Nehpria Jade Beauty Bar – Review & Photos

Hi everyone!

The second product I’ve been sent by Nephria to try out is the Jade Beauty Bar. My first impression was, that it’s a simple soap but I couldn’t be more wrong. I invite you to check out my preview post about this product before you read this review, because there I’ve posted more about its benefits and ingredients.

The same as Nephria Jade Serum, I’ve been using the Jade Beauty Bar regularly (morning and evening) for almost 2 months and now I can share my thoughts about this product. I like to take my time when I review cosmetic products because my skin needs to get used to the new ingredients and it also takes a couple of weeks to notice its effects on the fine wrinkles, skin firmness and so on.

The Jade Beauty Bar comes packed into a green box and it’s available for the price of $34.00 @Nehpria website. I know the price might seem expensive but as I mentioned this is not just a simple soap, it’s a facial soap with multiple benefits, key ingredients and can replenish more than one beauty product.

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Nephria Jade Serum – Review, Photos, Swatches

Hi everyone!

A few months ago I’ve received a package from Nephria Cosmetics and I had the pleasure to test two of their products. First I’m gonna review Nephria Jade Serum so in this post I will point exactly the pros and cons but if you wanna find out more about this product you can read my preview post.

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Nephria Jade Serum & Jade Beauty Bar – Preview, Photos

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I received two products from Nephria. I don’t know how many of you heard about this brand, I honestly just discover it last month so these are my first products to try out from Nephria. I recommend you to visit their website and check out all the cosmetic products they have to offer

For starters I’ve got the Jade Serum and Jade Beauty Bar.

I’ve been using these two product for almost a month now so I will post a review for each one of them very soon.

Both products are packed in green boxes with Nephria Logo on them and even the bottle of Jade Serum is a pale green. 🙂 Nephria Jade Serum comes in a 40 ml (1.35 fl oz) transparent bottle with a pump and it’s available for sale for the price of $76.50.

Jade Beauty Bar it’s actually a facial soap, a very interesting product with multiple benefits and it’s available for sale at the price of $34.00. This is a special soap so you need to use it according to the recommendation.

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