Guerlain Midnight Hour Makeup Tutorial

Hello beauties!

The other week on Instagram I posted my look inspired by the newly released Guerlain L’Heure de Nuit Palette (review, swatches) part of Guerlain Fall 2016 Makeup Collection (swatches, info, photos). Because you appreciate that photo a lot, I thought of posting a mini tutorial and show you the products used to create this look. Guerlain L’Heure de Nuit Palette features a combination of five eye shadows in gray and black colors, which makes it perfect for an evening makeup look. The shadows range from light to dark so you have the ideal combination of shades for a light as well as more defined and dark makeup.


I wanted to create a softer smokey eye, something that will be appropriate for afternoon as I was going out early that day, but in the meantime a makeup that will still look like something I’d wear late in the night. In order to create this look, my Shadow Shields from Andra Cosmetics were a real help, not only for achieving that perfect straight edge but also for keeping the darker shades fall-out on my cheeks. I don’t know if you tried  Take a closer look and let me know what do you think.


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Spellbinder Fall Makeup Look

Hello beauties!

I bet you already know by now how obsessed I’m with the new MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows (live swatches, video) that I purchased a few weeks back. When I posted individual reviews I promised to return with makeup looks and tutorials inspired by each of the new MAC Spellbinder eyeshadows (preview, photos) so today I give you MAC Spellbinder Mysterious Influence Look. As a green eyed girl I rarely reach for green eyeshadows but I had to put my new MAC metallic pigment to good use. Right bellow the fold you’ll find the list and reviews of the products used for this look.


I also want to let you know that today I made a big change regarding my hair color and I’m sure you’ll notice it in my upcoming makeup looks. I dyed my hair for the first time, actually lighten up some parts of my hair and choose the ecaille technique for that. You can check out my Instagram account to see how everything turned out until I’ll post more photos in my upcoming looks.


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Aquatic Makeup Look for Summer

Hello sweeties!

The other day inspired by a photo I saw while I was browsing on Instagram I pulled out my green, blue and gold eyeshadows and came up with this look. You know I rarely wear such a colorful makeup as I feel it’s a bit too edgy for me, but I admit it was a lot of fun playing with the shades, mixing textures and pairing different colors from different palettes. I do also admit it took a lot of blending, well this is always hard when you’re using bright, intense shades, so in the end I was still not happy with the results. I’m no makeup artist, just a passionate for makeup so as much as I wanted for the entire makeup to be flawless, I still know I need more practice. Take a look after the jump for a more closer look and a list of the products used for this Aquatic Makeup Look.


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Boudoir Makeup Look Tutorial

Hello pretties!

I don’t usually tend to wear a bright lip when I’m already having an intense or sophisticated makeup, but when I was creating the Boudoir Makeup Look I just felt like it. This look is inspired by the limited edition MUFE Artist Eye Studio Palette (review, swatches, photos) which comes with a small book where three makeup tutorials are suggested, guiding you step-by-step in achieving one of the looks just by using the colors from the palette. I don’t know what came to me that day as I wanted to wear this bright orange red lip in combination with MUFE Boudoir makeup which is quite intense and more evening appropriate. If you want to know how to achieve this look in just 3 steps, then keep on reading.

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Make Up For Ever Riviera Makeup Tutorial

Hello beauties!

Inspired by my new MUFE Artist Eye Studio Palette (review, swatches, photos) for holiday 2015 I created this Riviera Makeup Tutorial which is one of the 3 makeup looks suggested in the booklet that comes with the palette. The Make Up For Ever Riviera Look is the most intense and dramatic one, definitely suitable to be worn during the evening or on a special event. You could see me wear the Riviera Makeup in this video where I showed you swatches of MUFE Artist Eye Studio Palette along with two new other holiday 2015 eyeshadow palettes. It’s very easy to achieve this makeup look if you follow the 3 steps listed in the MUFE booklet.

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Blue & Gray Soft Makeup Look

Hello beauties!

Fall is already here so over the past few weeks I was leaning more towards darker eyeshadows, cool tones, like blue, gray, purple and even silver. This Blue & Gray Soft Makeup Look was inspired by the new Guerlain Beaugrenelle Eyeshadow Palette (review, swatches) from the limited edition fall 2015 collection. I wanted to create a wearable makeup for both day and evening, something that will not be so intense like a smoky eye but also more than just a natural look. If you are curious to know what products I used for this fall bluish gray makeup look, keep reading after the jump.


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Bright Makeup Look is not for everyone

Hello beauties!

As much as I like bright shades I’m not convinced that a makeup look in intense and super pigmented colors would by flattering for me. I’ve seen so many girls looking awesome wearing a bright makeup with sparkling or neon pinks, oranges and purples but I also know that not everyone can pull out a Bright Makeup Look. I feel there’s no harm in trying and indulging myself in a guilty pleasure, like wearing at least from time to time a makeup look that probably doesn’t look to good on me but just for the sake of combining and playing with these shades I wanted to do it. We should wear what makes us comfortable, makes us feel beautiful and confident and if a bright eyeshadow colors are what you like then this is what you should wear. đŸ™‚


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Luxurious Nude Makeup Look for Hot Summer Nights

Hello lovelies!

This summer I’m at extremes when it comes to makeup and colors combination. Either I’m in the mood to wear something so bright and vivid like orange, greens, yellow and blues or I’m turning towards those browns, golds, champagne and naked colors. The thing is all this summer I’ve been more into those luxurious nudes with a satin or metallic finish and I’m thinking I’ll be turning the page and go back to matte finish nudes and naturals later on the fall. I wore this Luxurious Nude Makeup last week when I spent a very special evening with my friends and the locations as well as the dress code required something classy but still with a touch of luxury. If you want to check out the shades I blended together for this summer makeup look, then take a peek right after the jump.


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