Face Care Products I’m Currently Using in Spring 2012 – Quick Review

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been thinking about posting this article for a long time now. I’ve been away from Chicprofile for the whole 2011 year and during this time I used a lot of face care products from different brands. Probably I will make another post with the face care products I used in the last 6 months but for now I just want to show you which are the ones I’m currently using.

Some of you know that I prefer high end brands when it comes to take care of my complexion and if you have been reading Chicprofile in the past you probably noticed that La Mer and La Prairie are my favorite cosmetic brands. I’m also loving Clinique, Lancaster, Shu Uemura and I don’t say no to drugstore brands, because in my opinion the best products for my skin doesn’t have to be the most pricy.

I would love to know what products are your currently using, especially if you have oily to combination and sensitive skin like me. I really like to hear what are your favorite face care products and how important is face care routine for you. Do you take more care of your skin rather then cover it with makeup all the time? Please share your thoughts with the rest of us.

For me, face care routine is very important and it has been very important for the last 12 years. I don’t wear makeup everyday, I give my skin time to breathe and I never go to sleep without cleansing my skin (even though I didn’t wear makeup that day) and applying my face and eye cream.

Here are the products I’m  using everyday  (some more than others) so I will give you my quick opinion about each and every one of them. If you want me to review any of these products separately please just let me know.

I have combination skin (oily in the T-zone) and also my complexion is very sensitive. The advantage of having combination or oily skin is that once you get older your wrinkles won’t be so visible like if you had dry skin. If when I was a teenager I had to fight all those pimples, breakouts and nasty red spots because of the oiliness of my skin, now at my age I can enjoy that my complexion is aging slower than the ones having dry skin. Continue Reading

Vichy Normaderm New Tri Activ Anti Imperfection Hydrating Care – My package, Preview, Photos

Hi everyone!

Do you remember my post about Vichy’s contest to win a free sample of  Normaderm Tri Activ Imperfection Hydrating Care? Those of you who took part and build your favorite bag on Vichy’s facebook page had the chance to try the New Normaderm Cream.

Yesterday I just got a package with lots and lots of samples of this product. Is suitable for oily imperfection prone skins and even the most sensitive ones so I’m really curious to test it out since my skin is both sensitive and oily.

You will find it available at your local drugstore and pharmacy in a 50 ml pump bottle. Keep reading to find out more about this product. Continue Reading

Build a Bag with Vichy to receive a free Normaderm Tri-Activ Sample

Hi everyone!

Vichy Laboratoires currently promotes their new Normaderm range of products. You can receive a free Normaderm Tri-Activ sample if you visit Vichy’s facebook page and create your favorite bag. The design with the  most votes will have their design brought to life by a top handbag designer.

So, hurry and Build a Bag with Vichy and then return and let me know how your dream bag looks like.

Here is my creation. 🙂

It’s all piece of cake. I designed my favorite bag in a fun and simple way. You get to choose your favorite color, material, secret compartments, opening, decorations and even four items that you can’t live without.

Mine had to be definitely a pink color with lots of compartments, medium size and with a simple and chic design.

Giveaway for November’s Top Commentators – 2 Winners will be selected

The winners are:

Adina – first prize

Jasmine – second prize

Hi everyone!

I know I’m a few days late with this month’s Giveaway for Top Commentators but I had a lot on my mind lately so please excuse my 2 days delay.

The rules are the same and those of you who are reading Chicprofile for a long time already know them, but I will repeat them for the new commentators. 🙂 All I ask from you is please leave relevant comments and not just post things like “Great post”, “These look great” or some other variants.

You don’t have to leave comments on every post since I’m sure not everyone can be interested on everything I write about so I would really appreciate your honest opinions. Thank you!


This special giveaway will last the entire November month, will end on 30 November 2010 and I will announce the winners on next day 1 December 2010 by updating this post.

2 Winners will be selected

As many of you already know, for this Giveaway we will have 2 Winners! Check out the prizes for 1st and 2nd place and find out how to enter, right after the cut. Continue Reading

Chic Giveaway! Enter to win a Chic Bracelet, Vichy Thermal Mask, Nivea Styling Mousee and L’Oreal Cashmere Perfect foundation

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to the first Chic Giveaway of the year! I know it’s been a long time since my last Giveaway but I proposed to myself to make more Giveaways this year. This Giveaway, the same as the others, is opened for all of my readers, so anyone can participate, doesn’t matter which country you are from.

So, let me present you the 4 products that I will be giving away.


Vichy Rehydrating Thermal Mask – 50 ml

This facial rehydrating mask is for all skin types even for sensitive skin. It contains Vichy thermal spa water and it’s allergy tested. It comes in a light blue tube that contains 50 ml of product.

Vichy Rehydrating Thermal Mask has an intense and long-lasting rehydration, soothes and softens the skin. You should apply this mask 2 times a week on the cleansed face and neck and you will how your skin will become smoother and relaxed.

Nivea Styling Mousse Extra Strong – 50 ml

NIVEA Extra Strong Mousse belongs to a new generation of styling mousses. It provides extra strong hold for creative shapes that last all day long. Moreover its new ThermoCare Formula not only offers passive heat protection, but for the first time even turns hairdryer heat into extra care for your hair. With the new Vitamin Fix System it ensures long-lasting hold and provides active care, leaving your hair soft and supple.

