Summer trends 2009 – What did you buy and what can you keep

For some ladies, summer is almost over, but for me is not. For more than a few years now, summer has extended its visit until October, and this is not the only good news. We can enjoy shopping at low prices  awesome summer outfits, because unfortunately for the stores sales don’t keep count of season and are usually beginning at the same date every year even the summer is still here.

So, as I said some of us can still go shopping for short skirts, long floral summer dresses, sandals and sunscreen.

I’ve recently read in the Cosmopolitan magazine an interesting article that helped me decide what shall I keep in my wardrobe for next summer and what I can still buy. I hope this article will be helpful for all ladies out there enjoying the summer and even for those who are getting ready for a new season because it’s always helpful to know what you can keep for the next season (you can never know when fashion returns).

BUY: Jewels in sea shades

Blue, green, turquoise, azure are among the hot colors of summer. So if you see anything in these colors that attracts your eye you have green light to buy it. Accessorize your outfit with bracelets, necklaces and earrings in the sea colors. They look gorgeous on your tanned skin and combined with fluid textures!

KEEP:  Over-sized Accessories

Big necklaces  with lots of  details and applications are trendy. For an exotic appearance create an oversize necklace by superimposing multiple thin necklaces.


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Beauty's honeymoon

Now is the time to transform yourself into a summer queen! Is not that hard! Take a look of some of the miracles that charmed me!

Sweet Kiss

Honey hydrates lips and makes them even more “kissable”. Exfoliate them with honey and sugar then wear a gloss that will pop them up. How about L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 100 Years collection (12 $) ?

Boots-No-7-Intelligent-Balance Cafe au Lait

You drink your coffee on the first hours of morning on your favorite coffee bar terrace and you are wondering why everybody is admiring you? They are all curious how is it that your complexion shines like honey. Your secret: Intelligent Balance foundation Boots No 7 (13$). It’s hypo-allergenic and sunscreen SPF 12.

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"Hot" look for hot summer days

nivea-visage-expert-lift I’m just crazy about summer, but when my skin and hair becomes dry because of sun or reacts to atmosphere humidity I’m willing to revise my feelings.  Of course if we learn to counterattack the effects of heat and humidity, we can look incredible.

Here is my strategy!

If you live in hot climate (but in the areas with high altitude) dry air will dehydrate your skin, making it sometimes feel itchy, and the aspect is one of “elephant skin”. The superior layer of skin can be so dry that will exfoliate, exposing the skin even more to the rays of sun. What is even worst is on dehydrated skin those fine lines that you already have can be accentuated, and chronicle dehydration can rush the skin ageing process.

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With your hair in the sun

You want a gorgeous hair? Then it’s time to invest in products that will offer you hair everything it needs during the summer – hydrating every single hair, protection against UV razes and intense color.

When sun goes down

After a whole day spent in the sun, your hair needs an intervention team. Nourish it generously and responsible with special products after-sun which will give your hairs a careful caring!

  1. Hair mask After sun intensive restructuring Collistar
  2. Repairing Shampoo Sun System from Foltene
  3. Serum after-sun from Kerastase
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Club tropicana

Beachy hair

If you’re holiday, start you hair prep during the day, says hairstylist and makeup artist Lizzie Court. ” Saturate hair with a non oily spray or texturising cream, like Redken UV rescue blonde guard color saving swim cream, and put in plaits. By the evening, you’ll have tousled hair”. Brush it to make it fluffy, part in the middle and place two slides just above the ears. Now ‘backcomb” with your fingers, holding strands taut and pushing hair up. The result is big, funky and girly. Continue Reading

Beautiful on the beach

Getting beach beautiful is easy this summer with Gillette Venus Breeze.

Holiday fashion rules

Ease ‘first bikini day’ terror with some clever styling know-how:

Sheer kaftans are a beach essential. They keep you cool in the heat, help you feel body confident and hide a multitude of sins.

Halter-necks are the most universally flattering swimwear style. They enhance your cleavage and give the illusion of thinner shoulders.

Avoid horizontal stripes, which can pile on the pounds, and steer clear of white and pastel bikinis unless you’re already sporting a tan!

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Color spotlight eyes

Let your eyes do all the talking this summer with totally tropical green colors.

Tools of the trade

Revlon Lash Curler fits close to the lash line, giving you maximum curl. Snap one up for the perfect shape and lashes to die for.

Intense eyes…

Apply Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara for lusciously long lashes. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner will ensure a sexy charcoal finish with real staying power. All you need to reel him in!

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Up and away-new hair styles

Feel the breeze on the back of your neck with these new picks of the dreamiest summer up-dos inspired by the catwalk.

Pin-Up girl

Why it’s cool: Long hair haphazardly pinned into a bob was a huge hit at the Luella summer catwalk show. The beauty of this style is that as well as enjoying the look and feel of a short crop, you can tuck scraggy hair ends out of sight to protect them from sun damage.

How to do it: Start by spritzing a blow dry spray into your damp hair, such as Shu Uemura Art of Hair Liquid Fabric which gives volume as well as healthy shine. Let the spray dry naturally or roughly blow-dry your hair to create some texture. Now gather your hair at the ends and tie with a band. Gently start to roll hair under towards the nape and, when you reach the neck, fix it in place with some ribbed hair grips, like Boots Wavy Hair Pins for Thick Hair. Let a few wispy pieces escape for a soft effect and mist your finished style with an anti-humidity hairspray, like Therapi Frieze Fixx.

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