Fuschia Floral SolFingerless Gloves with UVA & UVB Protection – Preview & Photos

Hello beauties!

Today I receive a package from Solfingers that I was expecting for a long time. I wasn’t familiar with Solfingers until a while ago and before you think they are only some pretty gloves let me introduce them to you properly. At firs I also thought they are so trendy and cute but later I found out they are more than that.

Solfingers believes, no matter the season, the future is now in protecting your hands. Beauty is at any age when sun protection begins at an early age. Solfingers provide, incomparable protection for the hands against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB exposure. With an added touch of fashion chic and soothing comfort, Solfingers defend beautiful hands.



Now online @solfingers.com

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