Perfect Lips -anytime, anywhere

You can spend a few hours looking for the perfect shades… or you can choose from the ones I propose you.

Bright skin

Day: Sephora Lip Attitude Innocent Beige

Evening: Lancaster Classic Pink

Anytime: Dior Addict Ultra Shine Sheer Lipcolor in Shiniest Softness

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Makeup ready in a second

Wake up and shine! A tanned face is much easier to arrange in the morning. Use a self-tanning about twice a week or chose a product that you can applied it daily. My recommendation is Instant Bronzer from Ga-De.

Shorten your facial routine. Start by applying a base to fix your makeup and to avoid refreshing it later. I recommend you Boots No 7 Mattifying Make-up Base. Then, apply a fond-du-teint adjusted to your face; you can try Astor Air Mousse. Apply a correcteur to cover up the little “problems”. A close friend can be Clinique Airbrush Concealer. In order that your makeup keeps fresh all the time, i recommend you Clarins Fix Make-up.

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Sexy eyes!

If you haven’t found out yet, I’ll tell you: the look it’s the most sexy thing of your face. Your magnetic eyes are the guilty ones for, the way your are perceived by the number of guys who are looking at you. It’s not a joke, even the specialists says the same thing. You want to seduce him from one look? Here i present you three very hot makeup styles – chose the one perfect with your state of mind.

Daring: Eye shadows in jade’s colors give intensity to your look, no matter the color of the eyes. This look it’s very cool and gives you a lot more attitude. You’ll be sending the next message: “I’m not afraid of taking chances”. First of all apply a beige – olive eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, then outline the eyes with a green eyeliner, after lengthen the eye line with a cotton stick, to give an “smoky eyes” look. Don’t forget about mascara – when you are attracted to someone you blink more often! The eyelashes in black colors accentuate the message. To equilibrate this look, choose for lips a natural red and do not exaggerate with the blush.

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Hottest tendencies of the season

Pastel tones, daring lip stick, tanned skin or sparkling eyelashes – what’s your choice?

Trend no 1: Chocolate skin. Would you like a sexy complexion like Jennifer Lopez? Tanned skin will always make a sensation in the warm season, and not only. Tanned, you look younger, so my advice is do no let glowing make- up miss from your purse. Modern make-ups from YSL presentations and Stella Mc Cartney sustain the same thing: tanned complexion is en vogue! Continue Reading

Personalize your lip gloss

Both lip gloss and lip shine are one of the most commune beauty products. Beside the fact they came into small tubes which can be easily taken anywhere you go, they have also an amazing effect only applied once. This kind of products are especially used to give volume to the lips and pump them out. Continue Reading

3 Advices for a perfect smile

A smile can break the ice anywhere you go!

If you have dry lips, the effect won’t be the one that you wish for! Don’t panic!

If you want your smile to be perfect, just follow three simple advices and you won’t regret it! Continue Reading