Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss – Diamon, Star and Metal Collections for Summer 2010

Hi everyone,

Here is a hot news from Make Up For Ever for all lip products fans out there.

Make Up For Ever launches LAB SHINE collection, an exclusive lip gloss collection containing 35 colors for vibrant lips. Lab Shine Collection will be dived in 3 lip gloss collections: Diamond, Star and Metal.

Everyone can find their favorite color and texture because these three collections were designed to satisfy even the most pretentious taste and also offers three types of coverage: sheer, medium and full.

The textures vary from shimmery, pearly or metallic so just take  a look at these photos and see if there is anything you like.

The new tubes will be the biggest ones we’ve seen so far at MUFE and they include a high concentration of different pearlscent pigments in order to create three kinds of unique shine: crystal diamond for the Diamond collection, natural pearls for the Star Collection and strong metal shine for the Metal Collection. The new lip gloss formula will also contain spherical particles composed of particles with mirror formula that will  help capture light and reflected it trough like a mirror with an amplification effect.

We will also see other ingredients added to the new formula: hyaluronic acid and linseed oil component, which can provide excellent lip moisture and soft lips. The texture is not oily, not sticky and long lasting.

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New Lancome Juicy Tubes Limited Edition Collection – Spring 2010 design

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I came upon some cute pictures with Lancome Juicy Tubes and I’ve decided to dedicated them this post.

As you probably know the Juicy Tubes lip glosses are one of Lancome’s most popular products. Many girls have used this amazing lip glosses and I’ve heard only good things about it. It’s no wonder since Lancome says that every 3 seconds another Juicy Tube is sold. This is one of world’s best-selling records. 🙂

I guess you’ve already noticed the new spring design but which you probably don’t know is that the texture has been changed. The new texture contains honey and Shea butter which will give a better hydration to your lips creating a natural, shiny lips with a 100% charming smile.

This new combination of natural ingredients will not only make your lips shiny but will also so give a sense of softness, continuous hydration and moisturizing feeling that will last up to 4 hours. Continue Reading

Learn how to have fuller looking lips from Max Factor makeup artist Caroline Barnes

Hello beauties,

As you already know I’ve just posted an article about the newest lip gloss from Max Factor that is going to be launched in April.

The new Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss will be available in 10 shades but you can read all about it here.

Max Factor’s celebrity make up artist Caroline Barnes says, “Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any make-up look and is one of my essentials tools when working with celebs backstage. The applicator and high shine gloss works in harmony to embrace your natural lip curves with high shine-appeal, leaving them looking fuller and more defined. I love that all the colours in the range are totally wearable and that the gloss formula is non sticky.

Caroline’s tips to create curvier, fuller looking lips: Continue Reading

My Pink & Coral Makeup for Spring 2010

If I look in the calendar Spring is only 3 weeks away but if I look on the window I see the middle of winter. Snow everywhere, ice and cold temperatures. This week only for a day was sunny outside and I just imagine it could be a spring day so I came up with this Pink and Coral Makeup Look.

I’m attracted to pink eyeshadows, pink glosses and almost everything that is pink and can me used in makeup. This is Spring like I see it. What is your makeup spring look for 2010?

I’ve used pink lipgloss on my lips and a pink creme color on my nails but if you are interested in the whole makeup and close-up photos keep reading. Continue Reading

Review – Illamasqua Explode Sheer Lipgloss – from Dystopia Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection

Hi girls!

How  is your weekend so far? What are your plans for Saturday night? Before getting ready for a party night I thought to share with you my impressions on the Illamasqua Explode the newest Sheer Lipgloss from the Dystopia, the Autumn/ Winter Collection of 2009.


As you already know by now, I’m crazy for any lipgloss in pink shade, shimmery, sheer, with water reflections or anything that can make my lips look fuller and sparkling.

The package

First of all, the lipgloss comes in a tube simple but chic in the same time. After you remove the black cap you can notice the pump which serves also as an applicator.  You just need to gently push the tube to make the lipgloss come along the pump.


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Beauty Show – Fall 2009 – Hot Lips (part 2)


Contrasts are the law when it comes to color lips this season: you can opt for electric colors, but even  for some very dark ones. Common denominator is boldly. As for me, I think I will stick to those electric colors, cause being so white skin dark colors won’t do anything else, then make me look very pale or even Emo style.


Tip: If you want purple or electric pink lips, the eyes makeup should be reduced to minimum – neutral eyeshadow and mascara -, otherwise you will get more a funny look then a trendy one. For evening, when you want a retro-glam look, you can accentuate your eyes and lips, with the condition that you’ll stick in the same color range. Continue Reading

Beauty show – Fall 2009 – Doll face (part 1)


I know that you are curious to find out with what colors and makeup styles you will be in the spotlight in the cold season, so I will give you all the details about the newest makeup trends. I will split this article in 3 parts and dedicate this first part to makeup for your complexion. In the next two parts I will uncover you the latest trends of hot lips and sexy eyes.


LesTissages-Chanel Complexion like porcelain and cheeks like only dolls have are among the celebrities looks of this season!

Tip: To see exactly where you should apply your blush, look in the mirror after you made a little effort to see where your cheeks turned naturally pink. You won’t fail, if after you shook up in your hand the brush loaded with powder or blush, you start applying from the lower part of your cheek b bones to the temples. Continue Reading

Butterfly makeup by Bourjois

Since Bourjois has launched the Butterfly effect this year, I wanted to try out this makeup. Blue is not among my favorites eyeshadow colors but this look reinvents blue into a new ultra modern version. Being a green eyes girl I tend not to use blue or green eyeshadows.


Found in intense shades of purple, blue is at the same time  representative  of elegance and rock ‘n’ roll. In combination with shade of rose petals, takes over the electrical reflexes as vibrant as butterfly wings.

Eyes: a dark purple makeup resembling an electric blue due to the eye pencil and outlined by a black Kohl  with blue reflexes.

Eyelashes: covered with a black rock ‘n’ roll mascara.

A fresh an healthy complexion.

A fresh sensation of the lips,translucent shades of colors, bright light and soft.

Electrical nails, but elegant.

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