Taming the sun

Yes, I know the sun is irresistible; hardly you can stay away from the beach or swimming pool. But, like in every relationship, you need…protection. Against sun, of course!

Nivea Sun firming lotion Nice body…!

Will say all guys from the beach. Your secret? Well… besides diet, sport and SPF, will be skin firmness. Protect yourself and keep the skin tonus with Nivea Sun body lotion with SPF 15 (13 $). Will protect you against sun burns and premature skin ageing. It’s water resistant and contains UVA/UVB protection.

Shopping, what do you say?

You are wise, so you don’t stay in the sun between 11 and 16, so you have plenty of time for shopping. But sun is watching you even on the road from one shop to another; welcome it with a cream that will make you radiate. I have tried Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance SPF 30 ( 4$).

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Get super sexy this summer

Smart choices for girls who love their skin as much as they do the sun.

There’s something about feeling the sun on our shoulders that makes us feel instantly sexier. As as temperatures rise and we start peeling off the layers, it’s important to feel good about baring our bodies. With more sun-care choices and advanced formulas than ever before, we can enjoy sun-kissed skin that’s silky smooth-without the damage. From prepping to protecting, enhancing to moisturising, just follow this sexy summer skin plan and you’ll be counting the days to your firs bikini moment…

1. Bikini Essential

Prepare: Exfoliation is the first step to body confidence. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream is designed to reveal healthy, glowing skin by gently whisking away the top layers of dead cells and stimulating your body to eliminate toxins. As well as leaving you feeling unbelievably soft, removing dull, dry skin will also help you tan more evenly.

How to use it: Use on wet skin in the bath or shower. Massage a handful of cream all over, working from your feet upwards in long, firm movements. Concentrate on your elbows, knees and heels to soften those stubborn rough areas.

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Urban protection

Look out when you go to the city – the town can damage you skin badly! Pollution, stress, free radicals, hard water and white nights are feared enemies. Here are some safety measures!

Solar protection

The golden rule of urban beauty impose SPF, no matter the skin type. Its value indicates how much time can you spend under the sun without you skin feeling the novice effects. The SPF only protects you against UVB rays (the ones guilty for burns), to avoid UVA rays (responsible for premature skin aging) look for ingredients like titan dioxide, parsol or zinc oxide.

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Collistar-the perfect sun tan

You want to have a quick tan, without the sun affecting your skin? Collistar products are your friends in looking for the perfect tan.

Tricks for a gorgeous skin.

You want a top-model shine even from the first days spent on the beach? Collistar products contains revolutionary complex Unipertan; Vitamin E against free radioactives; Unicontrozon for hydration and anti-aging and against UVA and UVB filters, infrared rays. Collistar has a complete line with products for solar protection and products for quick tanning, like Supertanning Water Moisturizing Anti-Salt and Supertanning Moisturizing Dry Oil, the best sold products in all Italian perfumeries.

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Ready for beach?

Not only the bathing suit can make you look pretty on the beach…although not even him can guarantee a long term beauty. Don’t forget to take with you a sun protection lotion.

The sun, your best buddy who caresses you with his warm rays and makes your skin copper is in fact a big enemy of the skin. He’s the one you’ll have to blame for your wrinkles. When the burns appear , you are restless only for a moment, thinking it will go away, but in fact, with every injury your skin ages, favorizing skin cancer. Continue Reading