Get scent sitized

Perfume isn’t just about smelling good. Wear it well and you’ll make grown men weep.


Hair is porous, so it’s an excellent carrier’ for perfume. It will also scent the air around you every time you move. Stick to alcohol-free hair mists to avoid drying out your locks – Thierry Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist, 18 eur, is formulated to diffuse scent for eight hours.


Fragrance applied to your neck and behind your ears will envelop you, making these great spots to get the most out of an evening perfume. Buy a perfume with an old-fashioned glass stopper -dabbing on scent is an indulgent ritual. Jean Charles Brosseau Ombre Rose Perfume.


To entice lover, Cleopatra dabbed her brow with civet (from the, er, anal gland of the civet cat) and lips with perfume. You wouldn’t want to do either but you could sweeten your kisses with peach and berry scented Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger Rollerball/ Lipgloss duo. Continue Reading

Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger

In this spring Tommy Hilfiger launched his new fragrance for women, Dreaming. Starting from February 19th, the perfume has its one website. Althought i haven’t ever smelled it, i was charmed by the commercial which takes us to the edge of awakening when the dreams melt in reality. Seems that the model from the commercial is the Swedish Mona Johannesson photographed by Camilla Akrans. How can you not be fascinated by such beauty resembling Marylin Monroe, with that interesting and pefect eye make up which you don’t get to see every day in the commercials.

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