OPI Shrek Forever After Collection for Summer 2010 + Added Photos

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I’m pretty sure you all remember my scoop post about OPI Shrek Forever After nail polish collection. At that time I’ve posted only some preliminary photos but now we can take a look a those close-up photos with the 6 nail polishes.

We still have to wait until the collection becomes available (probably in June 2010) but that means we have enough time to decide if we really like any of these summer bright colors inspired by the famous animated movie Shrek. Continue Reading

OPI Pink Softshades Nail Polish Collection for Spring 2010

OPI is releasing a new Spring collection called Pink Softshades. The new nail polish collection contains four creamy coatings and I must tell you I felt in love with this colors only by looking at these photos.

I truly hope those delicate romantic pink nail polishes will look great on my nails as they do in these photos. If you look carefully at the promo photos you will think the entire collection consists of cream paint but in the press material the Pink – a -Doodle polish is sparkling. Continue Reading

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection for Summer 2010

I just heard a rumor today about a new OPI collection inspired from the animated movie Shrek. The new collection named Shrek Forever After consist in 6 new nail polishes in yellow, purple and blue colors.

I don’t have any info yet about the prices and the launch date, but I will make an update as soon as I will know anything new about this collection.

The 6 nail polishes are: Continue Reading

New Sephora by OPI – Modern Flowers Collection – Limited Edition Spring 2010 Collection – Photos, Prices and Info

Hi Girls!

Here is a brand new info: OPI designed a special collection for the Sephora group named Modern Flowers. The Limited Edition collection contains 6 new spring colors and it’s available for sale at Sephora. Each bottle of nail color contains 0.5 oz and costs $ 9.00.


SEPHORA by OPI’s latest assortment of Nail Colours is inspired by simple, dramatic blossoms like the elegant Calla Lily, exotic orchid, and vibrant iris. These iconic flowers, in their most colorful forms, have been artistically re-imagined into this bouquet of spring shades that will have your fingertips flourishing with sophisticated color.

The 6 new shades are:

  • Iris I was Thinner – Medium purple iris
  • Go with the Flow-er – Bright pink tulip with hot pink shimmer
  • It’s Bouquet with Me – Sheer purple with silver glitter and holographic
  • Cover me in petals – Vivid red orange tiger lily
  • Hand Picked for Me – Light pink lilac with silver shimmer
  • Leaf Him at the Altar – Metallic green vine

OPI Alice In Wonderland – Spring 2010 Collection

OPI is releasing its new Spring Collection in January 2010.


This collection is a tribute to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and contains 4 new shades:


  • Off with Her Red! A glowing, empowering hot red
  • Absolutely Alice An absolutely amazing blue glitter
  • Mad as a Hatter A madly marvelous black-multi glitter
  • Thanks So Muchness! For this ”much-have” red shimmer


Here are the swatches of this new Spring Collection (source).


Hong Kong – The new OPI 2010 Spring Collection – Close up photos

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the new OPI Collection for Spring – Hong Kong.  If you missed that post and you want to know all about the new spring colors, prices and promo photos you can read it all here.

Since I like to keep you posted with the latest details on every spring collection, I thought that you may enjoy some of the close up photos I found while I was reading articles on other blogs.
Enjoy the photos and let me know which one are you craving for. 🙂

Jade Is The New Black, Suzi Says Feng Shui, Dim Sum Plum

OPI-Jade Is The New Black-Suzi Says Feng Shui-Dim Sum Plum

Pearl Of Wisdom, Pandamonium Pink, Lucky Lucky Lavender

OPI-Pearl Of Wisdom- Pandamonium Pink- Lucky Lucky Lavender

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OPI – Hong Kong – 2010 Spring Collection – Details, prices and photos

Are you excited about the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection? Wait until you hear the new scoop I got for you. In the early beginning of next year OPI will surprise us with a new collection with the theme: Hong Kong!


Hong Kong is inspired by the multicultural aspect and therefore we will find absolutely vibrant and delightful colors.

If you are curious about the colors, names and more photos keep reading!

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