Spellbinder Fall Makeup Look

Hello beauties!

I bet you already know by now how obsessed I’m with the new MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows (live swatches, video) that I purchased a few weeks back. When I posted individual reviews I promised to return with makeup looks and tutorials inspired by each of the new MAC Spellbinder eyeshadows (preview, photos) so today I give you MAC Spellbinder Mysterious Influence Look. As a green eyed girl I rarely reach for green eyeshadows but I had to put my new MAC metallic pigment to good use. Right bellow the fold you’ll find the list and reviews of the products used for this look.


I also want to let you know that today I made a big change regarding my hair color and I’m sure you’ll notice it in my upcoming makeup looks. I dyed my hair for the first time, actually lighten up some parts of my hair and choose the ecaille technique for that. You can check out my Instagram account to see how everything turned out until I’ll post more photos in my upcoming looks.


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My Chic & Flawless Pick’n Dazzle Beauty Box is Available Now

Hello beauties!

A few weeks ago I attended a Pick’n Dazzle event where I was invited to create my own Beauty Box. I’m super excited today to show you my Chic & Flawless Beauty Box which will is already available for a limited time only. The products were personally chosen by me, from the multitude of beauty items and it was a hard decision to decide because there were so many new brands to me and at the same time I wanted to have a complete Beauty Box. I wished for the perfect well balanced beauty box which will contain skincare, makeup and fragrance and I truly picked from the brands that I’ve never tested before so it was an entire new experience for me as well. Here is what it looks like!


Where to buy

Now online @pickndazzle.com for a Limited Time Only with a 510.00 Lei Value for the Price of 259.00 Lei

I will reveal to you a few details about each product, some of them I’ve been using for about two weeks now, while for others I will be able to post full reviews within a month or so and here I’m talking about skincare.


For my Pick’n Dazzle Chic & Flawless beauty box I picked three skincare products, one perfume and two makeup products. The brands are quite new on the market, bright young promising brands like Kueshi, Teeez Cosmetics and Roland V. Continue Reading