  • Provides extra strong hold for creative shapes
  • Gives visible shine
  • Turns blow-dryer heat into care
  • Does not weigh hair down and isn’t sticky
  • For healthy hair and a healthy scalp

L’Oreal Cashmere Perfect foundation – 30 ml

This foundation comes in the shade Warm Beige (Beige Dore) 16. It has a melting cream texture that transforms itself into a silky powder finish for a soft-touch sensation of cashmere and easy application. The result – skin is 2x softer. The complexion is incredibly velvety soft, matte and even. Perfect skin for up to 12 hours.


Chic Bracelet

The star of this Giveaway it’s a very chic and trendy bracelet in black and white and with a finish in a gold shade.
Continue Reading

Complexion with problems? Vichy NormaDerm could be the answer you are looking for!

Sometimes not even the makeup removal lotion, not even the expensive treatments or natural remedies can fix the complexion’s problems. Did you ever thought about changing your face cream with one that is specially designed for skin with problems?

Normaderm Hydrating Cream

What is the cause of the problems?

Probably is not much of a consolation for you to know that you are not the only one facing the problem with dilated pores, shiny complexion, eruptions and many other problems specific skin problems, which seems to be solving at a point but they are coming back despite your cleansing ritual. Vichy specialists verdict is: guilty are the nervous terminations that get in contact with the sebaceous glands, producing it an excessive irritability. Continue Reading

Declare war to acne with Avon, Clinique, Vichy, Garnier, Boots and Maybelline products

We all have those days when we woke up in the morning we look in the mirror and we discover a fresh new pimple. These situations don’t happened to me very often, but when they do they kind of kill my day. For these kind of problems and even for others acne problems more severe I found a strategy. Out there are products designed to help us defeat the acne problems, we just need to look for the good ones.

The other day I was reading a post about How to Treat Post-Acne Scarring and I decided to develop this idea and talk to you about all the products that I have tried concerning this problems. Let me know in your comments if you have any other ideas about products that can help us fight the acne and their scars and even those red spots or pimples.

Avon Solutions Plus Pure Pore - Fection Self - Foaming Cleanser

If we just keep some rules in mind and follow them we can diminish the apparition of pimples and win the war against acne. So here are some steps that helped me in those situations and I hope to be helpful for you too.

  • Don’t sleep with your makeup on! It’s essential that your skin is perfectly clean during the night. You can use a makeup remover product that also has antibacterial action, morning and evening.

My recommendation: Try the Solutions Plus Pure Pore – Fection Self – Foaming Cleanser from Avon ( 150 ml) with bamboos and bisabolol extracts. It’s an oil-free product that will give you a tingly clean feeling. Cleanses deep down to remove dirt and make-up, leaving skin feeling refreshed and energised.

  • Clean the pores! For this you will need a mask specially created to reduce and prevent the apparition of pimples and dark spots.

My recommendation: Use twice a week, Clinique Oil-Control Cleansing Mask (19,50 $ for 100 ml), the new acne solution. This clay-based mask will help heal your blemishes, prevent breakouts and also will keep your skin shine-free. This is a good mask to use even for those ladies who don’t have acne problems but have an oily skin like mine, because its medicated formula gives your skin a deep clean, unclog  pores and rid skin of excess oil. Anyway it’s a mask designed for all skin types so it can’t have undesirable effects on your skin. All the process takes me about 7 minutes, while I apply the mask evenly on my face ( avoiding the eye area), then I wait 5 minutes and after I rinse off thoroughly with warm water. My skin feels smoother and clearer after this. I also like it because it has an oil-free formula and it won’t irritate my skin.

Clinique Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

Another great facial mask that I love and I’m currently using is Clinique Turnaround – 15 Minute Facial mask, and you can check out my review for more details. Continue Reading

Silver eyes – cool and natural makeup look

Silver is perfect as an evening makeup and emphasizes the eyes, no matter the color. If you take a peek to Giorgio’s Armani summer collection and you’ll study the radiance makeups based of metallic gray, you will see that I’m right.

Choose products for both lips and cheeks that include in their composition shiny particles. Even celebrities like Blake Lively adopted this makeup. Let’s get inspired by this  natural makeup. You can use some products from my suggestions bellow or you can try your own and let me know how the look came up.

Silver eyes look

What you need:

  1. MM795344 Collistar Kajal duo Magnetica collection. Use the black for a discreet eye contour, and the white to  to illuminate the internal corners and inside the lower lid.
  2. Gloss Clinique long last glosswear ( SPF 15) – 27 $
  3. Chanel Soleil Tan is a gently bronzing. It’s innovative oil-free formula promise to give you a natural gorgeous bronze. It’s available on 5 shades at Sephora for about 50$. 
  4. The corrector from L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Concentrat (14.25 $).
  5. Mascara Captiv Eyes Extreme Black from Givenchy ( 26$ at Sephora).  This intense volumizing mascara will instantly plumps and thickens your lashes to the maximum. From the first application your look will be intensified because this irresistible mascara  plays with the light in order to create a deep and intense reflection. It’s available in 2 shades: Extreme black and Brown black. Continue Reading