Hot Hair

Great hair doesn’t need to take forever – just add a glam accessory or try one of these speedy hair-saving ideas…Look at Rihanna how she styles up her short crop with a diamante dazzler.

Heavenly hair in a hurry

Try these speedy solutions for tresses to impress.

  1. In the morning after washing your hair, apply a volumising mousse like Lee Stafford double blow mousse, to lengths.
  2. Rough dry, then randomly pile all of your hair up into a messy bun and secure with a gorgeous accessory.
  3. Undo it at the end of the day for big hair. Instead of wearing it down – which could look messy – pull the top half back and secure with a sparkly clip to create an up’do full of bounce.

Speedy tip

Dry shampoo is your secret weapon! Batiste Dry shampoo in blush, has a fab floral scent.

Preview: La Prairie dermo caviar

I know I haven’t been such a good girl this year but Santa still got me a Christmas gift, and I was quite surprised to see that was exactly what I desired but never dared to hope.

I received the Dermo Caviar skin cream from La Prairie. I’ve heard many good things about the products from this brand but I also know they are quite expensive. If it wasn’t for Santa I probably could never spent so much money on a cream. The gift was ordered from ebay so as you can see from the photos the box is not in so good shape but the content is intact. Along with the skin caviar cream I also received 60 dermo caviar applicators.


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Long lashes

Women desire a perfect makeup even when they go to the swimming pool. Cosmetic companies studies show that mascara is one of the most used waterproof products. Its resistance to water is due to specific ingredients: polyester fibres, waxes of honey and silicon. The first, form on the eyelash an invisible and impermeable layer. The waxes are used because they increase the eyelashes volume on water contact, and silicon prevents dissolving the mascara!
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Long-lasting lip colors I’ve tried

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Color
The box says: This handy lip compact contains a creamy lipstick that lasts up to 16 hours and a vitamin E-enriched balm to give lips a shine boost.
My opinion: The packaging meant I didn’t have to rummage in my handbag for lost rids! The color looked great, but faded a bit.

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Beauty book – while you were sleeping

You wake up and shine! Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Light, is your “friend” from the night table who takes care that you’ll have beautiful mornings.

Bon…Visage. Nourish your face and get rid of the wrinkles! Try Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Night care

Good Night…for your beauty; try Revlon Age Defying Sculptlogic Night Cream and you’ll wish to sleep even more to become more beautiful!

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Wake-up in a sexy body!

Imagine that you could have a perfect skin and sexy curls just seconds after you woke up in the morning. How would it be? Come on, those are only dreams, but the sleep it’s essential for a super look from head to toes. Your body heals better in the night, and you could say that he’s doing it by itself, says doctor David J. Leffell also the author of the book Total Skin. So you can become very beautiful overnight only following three simple steps. Continue Reading