Urban Decay Urban Lash Collection for Fall 2010

Hello everyone,

This article is not dedicated only to all ladies out there who are crazy about false eyelashes but for everyone (I include myself in this category) who is a novice, haven’t ever tried false lashes and wants to give it a try.

Urban Decay Urban Lash collection for fall 2010 includes 18 gorgeous eyelashes divided in 3 categories (Super Natural, Color Play, Going Big) so anyone can choose their lashes according to that special occasion and not only.

“He who winks his eyes plans perverse things…” Proverbs 16:30

As evidence by the Bible, winking has historically been considered a dirty little secred shared by two randy individuals.
Custom designed by Urban Decay, Urban Lash offeres false lashes suitable for any and every situation, whether you’re accidentally seducing and elder Republican, or at home dancing in your undewear with a fan blowing your hair back a la Demi Moore in Striptease.

Varying styles and widths (1/4, 3/4, and full) so easy and eight year old could put them on, will boost your confidence and add as much or as little drama to your lash life as you please. The 18 different styles offer up a wide range of different and beautiful lashes…most are everyday wearable! The handmade, cruelty-free, synthetic fibres make each pair affordably guiltless. Every ornate, little box comes with latex-free adhesive in a bottle with a built in applicator wand, ensuring no lash or glue snafus and total peace of mind.

Are you in a hurry! No need to worry because all you have to do is toss on your favorite style of Urban Lash and throw on some gloss. Customize each pair by trimming the lash width for a perfect fit, making your falsies look like they were made just for you. To prevent lash-slide, wait 10 seconds for the glue to get tacky before fitting your new lashes snugly in place.


Urban Decay Urban Lash (SRP $15.00) is available at Macy’s and ULTA or online at www.urbandecay.com.

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Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes for Fall 2010

Hi everyone,

Fresh info about Urban Decay new products for fall 2010 are keep coming and since I’ve got a lot of photos I will post a few articles with all the goodies that are already available.

You know I’ve been posting about Naked Palette, Vegan Palette and Lip Junkie Lip Gloss but these are not all the items included in UD makeup collection for fall 2010.

Urban Decay’s Good Karma Brushes are high performance, artist-quality, cruelty free, vegan, and eco-friendly! Each brush come encased in a magnetic box fashioned out of recycled egg cartons, and embossed with the Urban Decay logo in purple foil. The super-soft synthetic brush hair (doesn’t hold on to stinky bacteria the way porous animal hair does…gross) is made from recycled PET bottles, and the sleek gunmetal brush handles are recycled aluminum. Tell your Birkenstock wearing, granola eating, non-carbon footprint leaving boyfriend to put that in his pipe and smoke it!

Finally, a brush line with actual names rather than numbers tells you which brush to use for what/where! Whether you are a make-up novice or junkie, there is a Good Karma Brush to suit any and every beauty need. Scoop up each one, and feel good any time you make a withdrawal from your karma account.


Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes (SRP $ 20.00 – 39.00) are available at Macy’s and ULTA, or online at macys.com, ulta.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com.

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Urban Decay Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 + Swatches

The new makeup collection for fall 2010 from Urban Decay will be available starting 29 June 2010 at www.urbandecay.com.

The new collection includes some gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses and false eyelashes. We are talking nice cute packaging here and some gorgeous naked eyeshadows.

Take a lot at the following photos and swatches and let us know if you are looking forward this collection. 🙂

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Urban Decay Book of Shadows III for Fall 2010

Hi everyone,

Here is a hot news I read just yesterday.

If you were a fan of Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol I and II then you would probably wanna hear this.

Urban Decay will be releasing Book of Shadows vol III, which seems to be inspired by New York city life style.

Availability and Price

Official Launch Date: September 2010

Price: 30 £

What do you think girls, are you ready to check out these new colors?

Round-Up: Urban Decay 2010 Spring Collection – Read all about the new products

After you’ve all got a taste of the new Spring products of Urban Decay, it’s time for a Round-Up. The Spring collection is really beautiful, contains new eyeshadows, 4 new shades of the famous 24/7 eye pencil, an ultra definition finishing powder and last but not least the matte primer potion in Eden.


I’m really excited about the primer potion and I can’t wait to feel it on my lids and see the difference. All the products are already available and you can also purchase them online at sephora.com.

I’ve made a preview post for each product where you can find out more details about it, what it is, promo photos and swatches, prices and how they can be used.

Enjoy the Spring collection from Urban Decay and let me know what product do you like the most.

An Explosion of Stars from Urban Decay! The new Stardust Eyeshadow for Spring 2010

This Spring, Urban Decay have transported themselves away from the constraints of earth and created a galaxy of hypnotic shades and textures.

Introducing NEW Stardust Eyeshadows from Urban Decay.


Stardust Eyeshadows are an explosion of twinkling, prismatic sparkle against a wash of pretty color. Powder-fine bits of glitter (40% more than most dazzling shadows) miraculously feel silky smooth. No scratching, no fallout, just sexy sparkle. Stardust redefines glitter shadow.

Wear it dry for a sheer veil of color, or try it wet for more vibrant, intense color. But really… did I mention that it’s all about the sparkle?


From uptown neutrals like black, gray and brown, to unabashedly downtown shades of turquoise, green and purple… it’s here. Inspired by all things cosmic, Stardust shadows are named for the iconic riffs of Ziggy Stardust, the hypnotic era when Studio 54 was at its pinnacle, and nostalgic longings for nights at the laserium. Continue Reading

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – 4 New Shades for Spring 2010

Playing hard to get never hurt anybody!

Previously they were only available in Holiday gift sets, but now Urban Decay is  introducing 4 new fame-bound shades to their beloved 24/7 pencil family:

  • Crash (a rich deep eggplant)
  • Oil Slick (black with silver sparkle)
  • Mildew (a dark green based on our best-selling shadow)
  • Binge (a long awaited navy)



They load nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Jojoba oil into these pencils, rewarding our skin with ultra-smooth application and texture. Continue Reading

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden for Spring 2010 – A tempting ritual you can’t live without

Urban Decay found out that many of us love Sin, the shimmering champagne version of their Eyeshadow Primer Potion, so they’ve decided to launch Eden, a tawny-hued, matte addition to their Primer Potion family.


Experiment with Eden alone as a crease-proof, “almost naked” matte shadow. The neutral, nude hue smoothes out skin tone and brightens up the eyes… a perfect no-makeup look. Or, use Eden like your original Eyeshadow Primer Potion – just a swipe before your favorite shadow delivers vibrant, stay-put, all day color… and absolutely NO CREASING! Continue Reading