Clinique Top Rated Gift Sets for Holiday 2009

Clinique’s top rated products can make a great holiday gift. If you are looking for a Skincare Gift at reasonable prices Clinique has prepared 6 surprises for you, so you can have where to choose from. So here are the 5 top rated gift sets for Holidays from Clinique.

Perfectly Happy – Limited Edition – $49.50


Create layers of happiness with Clinique Happy Perfume Spray, richly hydrating Body Cream and a dual-ended, don’t-go-anywhere-without-me Perfume Rollerball/Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bonfire.
Set includes:

  • Clinique Happy Perfume Spray, 1.7 fl. oz./50 ml
  • Clinique Happy Body Cream, 2.5 fl. oz./75 ml
  • Clinique Happy Perfume Rollerball/Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bonfire, 15 fl. oz./.14 oz

The Luxury Shave – Limited Edition – $31.00


The Luxury Shave gift set includes 3 products suitable for all skin types and a black shave bag:

  • M Shave Aloe Gel (4.2 oz./125 ml) oil-free, softens and cushions for smooth, close shaves.
  • Post-Shave Healer (1.2 oz./35 ml) helps calm razor burn, relive dryness.
  • Face Scrub (3.4 oz./100ml) lifts the beard, sweeps away dead flakes and oil.

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How to accessories thick hair

You have very thick, coarse hair who does not hold any curls, ever? I guess you are always wearing it straight and you are wondering what can you do to update your look.

You are right, curls are really hard to get right on this type of hair, but backcombing can totally transform your hair. For an instant trend update, add an over sized bow. These were all over the catwalks and can be just the thing to add some ‘wow’ to your look. Continue Reading

How to get a new look if you have short hair

If you have fairly short, baby-fine hair and you can never think of anything to do with it I found some ideas that maybe will help you get a new look without changing so much.

Dry shampoo

One easy way to transform short hair is to give it lots of extra height and add some pretty hair slides. But to give it a really funky edge, try adding some dry shampoo, which creates a tough, dusty texture and helps hold your style too.

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Tricks for long and flat hair

Perfect party hair can be pretty hard to pin down. Long? Short? Curly? Crimped?! The truth is , there is no ‘perfect’ hair that will suit every style – the tick is to work some makeover magic on what you’ve got.

Probably you have a really long long and flat hair and you fancy a change without a radical cut. I myself have long hair and i don’t want to cut it short just to make a new look. My hair grows very slowly and if i cut it short it will take me years to make it long again. So I’ve decided to cut a fringe.

A fringe is the perfect winter update and means you can keep your color and length. The trend right now is for a low, heavy fringe that grazes your eyelashes. It’s perfect for if you want to disguise a high forehead and showcase you amazing eyes. Continue Reading

Remedy for dry hair in only 3 steps

If your hair ends begin to cause you trouble, help them to regenerate in only 3 steps.

Step 1 – with brush. Once in a few days, spray over your hair brush a hydrating serum for brilliance – I recommend you Keune Care Line Ultimate shine repair, 25 ml – so your brush will glide trough your hair. Clean the brush weekly with soap. Ultimate Shine Repair is a polishing serum which contains vitamin E and antioxidant to protect the hair, leaving it beautifully shiny and soft. It also smoothes and helps to repair split ends, providing lasting condition and shine. The concentrated formula allows 120 treatments from one flask.

Stept 2 – shampoo with antioxidants. Protects the hair and it will defend it against heat, without affecting his volume. If you have coloured hair, try Nivea Brilliant Colour, but be careful to choose the right one for your hair colour. For optimal results, use it with the conditioner Nivea Intense repair. Will make your hair feel soft and supple without weighing down and enhances lively colour reflexes.

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With your hair in the sun

You want a gorgeous hair? Then it’s time to invest in products that will offer you hair everything it needs during the summer – hydrating every single hair, protection against UV razes and intense color.

When sun goes down

After a whole day spent in the sun, your hair needs an intervention team. Nourish it generously and responsible with special products after-sun which will give your hairs a careful caring!

  1. Hair mask After sun intensive restructuring Collistar
  2. Repairing Shampoo Sun System from Foltene
  3. Serum after-sun from Kerastase
  4. Oil nutritive Gliss from Schwarzkopf Continue Reading

Up and away-new hair styles

Feel the breeze on the back of your neck with these new picks of the dreamiest summer up-dos inspired by the catwalk.

Pin-Up girl

Why it’s cool: Long hair haphazardly pinned into a bob was a huge hit at the Luella summer catwalk show. The beauty of this style is that as well as enjoying the look and feel of a short crop, you can tuck scraggy hair ends out of sight to protect them from sun damage.

How to do it: Start by spritzing a blow dry spray into your damp hair, such as Shu Uemura Art of Hair Liquid Fabric which gives volume as well as healthy shine. Let the spray dry naturally or roughly blow-dry your hair to create some texture. Now gather your hair at the ends and tie with a band. Gently start to roll hair under towards the nape and, when you reach the neck, fix it in place with some ribbed hair grips, like Boots Wavy Hair Pins for Thick Hair. Let a few wispy pieces escape for a soft effect and mist your finished style with an anti-humidity hairspray, like Therapi Frieze Fixx.

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Swimming pool temptation

  • Daring colors are the slogan for the chaise long spoil! Choose a coquettish swim suit, hair accessories in the summer spirit and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Try to relax near the swimming pool, enjoy the sun and a cold drink.
  • Tan falsification is not punishable! With the help of self tanning products, your body can have that summery color as fast as you say “sun”. For a plus of sensuality, try the sublime effect of the beach oil with pearly particles.
  • A delicate make-up is allowed even in the hours spent at the pool. Mark out your look with a waterproof mascara, and for lips keep the juicy glosses in peachy shades. But for your skin won’t looses its freshness, keep close a thermal water spray. Continue Reading