Michel Tcherevkoff Shoe Fleur Collection – Floral High Heels, Platforms & Bags – Spring 2012

Hello my dears!

Oh yeah, I’m finally back! IĀ  know it took ages and I wanna thank each and every one of you for your lovely comments and e-mails and especially for all the support and understanding that you showed me in the last year while I was away. I really miss you girls, a lot and I know I’ve missed a lot of beauty news and reviews but all of that is going to change now. šŸ™‚

A few days ago I’ve stumbled on a gallery of floral shoes and sandals which really got me thinking about what I’m going to wear in the upcoming spring. This is a really beautiful fantasy shoe & bag collection and I can’t decide which one I love the most. Can you?

This entire collection is the work of art of Michel Tcherevkoff, an advertising photographer who decided to change his career path from law to advertising photographer.

Michelā€™s insatiable curiosity of all things artistic, fueled by and instinct to tinker, led him to create signature photographs that immediately won the attention of art directors and editors worldwide. Bye the time he was 25 years old, he was launched.

Michael describes his style as “reality with a twist”. ” I photograph what I see rather than what it is.”

His series, Shoe Fleur, was inspired by an upside down leaf he spotted which reminded him of a shoe.
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Balenciaga’s Footwear collection for Fall – Winter 2010

Hi everyone,

I just couldn’t help it writing about these killer shoes designed by Pierre Hardy for Balenciaga after I saw these photos the other day on Style.com. I’m crazy about shoes and especially those shoes that are trendy, have special exquisite design and can take your breath off only by looking at them.

I even dare to say that shoes are the most important accessories for me and I love them more then makeup. So as I was saying, these block-heeled loafers that are lavishly bold made me stare at those pictures for a few minutes. So many colors, different fabrics and mix of textures makes them so unique, modern and futuristic in the same time.

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PinUp Editorial for GQ UK by Gavin Bond

Hello Lucky Ladies from UK!

Gavin Bond shoot an entire PinUp Editorial for GQ UK magazine for this February. I have to say that Gavin is an amazing photographer and if you don’t know his work yet you can check it out here.

But this is not the only reason that I’m writing this post. The main reason is that I felt in love with these blue platforms from the moment I laid my eyes on this photo. I’m crazy about platforms and shoes with high heels but strange, modern and sexy style.

Maybe you won’t agree with me on this, but I simply love them. I didn’t worn any blue shoes but I would definitely buy these ones and find something to accessorize them with. šŸ™‚ I haven’t seen anything similar with these platforms here so if you have any idea where I can find them, please let me know. šŸ™‚

Jimmy Choo for H&M

H&M is one of my favorite stores. From here I bought many quality clothes and lingerie that I still wear even after two years of use. The prices are more than OK for me, I’m not always a “sucker” for famous brands, so I like H&M cause here I can find great collections designed by famous names like Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy-Choo-blue-sandals High heel strap shoe with zip (Eur 99)

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Shoes from Hermes 2010 Spring Collection

Hello ladies! Seems like the weekend is finally here and we can all relax after a busy week. I don’t know how’s the weather in your cities but here is raining almost everyday and wind blows very strong. With an Autumn like this I can’t even imagine to think how far is the Summer but I guess the designers have their opinions.

Hermes-shoes1 Hermes-shoes2 Hermes-shoes3

If the other day I was presenting you the new fashion bags by Hermes that were present at the event of Hermes SS 2010 collection, I thought that today I should check out the shoes. Continue Reading

Priceless couture

hiroko-roger-vivier-bruno-frisoni-09 Days of fashionĀ  couture, theĀ  event that recently took place in Paris, the capital ofĀ  fashion, have defied the economic laws, have ignored the global crisis and once again celebrated femininity and sophistication.

Karl Lagerfeld set the tone of this new edition and the verdict of the new trend in haute couture. He declared thatĀ  he seesĀ  the recession as a tool that will remove all those bad tastes and effects of bling bling. This fact was fully illustratedĀ  on the podium in Paris, where Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, the House of Chanel and Givenchy were brilliant with conceit, opulence tempered and eccentric accents.


Special imageĀ  made the shoes couture house of Roger Vivier, designer Bruno Frisoni seemed not to know that the world is going through a delicate financial moment. The new collection of shoes is a tribute to luxury, glamor, artistic superiority and, last but not least, financial power. Several pairs of shoes, like those in the photo, have such an exorbitant price and so naturally in the same time if you consider the materials used: 45000 eur. 24 carats gold applications,Ā  precious crystals, rare feathers and other details such as snake skin, silk and organza flowers, justify a sum that could save Iceland economy from bankruptcy. Continue Reading