A few rules to follow for a complexion without wrinkles

It’s up to you if the traces of time are less visible on your face. There are methods which can keep your skin looking young and fresh.

French specialists quoted by “Journal des femmes” offers you 10 life principles, which guarantees a beautiful complexion, for a long time. To be noted that these rules must be applied simultaneously, consistently and with perseverance.


  • Healthy and balanced nutrition, rich in fruits and vegetables, as the main source for intake of vitamins and minerals (infinitely better assimilated and more active than those of synthesis, the pill). But fruits and vegetables are not sufficient in the absence of complex sources of antioxidants, zinc (a real doctor for your skin), copper, magnesium, selenium and acids from the  Omega 3 and Omega 6 series.
  • Sun protection is also an important detail which you need to take into account all year. Using creams with SPF is more than necessary during the summer, but is equally useful during winter, and spring and autumn. In winter, the harmful sun rays are as intense as in the summer, especially if there is snow. In cities full of glass and concrete, solar radiation is amplified. Sun rays produce free radicals which can produce severe and irreversible damage to skin tissue and collagen layer, the true “foundation” of your complexion. In conclusion, the cream against ultraviolet rays, should be used continuously. Do not forget the neck and cleavage! Continue Reading

Review – Clinique Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer

Clinique 1

I have been using this moisturizer for a long time so I decided to make this  review because I’m interested to see other opinions of women who have also used this moisturizer. I bought Clinique Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer about 1 year and half ago when I decided to try something else beside Clinique Superdefense. I wanted a moisturizer that won’t leave my skin greasy because after using  Superdefense  for more then a year  I’ve noticed that it does not sinks into the skin  quickly  like before. Also I thought that is about time to start preparing myself to fight the first aging signs. We must start  preventing the apparition of aging signs, since adolescence by using light moisturizers and having a cleaning routine. Being a little over 25 years at that time I didn’t want to use an anti wrinkle cream because I didn’t have any visible wrinkles on my face, except the expression ones which are normal at every age, and I just keep searching for something more like in the beginner area of fighting wrinkles. I bought Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer ( 42$) which is  available in three versions: very Dry to Dry, Dry Combination  and Combination Oily to Oily, which is the one I have. Continue Reading

10 Gold Rules to prevent wrinkles apparition

I guess we all want to be young forever and without wrinkles. I wish I could stop time to those years when a lost night effects  were almost invisible and my skin looked fresh and without any wrinkles. Time passes and we can only make the best of it by taking care of ourselves the best we can.  I know that we can use special products and techniques to hide the imperfections, wrinkles or any sign of a sleepless night but it is  said that is more easy to prevent than to heal. So here are 10 Gold Rules that can slow down wrinkles appearing.

In order to  maintain your skin young and fresh, is no secret anymore: you must take care of  your complexion from a very young age! Follow the 10 advices that will help you, as they helped me, to combat the consequences caused by early aging!


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Taming the sun

Yes, I know the sun is irresistible; hardly you can stay away from the beach or swimming pool. But, like in every relationship, you need…protection. Against sun, of course!

Nivea Sun firming lotion Nice body…!

Will say all guys from the beach. Your secret? Well… besides diet, sport and SPF, will be skin firmness. Protect yourself and keep the skin tonus with Nivea Sun body lotion with SPF 15 (13 $). Will protect you against sun burns and premature skin ageing. It’s water resistant and contains UVA/UVB protection.

Shopping, what do you say?

You are wise, so you don’t stay in the sun between 11 and 16, so you have plenty of time for shopping. But sun is watching you even on the road from one shop to another; welcome it with a cream that will make you radiate. I have tried Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance SPF 30 ( 4$).

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"Hot" look for hot summer days

nivea-visage-expert-lift I’m just crazy about summer, but when my skin and hair becomes dry because of sun or reacts to atmosphere humidity I’m willing to revise my feelings.  Of course if we learn to counterattack the effects of heat and humidity, we can look incredible.

Here is my strategy!

If you live in hot climate (but in the areas with high altitude) dry air will dehydrate your skin, making it sometimes feel itchy, and the aspect is one of “elephant skin”. The superior layer of skin can be so dry that will exfoliate, exposing the skin even more to the rays of sun. What is even worst is on dehydrated skin those fine lines that you already have can be accentuated, and chronicle dehydration can rush the skin ageing process.

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Sensitive skin needs special care…advices, tips and recommendations

Continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer-Clinique The fact that your skin “objects” to some cosmetic products doesn’t have to affect your beauty ritual.  I have an oily and sensitive skin type in the same time. Since i was a teenager i had to deal with lots of problems concerning my skin and although i had a cleaning routine every day and night, my skin still had some problems. It’s true that you must give special attention to sensitive skin, but you can’t say that having a sensitive skin means extra efforts. We must avoid some ingredients and open our eyes to others  like Aloe Vera and  salicylic acid. I want to share with you, some of the products that i use daily and their effects over my skin and also recommend you new ones specially for sensitive skin.

Lots of women with sensitive skin have tried multiple methods, treatments and products that promise to respect the skin sensitivity and…nothing. First step is definitely, going to a specialist doctor, which will specify the exact problems of your skin and tell you what type of ritual you should apply to your skin, because not all the “maneuvers” are bearable.

My experience thought me that i must follow three important steps and everything will be simple. Continue Reading

Purple Pop eye make-up

Go to town with purple and yellow to create ’70s pop art on your eyes. Apply a sunny yellow powder shadow to the inner eye, right up to the brow and inward to above the pupil.

Next, rub a silver highlighting cream just under the brow, from the edge of the yellow shade and out. Dust the area underneath the highlighter with a lilac shimmer powder and trace the lower lash line with the same shade.

Intensify the color in the socket line by layering a darker purple shadow on top. Finish with lashings of purple mascara and pinky-nude lip gloss.

Essential colors:

  • Cosmetics a la carte eye define in saffron
  • Bobbi Brown metallic eye shadow in lavender
  • Clarins single eye color in 01 vibrant violet
  • Bourjois eau de gloss in beige rafraichissante

Dry and dull hair? Try a hydration treatment

Everything is perfect, until you see that your hair is no longer silky and shiny like it was used to be, but dry and dull.


Among the genetic factors and external aggression ( frequent hair dying, to powerful hair dryer) another causes would be daily exposure in the sun without adequate protection and salty sea water that had affected your hairs. Sebaceous glands atrophies and no longer permit the flux sebum to hydrate and protect the hair. That is why, now your hair is dry and deteriorated.

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