Paul & Joe Parisienne Girl Fall 2017 Collection Swatches

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Paul & Joe Parisienne Girl Fall 2017 Collection (info, photos) is sitting on my desk as I’m writing this post. It just came in this morning so I couldn’t help blogging about it right away. I don’t have the entire collection to show you, but I got most of the new items. When I opened the package I instantly smiled. How can you not? The fun packaging of the products just makes everything appear more vivid and playful, such a joyful collection. I can’t even see the Autumn coming when I look at this fun collection.


UK Launch Date – Now at Beauty Bay | September 2017 at Selfridges

There’s a variety of new Paul&Joe Lipstick Colors (£14.00 for 3.5 g / 0.12 oz) coming out for Fall 2017. I’m talking about sheer, creamy, nudes or fully pigmented colors, you name it. I got three of the new shades to show you and I do admit I was fooled by the dark color thinking I couldn’t wear it. Turned out it had such a sheer color and a juicy consistency that just felt right immediately. Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Parisienne Girl Fall 2017 Collection

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Paul & Joe Beaute just celebrated its 15th Anniversary this year and now is focusing its new Parisinne Girl Fall 2017 Collection on a 25-color range of new lipsticks, along with a couple of nail polishes. There’s a variety of colors to choose from and let us not forget about the adorable cat lipstick. 🙂 Enter to read more!


U.S. Launch Date – August 2017 at Beauty Habit

Japan Launch Date – 1 August 2017

UK Launch Date – August 2017 at Selfridges Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Spring 2017 Blushes & Eye Colors

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Paul & Joe adds new blushes and eye colors to their 15th Anniversary Collection. These are launching next month and will be limited edition. Check them out right after the jump!



Japan Launch Date – 2 February 2017 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe 15th Anniversary Collection for Spring 2017

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Paul & Joe presents its new Spring 2017 Creation as a celebration for its 15th Anniversary, by revealing super cute makeup products. Lipsticks in the shape of cute kittens are already recognized as a signature of Paul & Joe and honestly I believe they are too cute to use them. 🙂 Take a closer look at the new anniversary makeup items that Paul & Joe has prepared for next season.


Les Petits Noms d’Amour. French is widely recognized as the “language of love”. Between soft whispers & sweet kisses, the French have countless terms for endearment to leave you both bemused & blushing! Let the dream of Parisian romance fill your heart – and learn the words of love from Paul & Joe!


International Launch Date – February 2017

Japan Launch Date – January 2017 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Marche de Noel Holiday 2016 Collection

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Have a first look at Paul & Joe Marche de Noel Holiday 2016 Collection. The first photos were revealed along with a quick mentioning of the new products. I shall update with more information and new photos closer to the launch date.


Behind every door is a charming and colorful holiday treat to makeup each day of December feel like an enchanting Christmas morning!


International Launch Date – December 2016

Japan Launch Date – 1 November 2016

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Paul & Joe Les Vacances Skincare Collection 2016

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Paul & Joe creates a new and original philosophy for skincare and presents Les Vacances Collection.


A vacation releases stress by easing tension – with reduces stress your skin is able to rejuvenate and repair itself more efficiently. Use Paul & Joe skincare to maintain the fresh “afterglow” results of a relaxing Mediterranean vacation – every single day of the year!


International Launch Date – October 2016 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Fall 2016 Eyebrow Collection & Hand Cream

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Paul & Joe launches for fall 2016 a new Eyebrow Collection and two hand creams. You have now all the makeup tools you need to achieve perfectly groomed eyebrows. I’m quite interested in the new Paul & Joe Liquid Eyebrow Pen which has an adjustable density and makes it so easy to coat your brows.



International Launch Date – September 2016

Japan Launch Date – 1 September 2016

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Paul & Joe Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

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I gave you a sneak peek at Paul & Joe Fall 2016 Makeup Collection (new photos) about a month ago when I was telling you how joyful and animated the new line will be. It seems that Looney Tunes characters like Tom and Jerry, Tweety and Sylvester have been inspiring the new Paul & Joe Fall 2016 makeup items as the famous animated characters have their place on the new limited edition packaging. Powders, blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks will all be wrapped in this cheerful and happy Looney Tunes packaging.



Japan Launch Date – 1 August 2016

UK Launch Date – August 2016 at Selfridges Continue Reading