Orly Velvet Dream Fall 2017 Collection

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Orly Velvet Dream Collection presents its new choice of six lacquers for fall 2017.

As fall arrives, our moods shift. The air cools; the leaves turn. We leave behind our flip-flops for ankle boots, and our beach-tousled hair for sleek, coiffed looks. As we prepare for winter, we turn into ourselves a bit more, becoming contemplative and introverted. We take comfort in textures and plush fabrics such as velvet to keep us warm and inspired. Instead of flirty pastels and bright neons, we seek bold, high contrast, dark shades and new takes on classics that reflect our multi-dimensional impassioned spirits. Our autumnal transformations are not complete without touches of decadence delicately spun throughout our looks.


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ORLY Summer 2017 Coastal Crush Collection

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The new ORLY Summer 2017 Coastal Crush Collection brings a fresh breeze and makes dream of summer already. Beach holidays, summer sun, sand and sea are a distant dream but looking at these new six nail polishes in bright shades surely makes the cold and snow almost bearable. 🙂



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ORLY Spring 2017 La La Land Collection

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ORLY reveals its new Spring 2017 La La Land nail polish collection with six new pastel shades. The collection is inspired by the movie-musical La La Land, a true love story between a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.



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Orly Sunset Strip Holiday 2016 Collection

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If today you are reading Chicprofile for the first time I’m sure you’ll think that I fast forward to the holiday season and skipped all the beauties of fall 2016 collections (over 150 articles), since I seem to keep posting only holiday 2016 collection. Well you are not totally wrong, especially when you see Orly Sunset Strip Holiday 2016 Nail Polish Collection for the first time, but my quest for discovering info regarding Christmas 2016 beauty collections has started months ago and I’m sure you seen this on my Instagram account.



U.S. Launch Date – September 2016 (now @nailsupplies.us)

Romania Launch Date – 29 September – 2 October 2016 at Cosmetic Beauty Hair Romexpo

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Orly Breathable Treatment + Color Fall 2016

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Here comes Orly Breathable Treatment + Color, a new nourishing and hydrating nail lacquer in treatment all in one. Isn’t it amazing that now we can color our nails in one step without the need of applying one extra coat of nail treatment? I think it is! I’m currently using a nail treatment from Eveline 8 in 1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner (upcoming review) but on top of that I have to add two more nail polish layers. With Orly Breathable Treatment + Color things seem so much easier, this being a multi-tasking nail treatment and you won’t have to apply the nail lacquer anymore.



U.S. Launch Date – Now at @orly.com and ULTA Continue Reading

ORLY Mulholland 2016 Fall Collection

Hello beauties!

Orly offers a first look at their upcoming Mulholland Fall 2016 Collection which was inspired by the little town in Hollywood. Orly Mulholland 2016 Collection features six new nail colors in three different finishes like cream, shimmer and glitter. All the new Orly Mulholland nail polish colors can be found as Orly Flexible and Orly Gel FX. Take a closer look!



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Orly Summer 2016 Pacific Coast Highway Collection

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When I see brights I instantly think about summer, about that hot weather, tanned skin, fruity cocktails and a beach vibe. With the new Orly Pacific Coast Highway Summer 2016 Collection I can imagine myself being so much closer to that season and the new bright fiery colors bellow make me wanna fast forward a couple of months.


For the ultimate top-down scenic drive, head to the ribbon of highway that hugs l.a.’s breathtaking coastline. PcH meanders through the seaside cliffs and tiny beach towns that pop up every few mile along the Pacific coast Highway.


U.S. Launch Date – March 2016

International Launch Date – April 2016 Continue Reading

Orly Melrose Spring 2016 Collection

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If you wanna take a moment and fast forward trough winter, you will find yourselves having a first look at Orly Melrose Spring 2016 Collection. In my opinion this new Orly nail polish collection doesn’t offer too many options, is either you like it or you don’t, since the colors vary around pink and turquoise.


Take a stroll down the famous and funky indie shopping mecca that stretches from Silver Lake to Santa Monica. Here you’ll find designer couture, funky indie shops, restaurants and one of L.A.’s most popular flower shops. An acid mixture of bubble gum, coral, raspberry and minty turquoise softened by pinkish nudes in a variety of effects from matte to ultra-glossy, and foamy or gelatinous translucents.


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