Medik8 Cream Cleanse, C-Tetra, Hydr8 B5 – Preview & Photos

Hello lovelies!

Today I receive a package from Medik8 with three products that I will be testing for the next few days. Medik8 is a brand a recently discovered thanks tot Sinziana Iaru makeup artist when I paid her a visit last week and I saw some of the products laying around on her makeup table. She was testing Medik8 Cream Cleanse and she suggest I should try it also since she had amazing results with it.

Medik8 products can be used by everyone, since they are kinder to the skin they are suitable for most sensitive skin type but also for those who are fighting acne, rosacea, psoriasis, wrinkles, puffiness  or just want to improve their skin hydration. There is a Medik8 product for every skin type out there and suitable for every complexion needs.


For a list of all the products check out,

Where to buy: Medik8 products are available in Sensiblu pharmacies or online or

Follow me after the jump for a short preview of Medik8 products I will be using for the next few days. Continue Reading

How to get Lancome Bronze Riviera Makeup Look – Step by step tutorial

Hello beauties,

Last week I posted full details and photos about Lancome Bronze Riviera Summer 2010 Collection and since then everybody seems to be talking about those products.

I love the model’s makeup, so natural, fresh, bronzy but like she’s not wearing to much makeup. If this is one of the looks that you wanna wear this summer keep reading because I will show you every step that you’ll have to take to achieve the same makeup.

Right after the jump you’ll see photos and swatches of the products needed to complete this look. ūüôā Continue Reading

ARTDECO Magic Eyes – New Makeup for Spring 2010

The new collection ARTDECO Magic Eyes was created so you can have a magical makeup and seductive eyes.

The new collection will be available from February 2010 and contains the following products:

Eyeshadow Base – Eur 6.80

The fascination of eye make-up starts with the application of the ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base. It’s a creamy primer that will make the eyeshadow to last longer. Contains Vitamin E which protects delicate skin.

Perfect Complexion Illuminator – Eur 12.80

The Perfect Complexion Illuminator contains light-reflecting pigments that will illuminated the shady parts of your skin. The highlighter can be your best friend that will give the skin radiance.

Sensitive Fine Liner – Eur 9.50

The Sensitive Fine Liner contains carbon black pigments that give an intense black color. It’s suitable for sensitive eyes also because it’s fragrance-free. Continue Reading

My Pink & Coral Makeup for Spring 2010

If I look in the calendar Spring is only 3 weeks away but if I look on the window I see the middle of winter. Snow everywhere, ice and cold temperatures. This week only for a day was sunny outside and I just imagine it could be a spring day so I came up with this Pink and Coral Makeup Look.

I’m attracted to pink eyeshadows, pink glosses and almost everything that is pink and can me used in makeup. This is Spring like I see it. What is your makeup spring look for 2010?

I’ve used pink lipgloss on my lips and a pink creme color on my nails but if you are interested in the whole makeup and close-up photos keep reading. Continue Reading

Beauty show – Fall 2009 – Doll face (part 1)


I know that you are curious to find out with what colors and makeup styles you will be in the spotlight in the cold season, so I will give you all the details about the newest makeup trends. I will split this article in 3 parts and dedicate this first part to makeup for your complexion. In the next two parts I will uncover you the latest trends of hot lips and sexy eyes.


LesTissages-Chanel Complexion like porcelain and cheeks like only dolls have are among the celebrities looks of this season!

Tip: To see exactly where you should apply your blush, look in the mirror after you made a little effort to see where your cheeks turned naturally pink. You won’t fail, if after you shook up in your hand the brush loaded with powder or blush, you start applying from the lower part of your cheek b bones to the temples. Continue Reading

Silver eyes – cool and natural makeup look

Silver is perfect as an evening makeup and emphasizes the eyes, no matter the color. If you take a peek to Giorgio’s Armani summer collection and you’ll study the radiance makeups based of metallic gray, you will see that I’m right.

Choose products for both lips and cheeks that include in their composition shiny particles. Even celebrities like Blake Lively adopted this makeup. Let’s get inspired by this¬† natural makeup. You can use some products from my suggestions bellow or you can try your own and let me know how the look came up.

Silver eyes look

What you need:

  1. MM795344 Collistar Kajal duo Magnetica collection. Use the black for a discreet eye contour, and the white to  to illuminate the internal corners and inside the lower lid.
  2. Gloss Clinique long last glosswear ( SPF 15) – 27 $
  3. Chanel Soleil Tan is a gently bronzing. It’s innovative oil-free formula promise to give you a natural gorgeous bronze. It’s available on 5 shades at Sephora for about 50$.¬†
  4. The corrector from L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Concentrat (14.25 $).
  5. Mascara Captiv Eyes Extreme Black from Givenchy ( 26$ at Sephora).¬† This intense volumizing mascara will instantly plumps and thickens your lashes to the maximum. From the first application your look will be intensified because this irresistible mascara¬† plays with the light in order to create a deep and intense reflection. It’s available in 2 shades: Extreme black and Brown black. Continue Reading

Innocent look – The makeup that makes you look younger

innocent look After the age of 25 the search of the innocent beauty becomes a purpose. We want to look fresh and young. I know I want it every time I look in the mirror. This thing can really become possible. We only need the courage to adopt a natural trend.

If you are used to cover your face with lots of makeup, foundation and powder, your complexion will start loosing its natural color after a long period of time. Of course you can choose solarium or creams with tan effect if you really want to.

I start using foundation and powder only 3 years ago, because I noticed that during my working hours on my complexion begun to appear some red spots. I used to work in a place where was a lot of smoke from cigarettes and cigars and this smoke was entering deep into my skin. I have to admit that I’m a non smoking person and I try¬† to keep away from all the smoking areas as much as I can. After a period of time while I was working in that place, the effects start appearing on my face. When I got home, all the time I start a cleansing routine and OMG you don’t want to know how black and dirty were my makeup removal pads. So, I decided to start using a foundation and powder, just to protect my skin against the smoke.¬† Now I quit working there and during the summer I don’t cover my face with anything (besides face creams with SPF, of course). Sometimes during the cold season I like to use Vichy Flexitent, but not everyday.

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Lancome Mascaras review- Which one is your favorite? Hypnose, Fatale, Definicils or maybe the new Hypnose Drama


Lancome’s Mascaras have the¬† best mascara formula I’ve ever used. Along the years I’ve tried lots of Mascaras Brands, from Max Factor and L’Oreal to Maybelline and Rimmel.¬† Some of them were great at first, like Max Factor Masterpiece ( It was love at first sight with this baby ),¬† but after a while – and I’m not talking months – the effect was not the same and it really ended very fast. Some of my friends were using it too and we all realized that after 3 weeks we need a new one. I like the texture of a new mascara, and I know¬† is natural that after a few weeks of using will not have the same effect like in the beginning, but with Masterpiece all was happening very fast. Every 3 weeks I had to buy a new one, so I start searching for a new brand of mascara in the same price range.

Soon after this I took a trip by plane and I had the chance to scoop into the tax free shops. Here I found LancomeHypnose and Definicils wrapped together at a very good price. I knew Hypnose¬† was launched in 2004 and quickly became the best world selling mascara, so tempted by the 2 in 1 price offer and reviews I’ve decided to give it a try. Continue Reading