Chanel UV Essentiel 2016

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Summer is almost here and damaging effects of the sun can create brown spots, wrinkles, extra blood vessels on the face and even skin cancer. So using a sunscreen everyday is the best way to protect our skin from these effects. Chanel UV Essentiel has come up with two variations of Multi-Protection Daily Defense Sunscreen Anti-Pollution Broad SPF 30 and SPF 50.


Through a major scientific breakthrough, Chanel Research introduces an adaptive skincare technology for tailor-made defense from UVA and UVB rays, free radicals and pollution. Combined with the powers of the Tiare Flower, this unique skin protection complex adjusts to the level needed based on environmental conditions. Skin is pure, radiant and flawless.


U.S. Launch Date – Now

UK Launch Date – Now at Selfridges Continue Reading

Guerlain My Super Tips for my complete skincare routine

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As I told you in a previous article when I was announcing the launch of Guerlain My Super Tips, this skincare line was created to simplify women’s life and give the opportunity of those who haven’t tried Guerlain skincare before to do it now. Once you try Guerlain skincare you just can’t go back and the new Guerlain My Super Tips Collection features five heroes of everyday care for instant beauty results. I’ve been waiting for this launch for quite some time now and I’m so thrilled to let you know that starting two days ago, I have the entire collection in my possession and I’ve been started to use the products.


Where to buy:

France – Now at Guerlain counters and online

Romania – May 2016 at Douglas, Sephora

U.S. – Now at Nordstrom,

International Launch Date – May 2016 at Sephora Continue Reading

Guerlain My Super Tips 2016 Collection

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About two weeks ago I announced on Chicprofile Facebook profile that I will return with news about upcoming Guerlain summer 2016 launches. One of the launches that I’m most excited about is Guerlain My Super Tips Collection which is available now in France but will hit international counters next month. Why I’m super excited about this new skincare collection? Because each product comes at a very affordable price while still keeping the amazing effects and quality of Guerlain skincare, but also because we are talking about five skincare products meant to give you immediate visible effects. My favorites so far and the ones that I’ll definitely be purchasing are Midnight Secret and Stop Spot.


I’m usually blogging during nighttime and I lack sleep so a product just like Guerlain Midnight Secret seems to be created just for me. Considering the prices in Romania will retail for under 200 Lei for each product I think they are really affordable considering you will get the full treat and quality of Guerlain products. Follow me after the jump for more details!


France Launch Date – Now at Guerlain counters and online

Romania Launch Date – May 2016 at Douglas, Sephora

International Launch Date – May 2016 Continue Reading

Collistar Nero Sublime 2016 Collection

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Collistar presents its new Nero Sublime 2016 skincare collection in total black which is the sophisticated new approach to dermocosmetic treatment. The powerful strength of this unique concept is its black component – in the formulas, textures and packaging – with cutting-edge technology that give the products their exceptional brightening, repairing and detoxifying properties. There are three specialties, three elixirs of radiance and youth that vanish on contact with the skin, instantly revealing their power.


Collistar promises to make any woman’s dream of a sublime complexion come true, with these new Nero Sublime products that will leave your skin looking practically perfect. The products contain extremely effective active ingredients that work as elixirs, such as protecting and moisturizing black orchid extract, regenerating and firming white gardenia stem cells and brightening and revitalizing hydrolyzed black pearl. While the soft and sensual texture of the serum and cream blend in naturally with the complexion without leaving a trace, day by day their high-tech formulas visibly improve the skin, leaving behind a delicate scent of fruit and flowers.


Romania Launch Date – March 2016 at Douglas, Sephora, Kendra

Europe Launch Date – March 2016 at Douglas, Sephora Continue Reading

YSL Blanc Pur Couture 2016 Collection

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The newest YSL Blanc Pur Couture 2016 Collection stars Anja Rubik as the face for this campaign. YSL Blanc Pur Couture represents a new skin brightening line so every woman can now have that immaculate perfect skin. Featuring no less than four products, this line is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve that porcelain, fresh and pure looking skin, and I’m also thinking for future brides to be as it will help create that innocent and pure look.



Japan Launch Date – March 2016 Continue Reading

Armani Prima Collection 2016

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Giorgio Armani introduces its newest Prima 2016 Collection, advanced skincare for all day makeup perfection. It features only three products, but they are the essentials for a glowing, fresh and healthy looking skin. Follow me right after the jump for more details.



U.S. Launch Date – Now at Nordstrom and online

Japan Launch Date – March 2016 Continue Reading

Estee Edit 2016 Collection by Estee Lauder

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This time no more sneak peeks of Estee Edit Makeup and Skincare 2016 Collection which is inspired by Kendall Jenner and blogger Irene Kim, because I have all the info and photos of the new products to show you. Launching next month, the new Estee Edit Line by Estee Lauder is aiming for younger consumers and comes up with innovative skincare products and makeup items. Let’s take a look and discover Estee Edit 2016 Line right after the jump.



U.S. Launch Date – 15 March 2015 exclusively at Sephora (320 locations) | beginning July 2015 Continue Reading

Dior Diorsnow Spring 2016 Collection

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Dior is getting ready to launch its new Diorsnow Skincare Collection for spring 2016, this month in Asia so I thought you may enjoy new photos and fresh info. Back in December, I revealed Dior Diorsnow Spring 2016 Makeup Collection, where that gorgeous cherry blush got us all mesmerized, but even then I gave you a quick sneak peek at the new 2016 Diorshow skincare items.

The star  product of this collection is the new Diorshow Bloom Perfect, a new hybrid illuminating skincare that infuses edelweiss extract from the gardens of Dior in Switzerland to efficiently combat skin-darkening pigmentation. If you have uneven skin tone issues, dark spots or dullness, this is the product for you, that will give you a flushed, rosy radiance.



Singapore Launch Date – 15 February 2016

Japan Launch Date – 26 February 2016 Continue Reading