Long-lasting lip colors I’ve tried

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Color
The box says: This handy lip compact contains a creamy lipstick that lasts up to 16 hours and a vitamin E-enriched balm to give lips a shine boost.
My opinion: The packaging meant I didn’t have to rummage in my handbag for lost rids! The color looked great, but faded a bit.

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Going for gold

If you want the sun on your face and your toes in the sand, you have to fly to a far-flung beach. But for a sun-kissed holiday glow, you need go no further than your nearest makeup counter.

Beyond the pale
You can turn a pasty complexion into a weekend-by-the-seaside face in two simple steps. A little tinted moisturiser(try Darphin Make-up Sublime Hydrating Tinted Cream) will lift your complexion. Follow with a bronzer dusted on the cheekbones, across the forehead and eyes, down the bridge of the nose and chin, and on the collarbones, with a big fluffy brush. Avoid shimmer and orange undertones – go for a matt gel, applied with a foundation brush, or a powder in a milky coffee shade, and you can’t go wrong. If you’re naturally very pale, a golden-beige powder is dark enough. Some mascara and nude gloss are the only finishing touches you need for a face that looks as healthy as this.
key products:Dior bronze lumieres D’or Ready-To-Wear Golden Summer Makeup in Pearly Sunlights
Nars lip gloss in Supervixen
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Brush.

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Beauty book – Golden eye

Golden yellow can be worn on any moment of the day! Use a pink or purple crayon, then apply the eyeshadow. Ideal would be to create a shadow effect starting with a darker color which looses its intensity fading while she advances towards the eyebrow. Use a lipstick or a lip-gloss in natural colors!

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How to cheat a “tanned look”

What do you need for a fiery make-up

Colored eyelashes!

The eyes make-up can be resume only to make-up the eyelashes with a blue mascara which by the contrast, marks out your skin color. Apply it only on the superiors eyelashes.

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Seduction on your lips

It’s time to prepare a delicious cocktail…only for your lips. Discover the most delicious lipsticks and savor them all summer.

The summer coming opens your appetite for sweet fruits and refreshments. For this season, lips are garnish with vibrant colors, borrowed from juicy fruits. Specialists are saying that shadows that remind of ripe fruits can stimulate the senses. Just looking at them you get a crazy hunger! I have three options for you; you can wear them during the day and also in the nigh. The color intensity depends of how many layers will you apply; play and have fun with hues.

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American Beauty-Carmen Electra

Sexy! Is the first thing anyone would say about Carmen Electra. Her apparitions are always expected with interest…especially by men!

You want to know how she can be so sexy everytime and everywhere? I’ve done a little research about her, what is she wearing when she has to go to a party, fancy dinner or a special event. You will be amazed about her simplicity on casual clothes. I’ve also found out some tips about her make-up.

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Summer make-up

What kind of make-up is in fashion this summer? One in the same casual style like the clothes you’ll be wearing this season.

The first thing you have to know is that the summer make-up is incomparable with the winter make-up. In the hot season is trendy, light, translucent and casual make-up.

Outside degrees risk to melt even the most icy make-ups, so don’t you even think about loading your face with make-up products, especially in the summer.

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Million $ lips

Attractive lips are not the ones who got from mother-nature the shape, color and perfect size. Some tricks about how to nourish them and how to mark them out better guarantees you lips that will make even Angelina Jolie jealous.

Find out what colors suit you!

Don’t cast yourself to any color just because is in trend. On you may not look so great. Don’t test the lipstick color only on the back of your palm. On the lips surely it will look different. Try to consider you skin color, shape’s lips or combination of colors from your wardrobe to make the perfect choice.

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