My top 10 beauty products

  1. If last night’s revelries have left your skin sore and angary-looking, NO 7 calm skin redness – relief gel, 19 eur, is the answer.
  2. Give dank hair a new lease of life with Lulu organics hair powder in lavender&clary sage, 24 eur – it’ll mop up oil and the scent will lift your spirits.
  3. Eyes a puffed-up disaster zone? Ten minutes with Skyn Iceland hydro cool firming eye gels, 40 eur for six pairs, on them will sort you out.
  4. Carnation footcare anti-blister stick, 4.22eur, will help prevent swollen feet blistering inside suddenly – tight shoes.
  5. B Kamins bio -mapple diatomamus earth masque, 42 eur, purges skin of grime and contains antioxidants for some cell-repairing first-aid. Continue Reading

Dry and dull hair? Try a hydration treatment

Everything is perfect, until you see that your hair is no longer silky and shiny like it was used to be, but dry and dull.


Among the genetic factors and external aggression ( frequent hair dying, to powerful hair dryer) another causes would be daily exposure in the sun without adequate protection and salty sea water that had affected your hairs. Sebaceous glands atrophies and no longer permit the flux sebum to hydrate and protect the hair. That is why, now your hair is dry and deteriorated.

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Beauty book – beauty mask

Be fresh!

When your skin is very dry, would be better to do a lot more for it; try Moisturizing and regenerating mask for dry and dull looking skin from Decubal. Contains allantoin and hyaluronic acid that moisturizes and activates skin renewal. Leaves the skin soft, firm and fresh looking. It’s also fragrance free.

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Crazy tricks magic look

You might have heard it before: “OK, sounds weird, but…” and the next thing its a unusual tip about how to get ride of a nipple or how to arrange you rebel hair. For sure, you will think that i must be crazy to write about this crazy tricks but trust me when i tell you that I’ve tried some of them on my own and they’ve been tested even by beauty experts and beauty addicts of every age. I’ll present you some real treasures for “emergency situations”. Continue Reading