Isadora Matt Metallic Liquid Lipstick Fall 2017

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Every respectable brand seems to be embracing the matte finish lip trend when it comes to the lips. Therefore Isadora presents its newest Matt Metallic Liquid Lipstick collection for Fall 2017. Matte and metallic at the same time? This is something that my lips need to check out!

The metallic trend is here to stay! Say hello to our Matt Metallic Liquid Lipstick. A liquid lipstick with a matt metallic chrome effect that combines the lightness of a gloss and the rich color of a lipstick. The luxurious formula comes in 6 trendy metallic shades, from glamorous Rose Gold to edgy Metal Reign.


Germany Launch Date – Now at

International Launch Date – August 2017 at Feelunique Continue Reading

Huda Beauty Bikini Babe, Jetsetter Liquid Matte Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Photos

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I’ve been so excited for Huda Beauty Summer 2017 Solstice Collection (swatches, photos) that I got on the waiting list as soon as I could. Huda Beauty Bikini Babe and Jetsetter Liquid Matte Lipsticks are the two shades that I got from this collection. There are 4 colors available but the others are too coraly for me. I’ve been dreaming of getting Huda Beauty products for such a long time and since I came to London I can stop buying her products.

I basically feel that most of the shades are screaming my name and want to come home with me. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the upcoming launch of Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette on 18 September. I’ll be on vacation then, but I arranged with a friend to pick it up for me (I already reserved the palette). I also bought Huda Beauty Solstice Highlighter Palette and posted swatches on Instagram so I’ll be reviewing it next.

Where to buy:

UK – Now at Selfrdiges, Harrods, CultBeauty

U.S. – Now | August 2017 at Sephora Continue Reading

Smashbox 2017 Be Legendary Liquid Lip

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Smashbox introduces this spring the liquid version of their famous Be Legendary Lipsticks which I come to use and love over the past few months. Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip is a new liquid lipstick with a formula that glides on the full coverage of a lipstick and the high shine of a gloss in a single coat. It’s available as Be Legendary Liquid Metal and Be Legendary Liquid Pigment. I do admit I’m quite curious to try these on because, even though the formula of the original Be Legendary Lipstick was so creamy and lightweight the color was sheer to medium and it didn’t last for more than two or three hours on my lips.

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick is a liquid lip formula in a mirror-like metallic or fiercely pigmented finish that glides on maxed-out color in a single coat. Smashbox’s pro artists maxed out the metallic and vinyl-like shine in each formula with punched-up pigments and four levels of pearls that capture and reflect light from every angle. The result? A magic trick of light that make lips look fuller in any light and every pic.


U.S. Launch Date – Now at Sephora, ULTA and Continue Reading

Marc Jacobs Yours to Try Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme Review, Swatches, Photos

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I wanted to try one of the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Creme shades since I first heard about the launch. I got only one shade, the lightest one, a few months back and since this collection is permanent I’m thinking of getting some rosy tones as well. I went for the shade “Yours to Try” which seemed from the promo images like a light, nude beige which will be perfect to create a nude lip for a casual day or to be paired with a dashing smoky eye. I was quite curious about the formula because even though it is a liquid lipstick it won’t dry down to a matte finish like most of them do, so I told myself that would be a new type of formula that I might actually wore more often. No offense to those who like matte finish lip colors, I myself found a favorite formula but I don’t go for a matte lip pretty often. 🙂

Where to buy:

U.S. – Now at Sephora,,

UK – Now at Harrods

Marc Jacobs Beauty Yours to Try Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme ($28.00 /£24.00 for 0.5 g / 0.12 oz) is the lightest of the six liquid lipstick shades from this collection and it’s officially described as a light buff. I see it as a medium peach with warm undertones and a cream finish. Continue Reading

Numeric Proof Amethyst Long Last Lipstick Review, Swatches, Photos

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Numeric Proof Amethyst Long Last Lipstick came into my life last fall and since then I had been wearing it on several occasions. This is one special liquid lipstick let me tell you, not only because is among the most long lasting liquid lipstick I have even come across in my life but also because it has this super special matte metallic finish.


Where to buy:

Romania – Now at

U.K. – Now

Numeric Proof Amethyst (RLG 09) Long Last Lipstick ( 8 ml / 0.24 fl oz) is a medium dark burgundy with a matte metallic finish. This is what I call a rich and truly pigmented shade. It has a great color payoff, being fully opaque in just one swipe. It made me instantly fall in love with its pigmentation and how well and easily adheres on the skin. Continue Reading

MAC Rich & Restless Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick Review, Swatches, Photos

Hello pretties!

There’s a new trend going on with these new MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick colors and I thought of showing you another shade of my collection. I got this last year and I’ve been wearing only two or three times, so here goes my review. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks are know to burst with color, being extremely pigmented and drying down to a total matte finish. For me the dryness feeling is what it bothers me in a matte lip color so keep on reading to see how I got along with MAC Rich & Restless color.


Where to buy:

U.S. – Now at

International – Now at MAC Locations

MAC Rich & Restless Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick ($21.00 / 107.00 Lei for 5 ml / 0.17 fl. oz.) is officially described as a “mid-tone pinky salmon.” It’s a light to medium, orange-coral with warm undertones and a matte finish. It shows a super rich color, excellent pigmentation and comes almost opaque on the lips. Continue Reading

Dior Treasure Diorific Matte Fluid Review, Swatches, Photos

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The holiday season might have ended but Dior Treasure Diorific Matte Fluid is still one of my top lip color choices. I was fascinated about Dior Diorific Matte Fluid launch as you know I blogged so much on this subject and even showed you lip swatches of all the shades long before the product hit counters. I was indeed super excited to try out the new formula and play with all the colors, minus the red Luxury shade which is not for me, but when I saw the retailed so expensive, I kind of stopped myself at only one shade. Now, almost two months later I feel like I want to buy one more shade and I was thinking of Marvel (002). Dior Diorific Matte Fluid Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour is a limited edition release part of Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Collection (info, photos) and like the description says, you can use it both for lips and cheeks.


Where to buy:

U.S. – Now at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

Romania – Now at Sephora, Douglas, Debenhams

UK – Now at Selfridges

Dior Treasure (003) Diorific Matte Fluid ($38.00 / £28.50 / 193.00 Lei for 10 ml / 0.33 fl oz) is a medium-dark rosewood with blue undertones and a soft matte finish. It has a good color payoff, but not a very rich and intense pigmentation that will look bright or totally opaque on the lips. Continue Reading

Giorgio Armani Garconne Lip Magnet Review, Swatches, Photos

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Another day, another shade of Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet. I can’t stress enough how in love I’m with the lip magnet formula and how much I like wearing this liquid lipstick, so here’s a new shade (507) Garconne. I’ll be brief in my review this time as I already talked about the formula, packaging and why this product is so amazing in my Eccentrico Lip Magnet review so let’s get started with this shade. Don’t forget to check out Giorgio Armani Mania Lip Magnet review as well. 🙂


Where to buy:

Romania – Now exclusively at Douglas Baneasa Shopping Center

U.S. – Now at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue

UK – Now at Selfridges

Although the range is a matte liquid lipstick, the formula is enriched with nutritional oils, keeping the lips soft and hydrated, unlike traditional matte lipsticks. Take your pick from the wide choice of colours for each occasion. Continue Reading