Giorgio Armani Sunscreen Silk Compact Powder SPF 35 for Summer 2010

After he created Tokyo Style makeup collection to show his love for Asian cities, now Giorgio Armani introduces a new product for summer 2010: Sunscreen Silk Powder SPF 35/ PA +++.

A new face powder with a silky texture that will allow you to have a flawless beautiful skin, while feeling comfortable. The new Silk Powder is lightweight, you won’t even feel it on your face, long lasting, water resistant. It also keep oiliness under control so if you have an oily type of skin you can enjoy the summer days without worry about any shiny nose or forehead, contains also anti-oxidants and other outstanding components and can be used by women with different skin types.

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La Mer Powder from Skincolor Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches & Makeup Photos

Hello my dears,

It’s been a while since I’ve done my preview on La Mer Powder so it’s definitely time for a review now. This Powder is one of the products included in La Mer Skincolor Collection which is a great collection when it comes to foundations, concealers and setting powders. It’s definitely worth checking it out because I’m honestly telling you guys you can find some great quality products in there.

The prices are high, I’m not going to lie to you but if you are looking for a great product, elegant packaging, visible results then you are looking for La Mer.

You know I’ve been reviewing quite a lot of La Mer skincare and makeup products lately so I really wanted to try their setting powder.

The packaging is amazing, very elegant, simple and stylish. The jar is very big ( I can barely hold it with one hand) so the product will last you a long long time. I’ve been using the Powder for a few months and I still have more than half of the jar.

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La Mer Powder from Skincolor Collection – Preview, Information, Photos

Hi everyone,

As I’m sure you already know by now, La Mer is one of my two favorite brands when it comes to skincare. I used quite a few products from La Mer and I can definitely say this brand deserves its place it top of the pyramid when it comes to quality, results and of course prices.

Everything from La Mer is quality and elegance. Take a look at packaging and details and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. I’ve tried their creams, lotions and face serums and I’ve made friends for life with some of their products but I’ve also got to know some of the products from Skincolor Collection.

A while ago I received a package with products from Skincare collection containing:

I was really impressed with the quality of these products so I’ve got The Powder from the same collection.

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New: Revlon Photo Makeup Collection for 2010

Hi everyone,

Revlon introduced a new makeup collection called Photo Ready. Whether indoors or out your skin will have  flawless perfection in every light. From now on you must pay no attention to poor light.

The new collection introduces 3 products:

  • PhotoReady Makeup Foundation SPF 20
  • PhotoReady Powder SPF 14
  • PhotoReady Translucent Finisher

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Dior Budoir Look – a Lacy Beautiful Collection for Spring 2010 -New information and photos

Dior is introducing its new Spring 2010 Makeup Collection which will be launched in the mid of January 2010. The collection contains some items in Limited Edition and the Star of the Lacy Beauty collection – the face highlighter Poudrier Dentelle.

As you can see, this collection is very elegant and sexy in the same time, with delicate lace details.

The collection contains:

Poudrier Dentelle – Limited Edition


Available in 2 shades:

  • Peach Lace
  • Pink Lace

Eyeshadow Palettes – Limited Edition

Dior-Lacy-Beauty-Spring-2010-Colour-Iridescent-Eyeshadow Dior-Lacy-Beauty-Spring-2010-Colour-Eyeshadow

Available in 2 variations each one containing 5 new shades:

  • Coquette (743)
  • Pearl Glow (059)

Eyeshadow Duo – Limited Edition


Available in:

  • Boudoir Look (945)

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My experience at Make Up For Ever and Sephora beauty shops

Hi Girls!

Today I went to Make Up For Ever (MUFE) professional beauty shop decided to check out their goodies and to buy a new foundation. Almost 2 months ago I’ve bought All Mat Face Matifying Primer (I will review it shortly)  from Make Up For Ever and since I was so pleased with it I’ve decided to buy the foundation from the same brand.

The shop was not very big (almost the size of my living room) but full with all the products of the new collection and makeup accessories. When I entered the shop the 2 makeup artists present there were very polite and they offered to help me right away. It was a pleasant surprise to see that they have makeup artists in the shop instead of beauty sellers like in other beauty shops and let me tell you that the difference was huge. They were really aware of all the products in the shop (at least of all  that I’ve asked for) and they could also help you with makeup tips and advices . After checking out some of the new products I’ve stopped to look at the HD foundation and one of the makeup artist was glad to help me out.


I told her that I’m looking for a new foundation (for oily skin) and she invited me to take a seat at the makeup table, where she will test some of the foundation on my skin. Here was the first difference (in the positive way of course),  because working with clients all the time she really knew what I needed and showed me the only 2 foundation fit for my skin type.

Since I knew that I was going to look for a foundation I didn’t put any makeup on my face (only mascara and lipgloss) so she started by testing the Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation (for oily skin type) after she used a makeup cream removal. Maybe in other countries is normal that when you are shopping for a foundation a makeup artist should assist you and test the foundation on your skin, but believe me that here this is not happening (most of the times sellers try the products on their own skin) and this was the first time when I’ve experienced this in my country and I felt great. I definitely told to myself that I will comeback since they were so professional in choosing the right shade especially since I’ve never tried their foundations before. Continue Reading

Expired Cosmetics are a danger for your health

Only one in four women consider the expiration date of her cosmetic products, according to Other women put their health at risk by using cosmetics for several years, even if they start to smell funny or discolor.

Old cosmetics are a real danger to our health. Like the food, cosmetics expire and are dangerous if we are still using them. Over time, following contact with skin, lashes, lips, etc.., cosmetics accumulate bacteria, which multiply and come again on the lips or your skin.


Most women completely forget when they purchased a particular product and use it well beyond the period of validity, which results in the appearance of infections. Most sensitive are the eyes, followed by the lips, whose crazing or cracking of the skin surface contributes to “install” bacteria and occurrence of infections. Continue Reading

The New Make Up For Ever Look – Fall 2009 – Products details, Photos & Prices

Hello Ladies! We already know that purple is the “new black” this Fall. Being part of the actual trends, this shadow is included in most of the 2009 Fall Makeup Collections. It’s also one of my favorites eyeshadows colors and it adapts to all complexions and all hair colors. The trick consist in finding the right dose and depending on its intensity, purple can cover a range of very strong colors from taupe-like purple to pink and periwinkle. It’s also a very nice shade that goes well with bronze or turquoise. You can play with these combination and create a look that will give the eyes a greater depth and mystery.


Today I’m going to show you step by step how you can achieve the Make Up Forever Fall 2009 Look.

The “must haves” for this look are the violet and steel gray eyeshadows and the Aqua line waterproof pencils.


Apply HD Primer Pink # 7 ( $32 ) to freshen up the complexion. This primer will nourish and moisturize your skin making it soft and glowing and in the same time creates a barrier effect so that the foundation will not be absorbed by the skin. The HD Primer has an non-oily finish so this mean that you don’t have to wait a few minutes before applying your makeup.


Then use the HD sponge ( $12 ) to apply HD Foundation Ivory #115 ( $40 ) which is oil – free product. Because it has a medium-to-full-coverage this liquid foundation will cover skin imperfections flawlessly. Even if your are in bright or harsh lighting your complexion will look flawless, because the HD Foundation creates a soft-focus effect which was designed to meet the coverage concerns of a complexion in the spotlight. Continue Reading