The New Make Up For Ever Look – Fall 2009 – Products details, Photos & Prices

Hello Ladies! We already know that purple is the “new black” this Fall. Being part of the actual trends, this shadow is included in most of the 2009 Fall Makeup Collections. It’s also one of my favorites eyeshadows colors and it adapts to all complexions and all hair colors. The trick consist in finding the right dose and depending on its intensity, purple can cover a range of very strong colors from taupe-like purple to pink and periwinkle. It’s also a very nice shade that goes well with bronze or turquoise. You can play with these combination and create a look that will give the eyes a greater depth and mystery.


Today I’m going to show you step by step how you can achieve the Make Up Forever Fall 2009 Look.

The “must haves” for this look are the violet and steel gray eyeshadows and the Aqua line waterproof pencils.


Apply HD Primer Pink # 7 ( $32 ) to freshen up the complexion. This primer will nourish and moisturize your skin making it soft and glowing and in the same time creates a barrier effect so that the foundation will not be absorbed by the skin. The HD Primer has an non-oily finish so this mean that you don’t have to wait a few minutes before applying your makeup.


Then use the HD sponge ( $12 ) to apply HD Foundation Ivory #115 ( $40 ) which is oil – free product. Because it has a medium-to-full-coverage this liquid foundation will cover skin imperfections flawlessly. Even if your are in bright or harsh lighting your complexion will look flawless, because the HD Foundation creates a soft-focus effect which was designed to meet the coverage concerns of a complexion in the spotlight.


Follow with HD Concealer ( $28 ) to create a soft-focus effect and brighten the eye area. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced and you will have a natural radiant look.



Apply a base of Aqua Black to the upper lid and shade it with Eyeshadow anthracite iridescent #169 ( $19). Apply Eyeshadow yellow beige iridescent #126 ( $19 ) under the eyebrows.

Make-Up-Forever-Eyeshadow-anthracite-iridiscent-#169 Make-Up-Forever-Eyeshadow-yellow-beige-iridescent-#126

Use Aqua Eyes anthracite 21L ( $17 ) on the inside of the eye and along the base of the lower lashes. Below the eye, add Aqua Eyes purple 11L ( $17 ) and shade it with Eyeshadow purple matte # 92 ( $19 ).

Make-Up-Forever-Aqua-Eyes Make-Up-Forever-Eyeshadow-purple-matte-#92

Use the 6N brush to add Eye shadow # 92 to the outer corner and shade it lightly with beige, moving upward toward the eyebrow. Apply Smoky Lash Mascara ( $22 ) to the upper and lower lashes to curl and give them volume and length. This ultra pigmented mascara will give your lashes and exceptional volume, infinite lengthening and immediate curling.

Make-Up-Forever-Faux Cils #133 Apply False Lashes #133. Use the eyebrow brush to draw the eyebrows with Eye shadow purple # 92 and shade it using the latex applicator.

The Eyeshadows will last for hours due to its high pigment density. Matte texture eyeshadows give a maximum coverage, the Semi-Matte ones have a silky satin feel and the iridescent shades give a transparent sheen.

The Aqua Eyes are a two-in-one product because of its combination between the eyeshadow and liner pencil. They are waterproof eyeshadows and eye liner pencils with an unique formula that adheres to the eyelids  without fading.



Structure the cheekbones with Sculpting Kit #1 ( $45 ) using the double-tipped sculpting brush. This Kit will help you contour, sculpt and correct your face structure. It’s applied and blended easily and can be used on all skin tones. Use Sculpting Blush peach pink #10 ( $24 ) which is an oil-free powder blush to highlight the cheekbones. Use the Kabuki brush ( $39 ) to powder the complexion with HD Powder ( $30 ).

Make-Up-Forever-Sculpting Kit #1 Make-Up-Forever-Sculpting Blush Peach Pink #10


Draw the lip contour with the Aqua Lip light rosewood 14C pencil ( $17 ) an waterproof, extremely long-wearing lip liner. Contains Vitamin E and jojoba wax and makes the application much easier and comfortable.

Then fill them in with Lipstick Palette soft pink #11. For a high-gloss finish, add a coat of Glossy Full pastel mauve # 9 ( $19 ). It’s a gel-textured lip gloss with a non-sticky texture which will give your lips and ultra shine, frosty effect and will last a long time. They also have a mentholated fragrance which you will find quite refreshing.


So, this is the look and the products details. Let me know in the comments bellow what do you think about this look and the products suggested by the Make Up Forever makeup stylists because I’m definitely in love with this look.

Of course this look can be done with similar products that are cheaper but the main idea is to keep it purple. I have to admit that I don’t like to use fake eyelashes so I would probably use a purple or black mascara.

You can also check out other trendy looks for this Fall, inspired by MAC and Lancome. If you are already in love with purple shadows you can also try the MAC’s Magic, Mirth & Mischief Look.


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