Lola Masquerade Collection for Summer 2010

Lola is a new brand for me, well I did post a few articles about Lola’s makeup collections but I didn’t get to try any of their products.

One thing I really like is their promo photos. 🙂

The new Masquerade collection includes only 3 products so we can say this is a pretty small collection but you can find all the products available online Continue Reading

Lola Dress to Impress Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Hi everyone,

Here is another beautiful 2010 makeup collection from Lola. Dress to Impress collection is already available for sale so check out these photos and the following information and maybe you’ll find something you like.

The promo photo looks gorgeous and although I just found out about this brand a little while ago I would love to hear more about their products from you. Anyone there who tried their stuff?

The model looks so elegant stylish but classy and sexy in the same time. I like her makeup and the fresh look that she is showing.

Dress to Impress collection contains only a few products, mostly for face but follow me after the jump for more information and some close up photos. Continue Reading

Sneak Peek: Lola Addicted to Love Collection for Summer 2010

Hi everyone,

I’m discovering a lot of beauty brands lately that I didn’t have a clue they even existed and I’m really curious about their products, if they are worth trying or even if they have some great stuff.

Today I found out about Lola makeup products thanks to Muse’s  article about Lola Masquerade Collection which has a gorgeous promo photo. So I decided to check out this brand and read about few of their products.

You know how easily I’m impressed by beautiful promo photos so I could not pass the chance to skip having a post about Lola Addicted to Love collection.

If you did use any of Lola products before please just let me know if you like them. The brand is not available in my country so I can only check it out on the internet for now.

After the jump check out more photos and details about products. Continue Reading