Speedy skin

Even when you’re up against the clock, getting a Li-Lo glow is easier than you think.

Get set, glow!

A super-size body bronzer and a brush will give your chest, arms, shoulders and back ( thanks to the help of a mate) a terrific tan in next to no time. I love Rimmel London shimmer shimmering maxi bronzer, and H&M bronzer brush.

Shine in no time

You’ll be surprised just how amazing a glimmer lotion can make your skin look, especially in photographs. Apply over your shoulders and collarbone, but remember to wash your hands – you don’t want shiny palms. Try The Body Shop cranberry shimmer lotion or Superdrug shimmering body lotion.

Shimmer shake

Dust shimmer powder over your chest and shoulders for a pretty, party sparkle. I like Barry M face and body shimmer powder. Also look out for scented shimmer powders for make-him-love-you, lush smelling skin. Continue Reading

Quick nails

Get your nails up to scratch with my speedy, super easy guide.

Polish up

For the fastest nail polish removal, thoroughly soak a cotton ball with remover and press it on the nail before wiping.  The color will dissolve in one go.

Looking buff

Ditch the polish and just file and buff. The most fashionable shape for nails is a squoval -square the ends of nails then round the corners. Use a nail buffer to shine your nails.

Top heavy

Choose a whitening top coat to give nails instant sheen. The blue in some whiteners will counteract any yellow in the nail color. Continue Reading

How to accessories thick hair

You have very thick, coarse hair who does not hold any curls, ever? I guess you are always wearing it straight and you are wondering what can you do to update your look.

You are right, curls are really hard to get right on this type of hair, but backcombing can totally transform your hair. For an instant trend update, add an over sized bow. These were all over the catwalks and can be just the thing to add some ‘wow’ to your look. Continue Reading

How to get a new look if you have short hair

If you have fairly short, baby-fine hair and you can never think of anything to do with it I found some ideas that maybe will help you get a new look without changing so much.

Dry shampoo

One easy way to transform short hair is to give it lots of extra height and add some pretty hair slides. But to give it a really funky edge, try adding some dry shampoo, which creates a tough, dusty texture and helps hold your style too.

Continue Reading

Tricks for long and flat hair

Perfect party hair can be pretty hard to pin down. Long? Short? Curly? Crimped?! The truth is , there is no ‘perfect’ hair that will suit every style – the tick is to work some makeover magic on what you’ve got.

Probably you have a really long long and flat hair and you fancy a change without a radical cut. I myself have long hair and i don’t want to cut it short just to make a new look. My hair grows very slowly and if i cut it short it will take me years to make it long again. So I’ve decided to cut a fringe.

A fringe is the perfect winter update and means you can keep your color and length. The trend right now is for a low, heavy fringe that grazes your eyelashes. It’s perfect for if you want to disguise a high forehead and showcase you amazing eyes. Continue Reading

My top 10 beauty products

  1. If last night’s revelries have left your skin sore and angary-looking, NO 7 calm skin redness – relief gel, 19 eur, is the answer.
  2. Give dank hair a new lease of life with Lulu organics hair powder in lavender&clary sage, 24 eur – it’ll mop up oil and the scent will lift your spirits.
  3. Eyes a puffed-up disaster zone? Ten minutes with Skyn Iceland hydro cool firming eye gels, 40 eur for six pairs, on them will sort you out.
  4. Carnation footcare anti-blister stick, 4.22eur, will help prevent swollen feet blistering inside suddenly – tight shoes.
  5. B Kamins bio -mapple diatomamus earth masque, 42 eur, purges skin of grime and contains antioxidants for some cell-repairing first-aid. Continue Reading

Tips for effortlessly beautiful skin

Did you knew that 83% of women don’t like to wear too much makeup every day? Well it’s true.

Whether we’re heading out for a date, catching the bus to work or just popping to the shops, us girls want to look effortlessly good. And 83% of women agree that, with all this rushing around, what they need is a skincare essential that would give them both fully moisturised skin and flawless natural looking coverage to help look and fell 100% gorgeous all day long.

Your skin does not need to feel clogged up or masked and you won’t look overdone. The only thing you will look is effortlessly beautiful. Continue Reading

Monochromatic make-up – Jennifer Lopez style

Jennifer Lopez, a perfect look at the movie premier “the Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

Hair color, of a dark brown has warm honey reflexes, very well outlined by the large curls. This is a very good choice for brunettes, because this color sweetens their strokes and creates a very special luminosity to the face. The effect is even bigger in case of Jennifer witch wears a light beige dress, by Cavalli.

Surprisingly, when other stars prefer dramatic make-up in retro and vintage style, Jennifer came back to natural, monochromatic. Star’s make-up artist opted for shadows of warm and velvety bronze for eyes, cheeks and lips. Natural lashes, curbed and helped by extension give the look a gala shining.

Seems like a look easy to obtain, but the refinement in choosing the shades and keeping the natural aspect are in fact, the stakes of this make-up. You can wear the hair style and make-up a la Jennifer at any party even when you go out at night. You don’t have to worry that you will pass as a discreet! You will be remarked for your refinement!