your upper and lower lash line with a creamy black kohl pencil – Wet’N’Wild night lights kohl, has a rubber tip, use this to soften the upper lash line, taking the kohl color up on to lids slightly.
  2. Using your index finger, blend a dark grey powder shadow, like Collection 2000 single shadow in Moonstone, over lids, taking the color up to just under your brow bone.
  3. Layer a black shadow like Me Me Me Shock Shadow in graphite, over your lid and along your lower lash line. Use a small shadow brush to blend this color lightly up into your brow bone, also blend ing it lightly out at the corners to create a cat’s eye effect.
  4. Line the upper and lower inner rims of your eyes with a black kohl pencil. This will block out any fleshy color between the whites of your eyes and the shadow for a more intense effect. Finish with Bourjois volume clubbing mascara in black. Try different colors for subtler smoky looks.

If you’re in a rush it’s easy to lose control of your mascara wand. Allow the mascara to dry (if you try to wipe it off straightaway you’ll just smudge it) then dip a piece of tissue in moisturiser and carefully dab over the mark to remove it.

If you like this makeup, you should also check out Cailin’s step-by-step guide on how to apply a smoky eye makeup. I find it quite helpful.

How to accessories thick hair

You have very thick, coarse hair who does not hold any curls, ever? I guess you are always wearing it straight and you are wondering what can you do to update your look.

You are right, curls are really hard to get right on this type of hair, but backcombing can totally transform your hair. For an instant trend update, add an over sized bow. These were all over the catwalks and can be just the thing to add some ‘wow’ to your look. Continue Reading

Delicious lips with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Guarantee lips with attitude by trying the creamy new Revlon super lustrous lipstick in black cherry. Here, a step-by-step guide on how to get seriously seductive lips…

  1. Dab a light layer of liquid foundation or concealer onto your lips before applying lipstick. It makes the lips consistent in color to begin with, and acts as a great primer. Allow a few minutes for it to dry and then the fun can begin…
  2. Use a long -wearing lipliner, such as Revlon Colorstay Lipliner, and outline your lips to enhance your pout. Make sure you start from the centre of your upper lip and follow your natural lip line slowly to the outer edges.
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Purple Pop eye make-up

Go to town with purple and yellow to create ’70s pop art on your eyes. Apply a sunny yellow powder shadow to the inner eye, right up to the brow and inward to above the pupil.

Next, rub a silver highlighting cream just under the brow, from the edge of the yellow shade and out. Dust the area underneath the highlighter with a lilac shimmer powder and trace the lower lash line with the same shade.

Intensify the color in the socket line by layering a darker purple shadow on top. Finish with lashings of purple mascara and pinky-nude lip gloss.

Essential colors:

  • Cosmetics a la carte eye define in saffron
  • Bobbi Brown metallic eye shadow in lavender
  • Clarins single eye color in 01 vibrant violet
  • Bourjois eau de gloss in beige rafraichissante

Special make up for special girls

Set your party spirit free with a rainbow of candy colors and lashings of shimmer.

Space dust make-up

Blue and silver make-up for heavenly eyes. Trace the lower lash line and inner eye rim with a sky-blue eye pencil. Along the top lashes, apply purple liquid liner, flicking it at the outer corners.

Dab a liquid silver glitter on top, with a little in the inner eye corner. Apply navy blue mascara on top lashes and green on the bottom. Finish with pink lips and cheeks.

Essential colors:

  • Gosh extreme art eye liner in 17
  • Urban decay 24/7 glide – on eye pencil in electric
  • Dior Style liner in silver light
  • Barry M colored mascara in emerald green

Party special – How to choose the perfect dress for Christmas

Christmas is a special time for everyone of us, and we all want to look our best, especially if we spend Christmas evening with family, friends or going to a fancy party.

But how do we choose the perfect dress for such a special evening? For thoseĀ  who have a perfect body this should not be a problem, but not all women are the same. So I’m thinking how to work those curves this Christmas.

Those of us who have big boobs should avoid anything with a high neck as your chin will look like an extension of your boobs – and trust me that is not a great look.

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Remedy for dry hair in only 3 steps

If your hair ends begin to cause you trouble, help them to regenerate in only 3 steps.

Step 1 – with brush. Once in a few days, spray over your hair brush a hydrating serum for brilliance – I recommend you Keune Care Line Ultimate shine repair, 25 ml – so your brush will glide trough your hair. Clean the brush weekly with soap. Ultimate Shine Repair is a polishing serum which contains vitamin E and antioxidant to protect the hair, leaving it beautifully shiny and soft. It also smoothes and helps to repair split ends, providing lasting condition and shine. The concentrated formula allows 120 treatments from one flask.

Stept 2 – shampoo with antioxidants. Protects the hair and it will defend it against heat, without affecting his volume. If you have coloured hair, try Nivea Brilliant Colour, but be careful to choose the right one for your hair colour. For optimal results, use it with the conditioner Nivea Intense repair. Will make your hair feel soft and supple without weighing down and enhances lively colour reflexes.

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How you choose a perfume – gift?

Definitely, you can’t buy it random. Of course it won’t be easy to guess someone’s taste, and the risk of not fitting him it’s very big. If u can’t find any clue from the one you want to surprise him, you will have to look for other signs.

What kind of music she/he listen? Classical music goes with floral perfumes – even oriental – or fruity. If listen to rock, indy or pop, your friend could prefer fruity aromas, and for a rythm& blues lover you can try an oriental perfume. Of course if you know for sure that is a fan of a certain star, and this one “signs” a perfume then you are saved!

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