How you choose a perfume – gift?

Definitely, you can’t buy it random. Of course it won’t be easy to guess someone’s taste, and the risk of not fitting him it’s very big. If u can’t find any clue from the one you want to surprise him, you will have to look for other signs.

What kind of music she/he listen? Classical music goes with floral perfumes – even oriental – or fruity. If listen to rock, indy or pop, your friend could prefer fruity aromas, and for a rythm& blues lover you can try an oriental perfume. Of course if you know for sure that is a fan of a certain star, and this one “signs” a perfume then you are saved!

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The flavors of the autumn

Feminine intuition!

There’s another reason that incite male jealousy…Listen to your instincts and wear a perfume that can match your attitude: Estee Lauder Intuition


Your boyfriend is seeing the movie for the 10th time? Make him a surprise by giving him the perfume inspired by Matrix: Givenchy Pi Neo

Seductive aroma

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What you have to do every night…

In these days the mornings are sow agitated, everyone hurrying to work and having a busy life. The evenings are perfect for relaxing treatments to take off all the stress you accumulated during the day. Continue Reading