Estee Lauder New Advanced Repair Eye

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Estee Lauder knows that eyes are where a woman’s light comes from and that a look of more light can give them new youthfulness; therefore, light equals youth. Eyes can be perceived as an ultimate measure of skin’s overall youthful look. We all noticed that when our eyes lose their youthful glow we tend to look tired and dull. Estee Lauder developed the most advanced eye treatment ever called New Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Recovery Complex II, a formula for eyes that maximizes the power of night to re-ignite the youthful light of eyes.



U.S. Launch Date – beginning July 2014 at Estee Lauder counters nationwide and online

Japan Launch Date – 10 July 2014

International Launch Date – July 2014 at Sephora, Douglas, Marionnaud Continue Reading

Dior One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum

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Dior launched One Essential Serum which is described as an universal beauty ally of all women, whatever their age or skin type.


Enriched with Red Hibiscus extract from the Dior Garden in Burkina Faso, One Essential targets 100% of toxins identified at the heart of the cells and intensely re-energizes the skin. One Essential is the 1st fundamental daily skincare that combats these toxins by reinvigorating the elimination process in order to restore the skin’s luminosity.


U.S. Launch Date – now

China Launch Date – 1 July 2014 Continue Reading

RMK Refreshing Gel for Summer 2014

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Here is a first look of what you can expect from RMK this summer regarding skincare. The new RMK Refreshing Gel will be released in the middle of summer and it’s a new moisturizing gel that will cool down your skin during those hot days. So far this product sounds lovely as I’m thinking of those hot days when the temperatures rises to over 40 degrees and my combination and sensitive skin would love a refreshing and cooling skincare product.



Japan  Launch Date – 4 July 2014 Continue Reading

Estee Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism 2014 Collection

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Estee Lauder presents a new skincare collection specially created for Asian women, named Nutritious Rosy Prism. The new line features three products which are meant to make your skin bloom. A breakthrough fusion of science and nature Estee Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism Collection is proven to significantly to reduce and help prevent dull and yellow tones.



Now and all Estee Lauder counters in Asia Continue Reading

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum for Summer 2014

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Clinique will launch in the summer Smart Custom-Repair Serum, a new revolutionary serum that targets different skincare problems. Featuring an unique blends of ingredients this serum has a very well balanced formula and promise to help solving skincare problems like wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone, dullness and dehydration but what is makes it probably an innovative serum is that fact that is able to repair even skin damage that can’t be seen.



U.S. Launch Date – 15 July 2014 at Clinique counters

U.K. Launch Date – 6 June 2014 at Selfridges | 27 June 2014 nationwide

Japan Launch Date – 22 August 2014

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Essence Pure Skin Travel Set for Summer 2014

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Essence knows that in the summer everyone takes a vacation and many of us travel to exotic places to indulge in the perfect summer vacation so it prepares a limited edition pure skin travel set that can be easily packed in our luggage.


Summer is the time to travel and nothing is quite as annoying as impurities, spots and blackheads when you’re on vacation. When you’re on the go, there isn’t much room to carry skin care products around in your luggage. The set comes in a sealable bag and contains the anti-spot 4in1 cream wash, the anti-spot moisturizer as well as the SOS spot killer in a practical travel size. The ideal basis for healthy, pampered summer skin!


International Launch Date – June 2014 at Muller, DM and local drugstores exclusively to Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia Continue Reading

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling 2014 Collection

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Givenchy ads this season two new products to is Hydra Sparkling Collection. Already available in US and some other countries the new Hydra Sparkling mask & cream and glow powder will be arriving in Asia only next month.



U.S. Launch Date – Pre-order now exclusively online

International Launch Date – May 2014 at Sephora

Japan Launch Date – 14 May 2014 Continue Reading

Shiseido Spa Now in Romania!

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Lash month I had the privilege of participating to the official opening of the first Shiseido Spa in Romania, which is also the first one in Eastern Europe. Starting this year, the Romanians can access the facilities and services of the new Shiseido Spa hosted by Stejarii Country Club, located in the heart of Baneasa forest near Bucharest.


I took a tour of the entire spa and before you can check out the photos bellow let me tell you that here you can spent an entire day relaxing and enjoying SPA treatments in individual rooms, or for couples or spending time by the vitality pool and relaxation areas, hammam, sauna and steam rooms, as well as 360 beauty services ensured by Beauty District.

Shiseido Spa includes 7 individual multi-purpose therapy spaces, 2 scrubbing wet rooms, indoor relaxation pool with bubble-jet lounge chairs, pool relaxation space, sauna, steam room, hammam. I saved the best for last, which is the amazing VIP day suite with an incredible view to the forest. You can spend your your day here (or just a couple of hours) relaxing along with your partner or friends as the VIP suite includes double jacuzzi, double therapy space, private bathroom and showers, deep relaxation day bed (I’ve tried it and it feels dreamy), champagne bar, open fire place and a private sun terrace. Continue Reading